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The Internet Networking Technology

Computer History Museum Wants to Preserve Minitel History 58

Posted by timothy
from the barn-full-of-compuserve-artifacts-too dept.
coondoggie writes "It's been almost a year since France Telecom shut down its once widely popular Minitel online services and historians are worried that its legacy from a preservationist point of view is being lost forever. The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA., naturally wants to collect and preserve all manner of industry historical artifacts, and Minitel is one of the central components of its 'Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing' exhibit."
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Computer History Museum Wants to Preserve Minitel History

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday March 09, 2013 @05:59AM (#43124719)

    This is a very elitist/snooty organization. Research very carefully if you have anything of value to "donate" to this museum. Chances are you will never have access to it again -- but rest assured an MBA will.

  • by ls671 (1122017) on Saturday March 09, 2013 @06:15AM (#43124741) Homepage

    Minitel and trumpet winsock remind me of a time when the French government, Microsoft and others believed that Internet competing networks would emerge and that they should create their own. Minitel actually had a competing network for quite a while and Microsoft did not believe into the need to include a IP stack in their product.

    Who would redo the same today?

  • by mad flyer (589291) on Saturday March 09, 2013 @08:57AM (#43125139)

    For god sake, when you have no fracking clue on a topic at least be kind enough to keep away from writing aboot it.

    The minitel was never design for competing against the internet. It was put in place in the early 80' way before even rtc modem became affordable at times were few people had computers and barely anyone had heard aboot BBSs.

    In fact, the minitel allowed with a serial cable to be used as a 1200/75bps modem for your computer. At the military/scientific level sure it appeared after tcp/ip networks, but for the public, it was here first and stayed there alone for a long time...

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