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Submission + - Tweak to Chrome Performance Will Indirectly Stifle Cryptojacking Scripts (

An anonymous reader writes: A change meant to improve Google Chrome performance will also indirectly impact cryptojacking scripts (in-browser cryptocurrency miners) and will severely reduce their efficiency. According to a design document seen by Bleeping Computer, Google engineers plan to limit the CPU power some types of JS scripts running in the browser's background will be able to use. A throttling system for JavaScript background code is already included in Chrome since version 57, released in March 2017. Back then, Google decided to limit a background tab's JavaScript "timer" operations to no more than 1% of a CPU core.

Google made the move to prevent background tabs from running JavaScript code that was not needed or did not produce visible results for the end user. Now, Google is expanding this throttling mechanism to service workers (JavaScript code that a browser runs in the background). JavaScript-based cryptocurrency miners —such as the ones provided by Coinhive, Crypto-Loot, and all similar services— rely on service workers. The same limitation applies, and JavaScript service workers running in background tabs will not be able to access more than 1% of the entire CPU processing power. This means cryptojacking scripts won't be able to run rampant and drive CPU usage to 100% if the user changes to another tab.

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Tweak to Chrome Performance Will Indirectly Stifle Cryptojacking Scripts

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