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Inventor of OpenFlow SDN Admits Most SDN Today Is Hype 62 62

darthcamaro writes "Every networking vendor today is talking about Software Defined Networking (SDN). The basic idea is that the control of the underlying networking hardware is abstracted by software. Martin Casado helped to come up with the whole topic with his 2005 Stanford thesis (PDF). Eight years later after selling his startup Nicira to VMware for $1.2 Billion, Casado sees the term SDN meaning everything and nothing to all people. From the article: '"I actually don't know what SDN means anymore, to be honest," Casado said. Casado noted that the term SDN was coined in 2009 and at the time it did mean something fairly specific. "Now it is just being used as a general term for networking, like all networking is SDN," Casado said. "SDN is now just an umbrella term for, cool stuff in networking."'"
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Inventor of OpenFlow SDN Admits Most SDN Today Is Hype

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