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Google Upgrades

Google Opens Up Street View Archives From 2007 To Today 25

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the just-look-at-that-urban-decay dept.
mpicpp (3454017) writes with news that Google is publishing all Street View imagery back to 2007. Quoting Ars: "The feature hasn't rolled out to many accounts yet, but it looks like a small, draggable window will be added to the Street View interface. Just move the time slider around and you'll be able to jump through past images. Granted, Street View has only been around for a few years, so the archives only go back to 2007. A few of the events Google suggests browsing through are the building of One World Trade Center and the destruction and rebuilding of Onagawa, Japan after the 2011 earthquake. Besides being really cool, the move will save Google from having to choose a canonical Street View image for every location. If the current image is blacked-out or wrong in some way, you can just click back to the previous one."
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Google Opens Up Street View Archives From 2007 To Today

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  • We have a lovely convention centre here in Vancouver, built and opened for the 2010 Olympics. In Bing maps unfortunately it is still at the piling stage :(

    • We have a lovely convention centre here in Vancouver, built and opened for the 2010 Olympics. In Bing maps unfortunately it is still at the piling stage :(

      Bing bing bing! We have a wiener!

    • I eat lunch near that convention centre almost every day. But there is still no excuse for using Bing.
  • Google Earth (Score:4, Informative)

    by Charliemopps (1157495) on Wednesday April 23, 2014 @01:07PM (#46825095)

    This has been available on Google earth for years. It's just new to Google Maps. The most useful aspect of this is if you're buying a house. You can look back at past records to see just how old that swimming pool really is... or did the owner really build that garage last year?

    It's the opposite of handy if you're selling however ;-)

    • Re:Google Earth (Score:5, Informative)

      by NJRoadfan (1254248) on Wednesday April 23, 2014 @01:12PM (#46825135)
      The Google Earth feature was for satellite imagery. This new feature is for Street View images. Sadly it won't be of much use around here as the original 2007 photos are the latest available in many areas! I guess they are trying to give people an excuse to switch to the mostly broken new Google Maps interface.
      • Wow! I could have sword Street view was a part of that. But I have now checked and you are correct sir! I apologize for the mus-information. I have used the historical satellite view in the past it seems. I must be getting old...

  • Cue outcry (Score:5, Funny)

    by Lumpio- (986581) on Wednesday April 23, 2014 @01:08PM (#46825111)
    Google is publishing more information! And some people might use that for EVIL! Oh no!
  • by Anonymous Coward

    So when are they going to update the actual MAPs themselves?

    My area has changed CONSIDERABLY in the past 10 years alone.
    There are whole new housing sections, entire section of town knocked to dust, both of my schools knocked down, new schools built, whole shopping district, hotels and various eateries.
    I can still see my childhood in Google Maps, in another town over. My childhood! THAT IS OLDER THAN GOOGLE MAPS. (27)

    And it's not like it is just some random crappy little town either (ish...). It is a mid

  • Widespread outages for every Google service starting at 2pm eastern today.

  • What this means to me is that on a certain corner in downtown Sacramento there is a Street View photo of me on my motorcycle showing my license plate but obfuscating the engine block embarrassing both Google engineers at the weakness of the despicable AI they use to hide identifiable features. If I had known that that damned car with the cameras mounted on top would be on the street at the exact same time I would be at that intersection, I would have waited a couple minutes. Fortunately, I obfuscated my o

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