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Monday June 18, 2018 @08:52PM Senate Votes To Reinstate ZTE Ban That's Nearly Shut Down the Company
Monday June 18, 2018 @08:00PM The Supreme Court Will Decide If Apple's App Store Is a Monopoly
Monday June 18, 2018 @07:33PM Google To Invest $550 Million In Chinese E-Commerce Giant
Monday June 18, 2018 @03:55PM President Trump Directs Pentagon To Create New 'Space Force' Military Branch
Monday June 18, 2018 @12:41PM US Eyes Robot Moon Missions as it Prepares For Astronauts' Return
Sunday June 17, 2018 @01:02AM US Government Finds New Malware From North Korea
Saturday June 16, 2018 @06:21PM America's Nuclear Reactors Can't Survive Without Government Handouts
Friday June 15, 2018 @04:31PM The Silk Road's Alleged Right-Hand Man Will Finally Face a US Court
Thursday June 14, 2018 @08:31PM AT&T Completes $85 Billion Time Warner Acquisition
Thursday June 14, 2018 @04:05PM Comey, Who Investigated Hillary Clinton For Using Personal Email For Official Business, Used His Personal Email For Official Business
Thursday June 14, 2018 @06:42AM Comcast Says It Isn't Throttling Heavy Internet Users Anymore
Tuesday June 12, 2018 @07:15PM Seattle Repeals Tax That Upset Amazon
Tuesday June 12, 2018 @06:52PM Solar Has Overtaken Gas, Wind As Biggest Source of New US Power
Tuesday June 12, 2018 @04:47PM Judge Rules AT&T Can Acquire Time Warner
Tuesday June 12, 2018 @04:43PM Senate Will Try To Reverse ZTE Deal Via a Must-Pass Defense Bill
Monday June 11, 2018 @04:49PM Police Departments Are Training Dogs To Sniff Out Thumb Drives
Monday June 11, 2018 @02:48PM US Sanctions Russians Over Military, Intelligence Hacking
Monday June 11, 2018 @10:04AM Net Neutrality Repeal Is Official
Sunday June 10, 2018 @04:26PM In the Trump Administration, Science Is Unwelcome. So Is Advice.
Sunday June 10, 2018 @09:32AM The World Isn't Prepared for Retirement
Saturday June 09, 2018 @12:50PM Secret Pentagon AI Program Hunts Hidden Nuclear Missiles
Saturday June 09, 2018 @12:03AM Two Quantum Computing Bills Are Coming To Congress
Friday June 08, 2018 @10:53PM Unresolved Login Issue Prevented Florida 'Concealed Weapon' Background Checks For Over a Year
Friday June 08, 2018 @07:07PM Can Washington State Finally Put a Price On Carbon?
Friday June 08, 2018 @04:24PM Senator Makes Amtrak Hire Ticket Agents Because 30 Percent of His State Lacks Internet
Friday June 08, 2018 @03:21PM China Hacked a Navy Contractor and Secured a Trove of Highly Sensitive Data on Submarine Warfare
Thursday June 07, 2018 @11:50PM Suicide Rates Are Up 30 Percent Since 1999, CDC Says
Thursday June 07, 2018 @11:43PM Justice Department Seizes Reporter's Phone, Email Records In Leak Probe
Thursday June 07, 2018 @04:20PM There Are More Jobs Than People Out of Work, Something the American Economy Has Never Experienced Before
Thursday June 07, 2018 @04:20PM Google Promises Its AI Will Not Be Used For Weapons
Thursday June 07, 2018 @04:00PM The Gig Economy is Actually Smaller Than It Used To Be, Labor Department Says
Thursday June 07, 2018 @03:14PM Shady ICO Issuers Are Taking 'Bags of Cash' To Border, US Says
Thursday June 07, 2018 @02:51PM Net Neutrality Will Be Repealed Monday Unless Congress Takes Action
Thursday June 07, 2018 @01:31PM US Says Internet Use Rises as More Low Income People Go Online; Tablets Surpass Desktops In Popularity
Thursday June 07, 2018 @09:55AM Trump Strikes Deal With China's ZTE on Sanctions
Thursday June 07, 2018 @08:23AM US Piles New Charges on Marcus Hutchins (aka MalwareTech)
Thursday June 07, 2018 @04:02AM Honolulu Lawmakers Pass 'Surge Pricing' Cap For Ride-Hailing Companies
Wednesday June 06, 2018 @05:26PM Majority of Americans Believe It Is Essential That the US Remain a Global Leader in Space
Wednesday June 06, 2018 @04:57PM US Government Probes Airplane Vulnerabilities, Says Airline Hack Is 'Only a Matter of Time'
Wednesday June 06, 2018 @10:18AM President's Most Senior Technology Advisor Says the White House is Quietly Pursuing an Aggressive AI Plan
Tuesday June 05, 2018 @04:33PM FCC Emails Show Agency Spread Lies To Bolster Dubious DDoS Attack Claims: Gizmodo
Tuesday June 05, 2018 @03:04AM Hawaii Passes Law To Make State Carbon Neutral By 2045
Monday June 04, 2018 @06:57PM Tesla Faces Accelerating Rate of Model 3 Refunds
Monday June 04, 2018 @05:40PM Micron, Samsung, Hynix Investigated By China Over Antitrust Violations
Monday June 04, 2018 @12:52PM 5 Years on, US Government Still Counting Snowden Leak Costs
Saturday June 02, 2018 @05:15PM Uber Driver Kills His Passenger
Friday June 01, 2018 @06:47PM California City Tries Universal Basic Income Programs -- Including One Targeting Potential Shooters
Friday June 01, 2018 @06:30PM Trump Orders a Lifeline For Struggling Coal and Nuclear Plants
Friday June 01, 2018 @04:27PM Three US States Will Spend $1.3 Billion To Build More Electric Vehicle Charging
Friday June 01, 2018 @04:00PM Top US Antitrust Official Uncertain of Need For Four Wireless Carriers
Friday June 01, 2018 @11:20AM Now Fighting for Top Tech Talent: Makers of Turbines, Tools and Toyotas
Friday June 01, 2018 @11:17AM Signs of Sophisticated Cellphone Spying Found Near White House, US Officials Say
Friday June 01, 2018 @07:47AM Facebook, Amazon, and Hundreds of Companies Post Targeted Job Ads That Screen Out Older Workers
Thursday May 31, 2018 @11:20AM Alibaba Co-founder Says Many Americans 'Want To Stop China' From Upgrading Its Tech
Thursday May 31, 2018 @01:36AM Google Promises Ethical Principles To Guide Development of Military AI
Wednesday May 30, 2018 @09:20PM China Overtakes US For Healthy Lifespan, WHO Data Finds
Wednesday May 30, 2018 @06:08PM California Begins Trial Rollout of Digital License Plates
Wednesday May 30, 2018 @04:47PM California Senate Votes To Restore Net Neutrality
Wednesday May 30, 2018 @02:50PM Kaspersky Suits Tossed, Fed Bans Will Continue
Wednesday May 30, 2018 @02:01PM Walmart Offers To Foot College Tuition Bills for US Employees
Tuesday May 29, 2018 @11:30AM White House Announces Tech Tariffs, Investment Restrictions on China
Monday May 28, 2018 @11:28AM Is Crowdsourcing Database of US K-12 Schools That Teach, Or Don't Teach CS
Sunday May 27, 2018 @04:55PM Bitcoin Backlash as 'Miners' Suck Up Electricity, Stress Power Grids in Central Washington
Saturday May 26, 2018 @07:21PM Judge Backs Parents, Saying Their 30-Year-Old Son Must Move Out
Saturday May 26, 2018 @05:58PM Ask Slashdot: Did Baby Boomers Break America?
Saturday May 26, 2018 @12:06AM Gamers Behind Fatal 'SWAT' Call Now Face Life In Prison
Friday May 25, 2018 @09:10PM U.S. Passes 'Right to Try' Law Allowing Experimental Medical Treatments
Friday May 25, 2018 @08:25PM Microsoft Wins A Big Cloud Deal With America's Intelligence Community
Friday May 25, 2018 @07:03PM Companies Are Using California Homes As Batteries To Power the Grid
Friday May 25, 2018 @03:17PM US Reaches Deal To Keep Chinese Telecom ZTE in Business
Thursday May 24, 2018 @07:15PM Samsung Must Pay Apple $539 Million For Infringing iPhone Design Patents, Jury Finds
Thursday May 24, 2018 @04:43PM First Cuba, Now China? A Worker In US Embassy In China Experienced 'Abnormal' Sounds, Brain Damage
Thursday May 24, 2018 @12:16PM Massachusetts Gains Foothold in Offshore Wind Power, Long Ignored in US
Thursday May 24, 2018 @10:04AM Trump Cancels Singapore Summit With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un
Wednesday May 23, 2018 @07:47PM FBI Seizes Control of Russian Botnet
Wednesday May 23, 2018 @06:14PM ACLU Sues ICE For License Plate Reader Contracts, Records
Wednesday May 23, 2018 @04:57PM Ariane Chief Seems Frustrated With SpaceX For Driving Down Launch Costs
Wednesday May 23, 2018 @03:24PM US Government Can't Get Controversial Kaspersky Lab Software Off Its Networks
Wednesday May 23, 2018 @02:44PM NYC Transit Boss Unveils Sweeping 10-Year Subway Modernization Plan
Wednesday May 23, 2018 @12:04PM The US Military is Funding an Effort To Catch Deepfakes and Other AI Trickery
Tuesday May 22, 2018 @09:14PM FBI Repeatedly Overstated Encryption Threat Figures To Congress, Public
Monday May 21, 2018 @11:44PM Trump Ignores 'Inconvenient' Security Rules To Keep Tweeting On His iPhone, Says Report
Monday May 21, 2018 @06:41PM Boeing's Folding Wingtips Get the FAA Green Light
Monday May 21, 2018 @05:35PM US Treasury Secretary Calls For Google Monopoly Probe
Monday May 21, 2018 @04:56PM FCC is Hurting Consumers To Help Corporations, Mignon Clyburn Says On Exit
Monday May 21, 2018 @04:40PM Should T-Mobile Stop Claiming It Has 'Best Unlimited Network'?
Monday May 21, 2018 @01:29PM Supreme Court Upholds Workplace Arbitration Contracts Barring Class Actions
Monday May 21, 2018 @11:24AM Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Wants Justice Department To Scrutinize Big Tech
Saturday May 19, 2018 @11:21PM Bill Gates Shares His Memories of Donald Trump
Saturday May 19, 2018 @10:44PM Chinese 'Accelerators' In Silicon Valley Aim To Bring Startups Home
Saturday May 19, 2018 @07:18PM No Fossil Fuel-Based Generation Was Added To US Grid Last Month
Saturday May 19, 2018 @04:20PM First Government Office in the US To Accept Bitcoin As Payment
Saturday May 19, 2018 @03:19PM Repo Men Scan Billions of License Plates -- For the Government
Saturday May 19, 2018 @02:13PM 40 Cellphone-Tracking Devices Discovered Throughout Washington
Friday May 18, 2018 @08:49PM FCC Investigating LocationSmart Over Phone-Tracking Flaw
Friday May 18, 2018 @07:21PM Congress Is Looking To Extend Copyright Protection Term To 144 Years
Friday May 18, 2018 @06:37PM Utilities, Tesla Appeal Federal Rollback of Auto Emissions Standards
Friday May 18, 2018 @03:54PM Trump Personally Pushed Postmaster General To Double Rates on Amazon, Other Firms: Report
Thursday May 17, 2018 @07:36PM US Government Wants To Start Charging For Landsat, the Best Free Satellite Data On Earth
Thursday May 17, 2018 @06:22PM US Births Dip To 30-Year Low
Thursday May 17, 2018 @05:55PM Kilauea Volcano Erupts On Hawaii's Big Island
Thursday May 17, 2018 @02:39PM NYC Announces Plans To Test Algorithms For Bias
Wednesday May 16, 2018 @03:53PM Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality
Wednesday May 16, 2018 @01:37PM Hacker Breaches Securus, the Company That Helps Cops Track Phones Across the US
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @09:25PM Justice Department, FBI Are Investigating Cambridge Analytica
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @05:05PM Uber Drops Arbitration Requirement For Sexual Assault Victims
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @04:43PM Suspect Identified In CIA 'Vault 7' Leak
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @04:25PM A Quarter of Americans Spend All Day Inside, Survey Finds
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @04:11PM Comcast Charges $90 Install Fee At Homes That Already Have Comcast Installed
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @02:56PM Homeland Security Unveils New Cyber Security Strategy Amid Threats
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @01:20PM US Cell Carriers Are Selling Access To Your Real-Time Phone Location Data
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @10:20AM Apple CEO Says He Has Urged Trump To Address Legal Status of Immigrants; Also Told Him That Tariffs Are Wrong Approach To China
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @10:03AM The Rise of Free Urban Internet
Tuesday May 15, 2018 @09:52AM Kaspersky Lab Moving Core Infrastructure To Switzerland
Monday May 14, 2018 @08:47PM Should the FTC Investigate Google's Location Data Collection?
Monday May 14, 2018 @12:58PM Supreme Court Strikes Down Federal Law Prohibiting Sports Gambling
Sunday May 13, 2018 @02:58PM President Trump Pledges To Help China's ZTE, After Ban
Sunday May 13, 2018 @04:15AM Scooter-sharing Comes To Washington After Speed Bumps Elsewhere
Saturday May 12, 2018 @02:33PM H-1B Visa Alternative 'OPT' Grew 400 Percent In Eight Years, Report Finds
Saturday May 12, 2018 @12:50AM Illinois To Sue EPA For Exempting Foxconn Plant From Pollution Controls
Friday May 11, 2018 @10:58PM Carnegie Mellon Launches Undergraduate Degree In AI
Friday May 11, 2018 @10:48PM US Appeals Court Rules Border Agents Need Suspicion To Search Cellphones
Friday May 11, 2018 @10:18PM The Tech Used To Monitor Inmate Calls Is Able To Track Civilians Too
Friday May 11, 2018 @07:10PM NASA Will Send Helicopter To Mars To Test Otherworldly Flight
Friday May 11, 2018 @06:38PM SpaceX Successfully Launches Satellite With New Upgraded 'Block 5' Falcon 9 Rocket
Friday May 11, 2018 @06:41AM Trump White House Quietly Cancels NASA Research Verifying Greenhouse Gas Cuts
Friday May 11, 2018 @06:23AM Florida Man Behind 100 Million Robocalls Hit With $120 Million FCC Fine
Friday May 11, 2018 @05:01AM Elon Musk's First LA Tunnel Nears Completion, With Free Rides To Kick Off This Summer
Friday May 11, 2018 @04:55AM Man Allegedly Used Change Of Address Form To Move UPS Headquarters To His Apartment
Friday May 11, 2018 @12:02AM US Congressmen Reveal Thousands of Facebook Ads Bought By Russian Trolls
Thursday May 10, 2018 @04:10PM Lawmakers Move To Block Government From Ordering Digital 'Back Doors'
Thursday May 10, 2018 @03:22PM The White House Has Set Up a Task Force To Help Further the Country's AI Development
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @11:53PM ZTE Shuts Down Main Business Operations After US Ban
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @06:33PM Trump Administration Approves 10 New Drone Projects Around the Country
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @06:02PM States Turn To an Unproven Method of Execution: Nitrogen Gas
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @05:24PM California Becomes First State To Mandate Solar on New Homes
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @05:19PM Senate Democrats Force a Vote To Restore Net Neutrality
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @02:15PM Iran Recruits Online Talent For Quick Cyber Strikes
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @11:26AM One of the Worst Jobs in America: Responding To Irate Tweets From New York City Subway Riders
Tuesday May 08, 2018 @06:20PM Trump Withdraws US From Iran Nuclear Deal
Tuesday May 08, 2018 @05:43PM Food Calorie Counts Will Start Appearing in US Restaurants and Grocery Stores
Tuesday May 08, 2018 @10:17AM White House To Host Tech Giants For AI Meeting
Monday May 07, 2018 @08:48AM Robocalls, and Their Scams, Are Surging
Monday May 07, 2018 @08:38AM US Cities Lose Tree Cover Just When They Need It Most
Monday May 07, 2018 @12:57AM China Plans $47 Billion Fund To Boost Its Semiconductor Industry
Sunday May 06, 2018 @02:06PM Facebook Survey Suggests Continuing US Loyalty After Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal
Saturday May 05, 2018 @06:13PM Placing Election Ads On Google Will Require a Government ID
Saturday May 05, 2018 @05:07PM Chinese Government Is Behind a Decade of Hacks On Software Companies, Says Report
Saturday May 05, 2018 @01:30AM 70-Year-Old Former Volkswagen CEO Charged With Fraud Over Emissions Scandal
Friday May 04, 2018 @09:59PM Apple's Eddy Cue To Be Deposed In Qualcomm Patent Battle
Friday May 04, 2018 @09:53PM New California Ballot Measure Demands Groundbreaking Privacy Rights
Friday May 04, 2018 @06:02PM California To Become First US State Mandating Solar On New Homes
Friday May 04, 2018 @05:40PM Gmail's 'Self-Destruct' Feature Will Probably Be Used To Illegally Destroy Government Records
Friday May 04, 2018 @04:33PM NSA Collected 500 Million US Call Records In 2017, Says Report
Thursday May 03, 2018 @10:31PM NASA Successfully Tests New Nuclear Reactor For Future Space Travelers
Thursday May 03, 2018 @06:12PM Amazon Offers Retailers Discounts To Adopt Payment System
Thursday May 03, 2018 @05:29PM Phone Maker BLU Settles With FTC Over Unauthorized User Data Extraction
Thursday May 03, 2018 @05:18PM Airbnb Drives Up Rent Costs In Manhattan and Brooklyn, Report Says
Thursday May 03, 2018 @09:28AM Tech Conferences Moving North as Trump Policies Turn Off Attendees
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @10:55PM Hawaii To Ban Certain Sunscreens To Protect Coral Reefs
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @06:48PM Hacktivists, Tech Giants Protest Georgia's 'Hack-Back' Bill
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @04:46PM Cambridge Analytica Shuts Down Amid Scandal Over Use of Facebook Data
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @04:27PM The Pentagon Bans Huawei, ZTE Phones From Retail Stores On Military Bases
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @04:12PM Mobile Gaming Cements Its Dominance, Takes Majority of Worldwide Sales
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @12:12PM Tech Giants Hit by NSA Spying Slam Encryption Backdoors
Tuesday May 01, 2018 @07:39PM FCC Commissioner Broke the Law By Advocating for Trump, Officials Find
Tuesday May 01, 2018 @07:18PM California Leads States In Suing the EPA For Attacking Vehicle Emissions Standards
Tuesday May 01, 2018 @05:22PM Nintendo Faces Switch Patent Infringement Investigation In the US
Tuesday May 01, 2018 @05:13PM Gig Economy Business Model Dealt a Blow in California Ruling
Tuesday May 01, 2018 @02:07PM White House Considers Restricting Chinese Researchers Over Espionage Fears
Monday April 30, 2018 @03:40PM Comcast Won't Give New Speed Boost To Internet Users Who Don't Buy TV Service
Sunday April 29, 2018 @12:49PM Sprint, T-Mobile Agree To Combine in a $26.5 Billion Merger
Sunday April 29, 2018 @12:11PM North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un Says He'll Give Up Weapons if US Promises Not to Invade
Sunday April 29, 2018 @11:57AM Wages Aren't the Only Reason Teachers Are Striking
Sunday April 29, 2018 @11:42AM A Mass of Copyrighted Works Will Soon Enter the Public Domain
Friday April 27, 2018 @10:38PM 100 US Mayors Sign Pledge To Defend Net Neutrality Against Crooked ISPs
Friday April 27, 2018 @10:10PM Russia Is Attacking US Forces With Electronic Weapons In Syria, General Says
Friday April 27, 2018 @12:51PM US Keeps China, Puts Canada on IP Priority Watch List
Friday April 27, 2018 @01:22AM Sprint, T-Mobile Aiming To Reach Merger Deal Next Week
Friday April 27, 2018 @01:17AM NASA To Pay More For Less Cargo Delivery To the Space Station
Friday April 27, 2018 @01:10AM PSA: Amazon Will Increase Price of Prime To $119
Thursday April 26, 2018 @07:30PM Genealogy Websites Were Key To Big Break In Golden State Killer Case
Thursday April 26, 2018 @07:11PM Cord Cutting Caused By 74 Percent TV Price Hikes Since 2000, Says Report
Thursday April 26, 2018 @05:50PM Old AM Broadcast Towers Get a New Life
Thursday April 26, 2018 @01:13PM High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University
Wednesday April 25, 2018 @06:47PM Ford To Stop Selling Every Car In North America But the Mustang, Focus Active
Wednesday April 25, 2018 @05:16PM Trump Meets With Apple's Tim Cook To Talk Trade
Wednesday April 25, 2018 @04:03PM More FISA Orders Were Denied During President Trump's First Year in Office Than in the Court's 40-Year History
Wednesday April 25, 2018 @01:14PM Nasdaq 'Would Consider' Creating a Crypto Exchange, Says CEO
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @07:52PM AT&T, Verizon Under US Investigation For Collusion To Lock In Customers
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @07:39PM EPA Proposes Limits To Science Used In Rulemaking
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @05:15PM SEC Issues $35 Million Fine Over Yahoo Failing To Disclose Data Breach
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @04:12PM CIA Plans To Replace Spies With AI
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @02:52PM Patent 'Death Squad' System Upheld by US Supreme Court
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @01:45PM Senate Confirms Trump's Pick for NSA, Cyber Command
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @10:10AM Scientists Plan Huge European AI Hub To Compete With US
Monday April 23, 2018 @07:15PM Cow Could Soon Be Largest Land Mammal Left Due To Human Activity, Says Study
Monday April 23, 2018 @05:07PM US Government Weighing Sanctions Against Kaspersky Lab
Monday April 23, 2018 @04:19PM Netflix, Amazon, and Major Studios Try To Shut Down $20-Per-Month TV Service
Monday April 23, 2018 @03:35PM New Attack Group Orangeworm Targets Healthcare Sector in US, Asia, and Europe: Symantec