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Mainframe OpenSolaris Now Available 135

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the better-late-than-never dept.
BBCWatcher writes "When Sun released Solaris to the open source community in the form of OpenSolaris, would anyone have guessed that it would soon wind up running on IBM System z mainframes? Amazingly, that milestone has now been achieved. Sine Nomine Associates is making its first release of OpenSolaris for System z available for free and public download. Source code is also available. OpenSolaris for System z requires a System z9 or z10 mainframe and z/VM, the hypervisor that's nearly universal to mainframe Linux installations. (The free, limited term z/VM Evaluation Edition is available for z10 machines.) Like Linux, OpenSolaris will run on reduced price IFL processors."
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Mainframe OpenSolaris Now Available

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  • by Like2Byte (542992) <Like2Byte AT yahoo DOT com> on Friday October 17, 2008 @03:06PM (#25416165) Homepage

    Maybe I'm missing the joke - but, I'm calling you out.

    Lest anyone misconstrue this to be a factual writeup concerning what the future (from a 1950's perspective) holds, let me bust this photo all to hell and back.

    This is a picture of a US Submarine Reactor Plant Control Panel. IAUSSSQ. (I Am US Submersible Ship Qualified - A US Submariner.) This pic is simply doctored.

    First: This is a picture from a museum - not a computer museum, though - probably a maritime museum. Here's another picture from the same museum.
    Ref 1: []

    Here's a sailor tending to the RPCP - Reactor Plant Control Panel.
    Ref 2: []

    Second: The 'teletype' is from the 80's - certainly not the 50's. Gotta love the paper in the teletype, too. It just magically appears!! Don't even mention the numerical keypad to the right of the keyboard.

    Third: I'm loving that late 50's era TV mounted on the wall where console TVs were designed to be furniture that sits on the floor. And, anyone having owned one of these behemoths can attest, one didn't want to carry those TVs any further than they had to, let alone lift it up over their heads.

    Forth: The wheel on the 'computer console.' Home computer.....a wheel? Huh!? Inner wheel: Xloc. Outer wheel: yloc. (LOL)

    Fifth: The unfortunate little person cut and pasted into the photo. His size is all wrong for this picture.

    This is nothing more than a cut & paste job.

    I know. "Buzz kill". "I'm a lot of fun at parties." "I suck."

    Move along.

  • by Richard Steiner (1585) <> on Friday October 17, 2008 @06:02PM (#25419009) Homepage Journal

    I wish Unisys had the foresight of IBM when it comes to running POSIX software on their mainframes. Or maybe they do and I just don't know about it. They are seemingly a stealth company, after all. But they still manage to sell some very good mainframe server hardware (Clearpath Dorado and Libra servers running OS2200 and MCP respectively), and both of those OSes run fairly old software as well (the 2200 stuff requires a recompile as of some point in the 1970's when the ABS format changed, but I'm not as sure about MCP's binary compatibility).

    Man, if we could run Solaris in a partition alongside our OS2200/HVTIP stuff...

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