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Submission + - States with faster Internet speeds have smarter people, study shows 1

An anonymous reader writes: The numbers—first crunched by the Internet provider comparison site HSI—show a distinct trend between faster Internet and higher ACT test scores. On the high end, Massachusetts scores big with an average Internet speed of 13.1Mbps, and an average ACT test score of 24.1. Mississippi, on the other hand, has an average speed of just 7.6Mbps and an average score of 18.9.

In between those two states, the other 48 fall in a positive correlation that, while not perfect, is quite undeniable. According to HSI's Edwin Ivanauskas, the correlation is stronger than that between household income and test scores, which have long been considered to be firmly connected to each other. The ACT scores were gathered from, which has the official rankings and averages for the 2013 test, and the speed ratings were taken from Internet analytics firm Akamai’s latest report.
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States with faster Internet speeds have smarter people, study shows

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  • Seems much more likely to me that smart people get faster internet - either by moving to places with fast internet or implementing it - and they tend to have smart kids. So I don't think the fast internet is making the kids smarter, but rather that people with smarter kids demand faster internet. Of course, neither is likely causative of the other.

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