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Taco Cowboy writes: Using a spin cascade in single-molecule magnet, the scientists at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and their French partners has demonstrated that a single nuclear spin can be realized in a purely electric manner, rather than through the use of magnetic fields, in which to provide the much needed Qubits are the most basic computation units of the quantum computers, which is a computer based on quantum mechanics principles is to solve tasks much more efficiently than a classical computer

For their experiments, the researchers used a nuclear spin-qubit transistor that consists of a single-molecule magnet connected to three electrodes (source, drain, and gate). The single-molecule magnet is a TbPc2 molecule — a single metal ion of terbium that is enclosed by organic phthalocyanine molecules of carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen atoms. The gap between the electric field and the spin is bridged by the so-called hyperfine-Stark effect that transforms the electric field into a local magnetic field. This quantum mechanics process can be transferred to all nuclear spin systems and, hence, opens up entirely novel perspectives for integrating quantum effects in nuclear spins into electronic circuits

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Electrical control of nuclear spin qubits: Important step towards quantum comput

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