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Input Devices Technology

Getting Computers To Recognize Facial Expressions 56

Posted by samzenpus
from the getting-to-know-you-better dept.
Zothecula writes "Binghamton University computer scientist Lijun Yin thinks that using a computer should be a comfortable and intuitive experience, like talking to a friend. As anyone who has ever yelled 'Why did you go and do that?' at their PC or Mac will know, however, using a computer is currently sometimes more like talking to an overly-literal government bureaucrat who just doesn't get you. Thanks to Yin's work with things like emotion recognition, however, that might be on its way to becoming a thing of the past."
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Getting Computers To Recognize Facial Expressions

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  • I don't get it. (Score:4, Interesting)

    by wcrowe (94389) on Tuesday March 08, 2011 @03:56PM (#35423204)

    I don't understand what my computer is supposed to DO once it has determined what my emotion is. The only everyday application I can see for this is marketing. I am sure marketers would like to register your reaction when you see something. I don't see how that helps ME. I mean, if the computer sees that I'm angry or surprised or whatever, what is it supposed to DO?

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