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KDE Releases KDevelop 4.6 93 93

New submitter KDE Community writes that the KDE project has released KDevelop 4.6.0 as the latest version of the free and open source integrated development environment. "KDevelop 4.6.0 improves debugging support with GDB. The GDB integration improvements include some operations now going into effect immediately rather than needing to re-run the program, improved debugging from external terminals, and a CPU registers toolview. KDevelopers' CPU registers toolview also allows for showing and editing all user-mode registers and general purpose flags for x86/x86_64/ARMv7 platforms. Other KDevelop 4.6.0 changes include greater language support within the PHP plug-in, Python language support improvements, more C++11 language support, improved project management, and a clean-up to the IDE's user-interface."
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KDE Releases KDevelop 4.6

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 10, 2013 @10:12AM (#45649911)
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  • Re:IDEs... (Score:4, Funny)

    by larry bagina (561269) on Tuesday December 10, 2013 @10:51AM (#45650313) Journal

    Good call. Maybe the NSA should infiltrate open source projects and make sure there aren't any terrorists. They'll need to gain trust by spending a few years fixing bugs and adding new features.

    Also, even though the NSA is watching my online activity and phone calls/location, they can't always tell what I'm doing offline. I suggest they assign two or three girlfriends to monitor me. I like nerdy mathematical types so I'm sure they can find someone. I'm usually more talkative after mind-blowing sex, so it will work out good for both of us.

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