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Submission + - MIT's Ted Postol presents more evidence on Iron Dome failures (thebulletin.org) 1

Lasrick writes: In a controversial article last week, MIT physicist Ted Postol again questioned whether Israel's vaunted Iron Dome rocket defense system actually works. This week, he comes back with evidence in the form of diagrams, photos of Iron Dome intercepts and contrails, and evidence on the ground to show that Iron Dome in fact is effective only about 5% of the time. Postol believes the real reason there are so few Israeli casualties is that Hamas rockets have very small warheads (only 10 to 20 pounds), and also Israel's outstanding civil defense system, which includes a vast system of shelters and an incredibly sophisticated rocket attack warning system (delivered through smart phones, among other ways).
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MIT's Ted Postol presents more evidence on Iron Dome failures

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  • This guy is ignoring facts. Hamas in the past has had far better success with its rocket attacks before iron dome at killing Israelis. He also incorrectly states that the only intercept that is successful is one that destroys the warhead in the air. As Hamas aims its attacks at highly populated areas, any missile intercept that damages the incoming missile will deflect it a lower populated area and thus reduce casualties.

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