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The Military Science

Invisibility Tech Demo Tomorrow In NYC 86

Posted by timothy
from the everything-that-happens-in-new-york-is-true dept.
Velcroman1 writes "Invisibility cloaks and deflector shields, once a staple of popular science-fiction, are now the real deal, researchers say. But here on Earth, top researchers have been battling too, not over the fate of the empire but over whose tech will someday shield U.S. ships. Fractal Antenna Systems came out swinging Wednesday over a 'perfected' invisibility cloak by researchers at Duke and Imperial College. Company CEO and inventor Nathan Cohen issued a scathingly critical press release throwing very visible zingers — and claiming he invented it first. '[Their tech] makes you more, not less, visible,' Cohen said. The company says a patent-pending deflector shield built off a variant of the technology can divert electromagnetic radiation around an object — and they plan to show it off Friday in New York City, at the Radio Club of America."
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Invisibility Tech Demo Tomorrow In NYC

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  • by jfengel (409917) on Thursday November 15, 2012 @07:21PM (#41997055) Homepage Journal

    It's not "perfect". It has the nifty property that it doesn't reflect anything. But it only works from one angle, and for one frequency (and a microwave frequency at that). It's not even "perfect" at eliminating reflection, just much better than previous ones.

    It's a clever but minor advance blown entirely out of proportion because some jackass attached the word "perfect" to it. Everybody who repeated it needs to have their science writing license revoked.

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