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Software Security Upgrades

Users Slow to Update Netgear ReadyNAS Boxes Open To Remote Exploit 53

Trailrunner7 writes with this bit of news from Threatpost "A popular NETGEAR network-attached storage product used primarily in medium-sized organizations has a gaping vulnerability that puts any data moving through a network in jeopardy. The flaw in ReadyNAS, specifically its Frontview front end, was patched via a firmware update three months ago. But according to Tripwire researcher Craig Young who discovered the issue and reported it to NETGEAR, only a fraction of Internet-facing boxes have been patched. An attacker exploiting the vulnerability could gain root access to the box. 'There's a lot of room for people to get burned on this,' Young told Threatpost. 'I felt it is important to get the message out to people that if you're running the RAIDiator firmware (prior to the current version) it's easy to attack the system. As we've found with Microsoft patches, people reverse-engineer patches to find vulnerabilities. This is the type of thing that anyone could trivially compare this firmware to the previous and see in an instant where the vulnerability is.'"
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Users Slow to Update Netgear ReadyNAS Boxes Open To Remote Exploit

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