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Microsoft Windows Technology

Windows 8 Is Ready 558

Posted by Soulskill
from the stick-a-fork-in-it dept.
New submitter drinkydoh writes "In an announcement today, Microsoft has finally said that Windows 8 is now complete. Microsoft has begun delivering RTM versions to manufacturers and the general availability of the tablets and computers using Windows 8 will be on October 26th. 'Microsoft's final milestone concludes almost two years of development for its new Metro-inspired Windows 8 software and marks the beginning of the release phase. Microsoft says MSDN and TechNet customers will be able to download it from August 15th. Windows Store will go live on August 15th. Developers will be able to access the final tools and submission process for Metro style apps at the Windows Dev Center later this month.'"
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Windows 8 Is Ready

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  • Re:TERRIBLE! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @01:08PM (#40845577)

    Ive been using the beta for a while now. Yes a few things are oddly placed - you no longer hit start to stop your computer for one.

    The new start menu actually rocks - My start menu use to be a horrid mess where all I did was use the Windows 7 search feature - Which is now how I use Windows 8 - Hit the start thing type the name of what you want hit enter

    Windows 8 is in many ways MUCH MORE keyboard driven and geek centric - I like it really !

  • by garcia (6573) on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @01:08PM (#40845585)

    According to The Ed Bott Report on ZDNet [], Microsoft is turning over an entirely new leaf in its history by taking cues from Apple and developing its own hardware/software "ecosystem" (I hate that term) and alienating its OEMs which have been just as slow and lackluster as Microsoft has been over the last few years.

    If we accept Bott's analysis as at least somewhat valid, Microsoft may be on the road to recovery--at least if they develop and release products that people desire.

    They're already copying Apple and Google's consistent theme (copying "Metro" UI elements to their rebranded Hotmail, and they're developing software and hardware together. Perhaps he's right and this will bode well for Microsoft in the future.

    However, there is the part of me that says that those people who want that sort of thing had already jumped ship to Apple's own "ecosystem" and everyone else was just fine staying with Microsoft because of whatever reason (cost, support, application support, familiarity, etc).

    Personally I think the Metro UI (and the other unified design deals) is ridiculous and meaningless for me to get my work done and it's not going to make me move away from other products I've been using more recently. However, perhaps it will work and their demise as stated by you may be averted for another few years.

  • by gbjbaanb (229885) on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @01:08PM (#40845587)

    I don't think they're killing it off, but it the "new VB". MS has rediscovered native code [], so WinRT is entirely unmanaged, the .NET libs have been reworked to simply pass-through to the WinRT functionality and some minor parts removed.

    All native and cloud development is moving towards C++ again, so .NET is left as a desktop development environment. Given the performance fixes are not making it back into the desktop versions of the old libs and I doubt any additional features will be ported there (except security), and that the concept is that your Metro code for the PC can also run on a table or a phone, and the native push for those environments, I think you can see how .NET development is now a 'you can, but...' partner, not the primary focus for development.

  • by HerculesMO (693085) on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @01:19PM (#40845787)

    Too bad the only games that will follow onto the Linux steam platform are games you've already beaten 5 or 6 years ago on the PC.

    Best of luck getting Valve to convince other dev studios to port games to Linux at a huge expense, when the audience simply isn't there. Linux on the desktop is dead. It's linux on the "device" that has a chance. I know why Valve is pushing towards Linux because the Windows 8 App store will eat their lunch, but realistically nothing is going to change. Windows 8 has gotten more idiot proof than usual, and that's what draws in people that don't already somehow have a PC.

  • by nukenerd (172703) on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @01:20PM (#40845801)
    It is downvoted because his post is almost certainly a plant by the /. management to wind us up and get us going. First post for a longish piece of writing, with good grammar and spelling, by someone with only three posts ever to his account? I don't believe it.
  • by BenLeeImp (1347831) on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @01:27PM (#40845917)

    You use a subscriber account to read the articles early, but use a different account to post shill. Just keep mashing F5 on the main page with your text ready in notepad. That way you avoid the karma hit and recognition as a shill poster. Just make a new one when it outlives its usefulness.

    I'm not sure how it can be fixed off the top of my head. Maybe prevent new accounts from getting top post until they've made X other posts?

  • by man_of_mr_e (217855) on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @01:59PM (#40846447)

    First, Microsoft usually doesn't view much of anything as a total failure. Like many, they view their mistakes as market research. When they do something really wrong, they learn from it.

    Bob may have been a failure, but they learned a lot from it, and it lead to other products like the (also abhorred but largely successful) MS Agent technology (aka clippy, fido, etc..)

    Neither ME or Vista were failures per se. ME was never intended to be anything other than a stopgap. MS had intended to transition Windows 9x users to Windows 2000, but when that got pushed back to XP, MS had to come up with a stopgap for OEM's to provide new hardware support. It was held together with chewing gum and twine, to try and extend the life for just a few months more...

    Vista, likewise, was not a failure either, in that it was never intended to be a success. It was a "hatchet man", that was put out in order to get ISV's and OEM's to follow the new security rules. It was also intended to be really annoying so that vendors would fix their software to be UAC friendly. MS knew Windows 7 would come along and replace it, and by then the issues would be solved both in vendors and software.

    DOS 4 was just a huge steaming pile, though.

  • by mcgrew (92797) * on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @02:49PM (#40847253) Homepage Journal

    Although I agree that W8 is a clusterfuck of epic proportions, a lot of what you say just doesn't hold water.

    That is what has changed, before they were an unstoppable monopoly and now?

    They're still an unstoppable monopoly; try buying a PC with a different OS.

    I'm not convinced customers are going to be all that happy with what is about to be rammed down their thoat.

    Their customers are OEMs and enterprises, not you or me. I'm not their customer, Acer is; I'm Acer's customer. Enterprise customers are likely to skip 8 like they did Vista, we'll see whether or not OEMs start shipping Linux desktops (I, for one, would be happy if they did).

    All at a time when their monopoly is threatened like never before.

    Their monopoly is in desktop operating systems and office software, where is the threat?

    The desktop PC itself is being questioned for most users

    For every home computer, there are ten in the workplace, the tablet may replace PCs in most homes, but I wouldn't bet too much money on it.

    Office is threatened by Cloud apps

    Pure marketing hype. "The cloud" is unlikely to gain traction among enterprise users, even very many home users.

    "The post Microsoft future looks like" Mark Twain, who said "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". Mocrosoft isn't even in the doctor's office, let alone the grave. And if Microsoft went away, OEMs would just use Linux or Android or BSD. Computers aren't going away any time soon.

  • by jbolden (176878) on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @04:41PM (#40848707) Homepage

    Apple doesn't make much money from the App store, even on iOS where it is mandatory. The cost of the App store covers the cost Apple overseeing and supervising the apps. What it does do, is make customers feel comfortable installing anything. And that allows for direct comparisons which drive the cost of software way down, which makes the hardware more valuable.

    Interestingly its seem to have had that impact on high end apps as well, driving the cost of Apple's software down about 80%. Logic is down from $1k to $200, Aperture from $500 to $80, etc..

  • by hairyfeet (841228) <bassbeast1968&gmail,com> on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @05:11PM (#40849075) Journal

    Dude look YOU know what this is and I know what this is...its a Hail Mary pass. MSFT is finally starting to realize that one we hit muilticore PCs went from being the needed to constantly upgrade of the MHz wars right past good enough and into insanely overpowered territory for a good 80-90% of the buying public. What is Joe Average User or Bill Businessman gonna use their PC for that needs more than a Phenom I quad or even a Core Duo? As a PC seller and repairman I can tell you the answer is "not a damned thing" as I have plenty of customers on those first gen Phenom triples and quads or Intel Duos and quads and other than adding more RAM or HDD space those units are insanely overpowered compared to the work they have.

    So all those users aren't gonna be buying new PCs until those die which could take years Hell I've done upgraded them to Win 7 and I can easily see those units lasting until win 7 goes EOL in 2020 because frankly? They're not even being stressed, the users just can't feed these multicore monsters enough useful work to really heat the chips. Hell I'm seeing the same thing with laptops, the work people do when mobile is pretty much netbook territory, webmail, surfing, videos, a little light office work, so even the laptops aren't getting slammed and thus just not wearing out like they used to. Oh there will always be people buying PCs, the gamers, the content creators, those that kill their current unit, but there isn't gonna be the kind of growth that gives wall street a stiffie.

    So Win 8 is a Hail Mary pass for MSFT, a way for them to take one more shot at the juicy tablet/smartphone brass ring. Will it work? Doubtful but at this point MSFT really has nothing to lose by trying it. If businesses and consumers balk unlike with Vista where all they had to offer was a creaky old XP with 32 bit limitations now they can just say "Fine take Windows 7" and not lose anything. After all its not like they don't already pretty much own desktops and laptops. But by trying it now, when many are just now looking at Win 7 they think they can get people used to the "Metro" UI and then they won't balk when they see a WinPhone or WinTab like they have with WinPhone 7.

    Would I have done it that way? Nope I think its a dumb move, they should have spun off mobile and let them innovate without being tied to the legacy of Windows and Office. But frankly at this point MSFT really has nothing to lose, as the money they blow on win 8 if it flops is nothing compared to how they will be tied to X86 which honestly will probably stay at the current numbers with zero growth unless some "killer app" comes along that can actually strain these monsters and we're not seeing that, even in gaming anymore for the most part. So they might as well throw the Hail Mary and see if they can pick up some ground because the clock is running out and they are waaaay behind in the game.

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