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Smart Underwear Designed For Military 169

Posted by samzenpus
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A team of scientists at the University of California San Diego, led by nano-engineering professor Joseph Wang, has designed some high-tech underwear that may save lives. Sensors in the waistband can monitor a person's blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs. The designers also hope that one day the underwear can release drugs to relieve pain and treat wounds. From the article: "But the technology's range of application goes beyond the military. 'We envision all the trend of personalized medicine for remote monitoring of the elderly at home, monitoring a wide range of biomedical markers, like cardiac markers, alerting for any potential stroke, diabetic changes, and other changes related to other biomedical scenario,' said Wang. Wearable biosensors can also provide valuable information to athletes or even measure blood alcohol levels."


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Smart Underwear Designed For Military

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    Three Dead Trolls in a Baggy absolutely rule.
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    Confirming this. When I wore them many of us called our BDUs combat pajamas because they were very comfortable to wear. There were however two places that could get rather uncomfortable. The first was the foot in general due to boot fitting and in our case blousing of the trousers (which still beats the pants off tucking). Those were minor compared to the waist. You've got the belt for one. There's the side adjustment brackets that could get painful. There's having to keep your undershirt tucked in and usually when it comes out you don't have time to properly tuck it back in so instead you get bunches of fabric rubbing against your body. And wearing a belt on top of a blouse on top of a belt on top of buttons (no zippers) can get mighty uncomfortable. At least in those cases you have underwear generally protecting your skin from the worst of it.

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