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Bloglines Shutdown Avoided 24

Posted by samzenpus
from the safe-for-now dept.
angry tapir writes "Pioneer RSS feed manager Bloglines will continue operating thanks to a last-minute agreement for MerchantCircle to take over operation of the service from, which announced it would shut down Bloglines by Oct. 1 and then postponed the closure several times, said that MerchantCircle, an online network for local business owners, will manage Bloglines starting in December."
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Bloglines Shutdown Avoided

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  • There aren't enough blog sites.
    • Just think: the raving madness and blatant inaccuracies of Bloglines now brought to you by the folks who bring you the raving madness and blatant inaccuracies at MerchantCircle!

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by Shmoe (17051)

      Never mind the fact that bloglines is an rss aggregator much like google reader. How bout some rtfa'ing up in this piece?

  • Note to self: delete Bloglines account before the data harvest begins.
  • Thank god bloglines remains.. there were 10's of dollars at stake

  • When Bloglines first annouced the shutdown I looked for a good replacment (didn't like Google Reader) and found an open source solution. I installed Tiny Tiny RSS on a shared hosting account and it's as good as Bloglines, better, actually because the uptime is greater. []

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