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carbon_tet writes: I was reading on this week and saw two articles that made me stop to think: "Would anyone actually pay for a website without trolls?" Two articles, in particular, caught my eye:
First, a NYTimes article about web trolls and civility on the internet (, and
Second, an article about the ad-based internet (we've seen this before)(

It seems that public comments unavoidably have trolls, or they degrade very quickly until someone makes a reference to Hitler. So, is it impossible to have a substantive discussion online without trolls?

Where do you think internet trolls are wholly inappropriate, and where are they tolerable? Coding? Technology? Politics? Policy? Law? Religion? Would you put your money where your mouth is to have a serious online conversation without them? Are there any topics that you would talk about (or prefer to see talked about) on a website where trolls were paywalled out?

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Would you pay for websites without trolls?

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    This is a political site. Anyone can read the so called "main feed", but if you want to post or comment you have to pay (currently $5/month). There's also a code of conduct which editors enforce. The discourse is amazingly civil even on controversial topics. (link goes to an editor's post regarding how they "fixed" the troll problem and it works great for them.) It feels to me more like a real community than any other site I read, including /.

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