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Netscape Code Rush Documentary on PBS 118

Vux writes "PBS is airing a show involving the Netscape team. Quoted off the PBS website sectio about the show: "The year is early 1998 and a small team of Netscape code writers frantically works to reconstruct the company's Internet browser. The fate of the entire company may well rest on their shoulders. Facing new competition, sales for Netscape's once world-changing browser have sunk to zero. If this gambit fails, their company, their community and their vision of the future might not survive. Welcome to the epicenter of the new American Dream. Welcome to Silicon Valley." I don't agree with some of the propaganda for the documentary, but it should be an interesting hour flick to watch. " The documentary, according to the PBS site, is airing this evening, through the US. Check local show times and such on the site.
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Netscape Code Rush Documentary on PBS

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  • Check it out. []

    I submitted this, but who knows if it'll ever show up around here... So I figure I'll mention it here, too.

  • If you are having trouble finding out when the show will air in your area, go to this link: whatson [] and enter your zipcode. Then go to TV schedule and click on monthly program summary. This will show all shows showing for the current month. In my area (Houston, TX) Code Rush doesn't appear to air until April 22 at 5:00am.
  • Gee, not showing in the Seattle/Redmond area? That's a suprise.
  • I'm on OPB's site right now, they don't seem to know anything about it. April 23rd is all "to be announced".
  • Ok, so there is no open bar.. but there is no promotion like having a club, full of geeks who cant dance.. with an open bar.. with sourcecode being projected/scrolled on the wall.

  • Maybe they wanted to hurt Netscape really bad to make it cheaper to buy later on.
  • Go to PBS Online []. Go into "Station Finder", enter your zipcode (or browse the by-state listings), pick your station, and click on "Remember My Station". From then on you can get local TV Schedules specific to your particular PBS station, as well as other station-specific things.

    (Yes, I work for PBS Online. Yes, I wrote the Station Finder and TV Schedules areas. And yes, it all runs under Apache/Perl/MySQL.)

  • This sucks... Who makes the programming decisions there anyway? And why is the WTTW website hosted by (least is)... Maybe we could skip a few Antique Roadshows or British comedies (my mom watches them all) for something a bit more gripping.
  • Well, not the best possible interface, but try this:

    http :// ion=KUHT&date=2000-04-01 [], except substitute your stations call letters and a date from the month you wish to examine. It will bring up the entire month's programming, and you can then use your browsers text search function.

    (Let's see, Houston, 4th largest city in the US, lots of high-tech business: Code Rush, 5am, 4/21.
  • Having lived thru the birth of the browser wares and thru Netscapes fatal conceit I look forward to seeing it put on the video archives. Maybe future corps will learn from the Blundering Lizard.

    Now as dead as the dinosaurs we can look forard to years of a select few sifting thru the bones searching for fragments of thier shattered egos.

    Necrozilla, long may she rot

  • Nice to see that the West Michigan PBS channel refuses to carry it! It's not scheduled for airing at all!! Gotta love Grand Valley State University for showing Liberal arts crap instead of techie stuff.....

    Liberal arts, a masters degree in this field teaches you how to say "you want fries with that" in a whole new way!
  • Uh, are you sure about this? I checked both WQED and's listings and found that it did not appear to be airing in the area. Do you have some sort of inside scoop?
  • I've the misfortune of not getting it at all. Perhaps it will end up not being anything worth worrying over, but I'll never get to find out.
  • I just searched both (channel 12) and (channel 6), both of which are THE PBS stations for the Denver region, and I can't find the show even listed!!!

    Unfortunately, verified the bad news...

    Anyone know when us "hicks" in Colorado will be able to watch this show?
  • > The fact of the matter is that Netscape drowned
    > in it's own spoils, tripped over it's own fat

    This I'd agree with to a certain degree.

    > and foolishly underestimated their competition.

    Is expecting the competition to play by the legal rules underestimation?

    > Then two years later they go crying to the
    > Justice Department

    Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. The Justise Department thinggy started waaaaay before Jan 1998 (when the decision to open the source of Mozilla was made).

  • According to the PBS schedule for the DirecTV feed (and other satellite feeds?), "Code Rush" is being broadcast at 10:00 PM on Friday, March 31 instead of 10:00 PM on Thursday, March 30...
  • If the fate of the company was in their hands, well, they failed.

    Netscape was bought out by the ugly giant AOL.
    Employees were forced to give away all their software.
    Microsoft took all their market share.


  • But the fate of the company wasn't in their hands!

    The new browser is the best on the market.
    Mozilla is a world famous open source success.
    Microsoft doesn't have a chance.

  • Last I checked you can get all of your "Civil War", "Frontline" and "Nova"-esque programs on the History Channel, A&E, TLC, etc.. all of which are for profit enterprises and don't need govt. money.

    Maybe I'm just pissed about having my Dr. Who re-runs cancelled...
  • You left out the bit about them having to give back their analog broadcast licenses, which the FCC is going to turn around and auction off....
  • actually the best place to look is they have a tv schedule locator much like yahoo but pbs exclusive.

  • Check []. It told me my local station (in Dartmouth, NS) is WGBH, and with a little digging through [] I found out that the station I see is GBH/2, and Code Rush is only ever going to be shown on GBH/44. Sucks to be me.
  • It's not airing today in Minneapolis/St.Paul either (the local PBS stations are KTCA and KTCI).

    However, it is being aired on KTCA on Apr 2 6:00pm, and on KTCI on Apr 6 10:00pm.
  • Does the government need to subsudize TV?


    from here []

    "In one of the single biggest giveaways in U.S. corporate welfare history, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on April 7, 1997 donated broadcast licenses for digital television to existing broadcasters. Under the terms of the giveaway, the broadcasters will pay nothing for the exclusive right to use the public airwaves, even though the FCC itself estimated the value of the digital licenses to be worth $11 billion to $70 billion."

  • Anyone know of a really good source of stimulants?

    Penguin mints, [] of course.
  • If you can get past the liberal propaganda and PC nature of their programs, yes they are generally well done.

    Still PBS's time has come and gone... what a waste of my tax money, a big freakin' ad for a failed company.

    Gee, I think a lot of PBS shows have an obvious right-wing slant to them. I guess it's all relative.

    Government grants (taxes) are only a small part of PBS funding these days - around 16%, as you can see for yourself at PBS Financials [].

    Government grants to PBS came to about $47 million in 1999, or about 17 cents per US resident.
  • I mean really, there are at last count, what, 6.02 X 10^23 TV channels out there. Does the government need to subsudize TV?

    Well, if you want to have TV that doesn't completely suck, then yeah, apparently so. Subsidize PBS and you get "The Civil War," "Frontline," "Nova," etc. Turn things over to the free market and you get "Jerry Springer" and "Baywatch." 'Nuff said.
  • You completely misunderstood how Tinderbox works (the thing with the red and green columns). Red means that the build was failing at that point in time. It has nothing to do with the number of bugs outstanding, it just means that someone checked in something (it could be a single line) that wouldn't compile on that particular platform.

    You can still view the current Tinderbox status for Mozilla at http://tinderbox.mozilla .org/showbuilds.cgi?tree=SeaMonkey [].
  • This is what baffles me... If anyone remembers a long ass time ago AOL went balls to the wall supporting Netscape. They made AOL compatible with Navigator Gold and put ads everywhere.

    This lasted about 2 months, then they spun 180 and shit on Netscape while signing a deal with Microsoft. They substituted everything with MS propoganda and slated an early version of IE 4(the trident engine?) as the built in browser.

    Then, then buy Netscape and everyone seems to forget how much they bitch-slaped Netscape around eariler. They still use some shitty version of IE5 w/ horrible image support and didn't even use the company they just bought to it's fullest advantage. How long will this headline deal last?

    From what I've heard a bunch of developers got pissed and left after AOL and the conquest. I still think it's just a damned plot w/ MS to push the market a certain direction. It's a fucking conspiracy that stinks the entire fucking industry.


  • I've got Code Rush on the local PBS, but I haven't seen WFG since I lived in Toronto.

    If you haven't seen it, do so. I aspire to be Diana someday: she's my role model for what I want to be when I'm 70- cranky, opinionated and accepting crap from nobody.


  • Anybody have a clue who the sponsors of this are? is there any way to find out?

    I've been trying to imagine a 'worst case' sponsor list, but funnily enough it has only one name on it...

    -'Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to log on..'
  • > interesting exploits of Johnathan Creek are far more important than this

    It is to me! I love that show, and it has Josey from the old British Who's Line is it Anyway (sorry, Drew can never replace Clive in a million years).

    OTOH, it's kind of interesting that someone would make a documentary about it. I love Netscape, but is it worth a documentary, really? I don't know...maybe I've just become hard to so many net ideas going bust.

  • I'll have to surf through my cable to find out which channel is PBS. I think we still get it here(NB, Canada). Last I watched PBS, it was Maine Public Broadcasting, but I checked here [] to no avail. Any flannelplaid wearers in Maine care to help me out?
  • Cleveland appears to be the usual tech^H^H^H^Hsausage-oriented midwest city.

    Here, we *get* to watch "Adventure Divas" (whatEVer) on one PBS station and "European Rail Journeys" ("this beatiful span was built in 1927 and is the 12th longest, blah, blah, blah") on the other.

    A search of turns up nada in April for both WVIZ and WEAO/WNEO.

    Oh, well.

    Everyone else lucky enough to watch, enjoy.

  • Aye, I'll grant that Netscape was quite foolish in its handling of the affairs that led to its seeming demise. Netscape the company only exists now as a tentacle of the AOL/Time Warner beast.

    SO WHAT?!

    As long as they manage to produce something that I (and I suspect most other people) would consider to be a quality product, and not fubar it like last time. I will be more than happy with Netscape 6.0 as my primary browser.
    The internals of Netscape the one time corp. really do not interest me and alot of others. Only the quality of the product.

    So lets stop slamming them for the past and focus on whats coming in the future.

  • Does any non-alcoholic drink have a cooler bottle?

    Bawls does.
  • Stimulants?

    For caffine, try Mountain Lighting. I think you can only get it from Wal-mart. It's the poor man's Dew, so you can get all wired for cheap.

    Or you can just go down to the local street corner and buy some meth. :)

  • I just bet that the title of this happened when someone spilled mustard or something on the letters "ot" in "Godot" at the end and came up with the idea for the series.

    I also enjoy "WFG" -- but my favorite British comedy is -- no, not "Are You Being Served," not the one about that snotty Hyacinth and her lower-class sisters Rose and Daisy -- no, it's "Yes, Minister," which metamorphed into "Yes, Prime Minister." Great stuff! These things used to come on late Saturday nights, just before "The Red Green Show" (also funny, although the people at my high school never understood). Channel surfing was great -- SNL, Mad TV, and those wacky Brits.

    And now I have no TV. Such is life.

  • 10:00 PM Keeping Up Appearances
    Waiting for God "Living Together"

    Explain to me, living in the East Coast's technological backdoor why they aren't broadcasting this.

    When called, they had never heard of Code Rush. They have no plans to broadcast it. Probably the one time a year that my knuckle dragging self would actually flip to PBS and they don't even know what PBS national is doing. I find it odd.

    I really hope that I am never asked to donate to PBS again.
  • According to their site, it's not showing today but I found this date.

    8PM - April 6th on PBS
    Code Rush

    "Code Rush" takes a dramatic, inside look at living and working in Silicon Valley. The one-hour documentary follows bright and quirky Netscape Communications engineers as they pursue a revolutionary venture to save their company from an impending corporate take-over. Through the program's verite style viewers see human and technological dramas unfold in the collision between science, engineering, code and commerce.
  • I'm sure it'll be a "well balanced" piece, being PBS and all.

    At least they're not having the annual beg-a-thon now.

  • Yeah that sucks, and we live in/near a well-known city too!

  • I couldn't find it either on PBS' site and =(.

  • I cannot find it in the schedules. Thanks! :(.

  • Is this showing in the greater Seattle area at all? It's not on the KCTS website [], even when I searched through May. The Tacoma station doesn't seem to have it either, and OPB (Oregon) won't show it until April 23rd, and then at two in the afternoon. Anyone know?

  • According to the schedule on the main PBS site, that's when it's going to be shown. I don't know how accurate it is, though.

  • I will find myself in the MST timezone when might I watch this? Is there a good site for local/regional television listings?

    Well I found something out. I know this is bad manners to reply to one's own post. However I think this is interesting.

    Apparently stupid things like British comedy and the interesting exploits of Johnathan Creek are far more important than this. I will have to stay up quite late just to even watch this?

    Anyone know of a really good source of stimulants?
  • We get the pleasure of watching Berkeley Square.

    Hopefully Code Rush will come out on video soon.
  • For those of us who recieve our TV via digital means in the sky (aka DTV), it looks like the show will be airing a day later. Times are 10pm EST and 2am EST on Friday Mar 31 2000. I just checked the PBS site cause I couldn't find it on the menu tonite.

    Looks like we will either have to wait or slum it by hooking up the old antenna and going analog.

  • According to the nice woman at WPBA ATL30, this show will air on April 10th at 23:00.
  • I for one would like to learn more about the dramatic struggle (or lack of) of a giant corporation to crush the smaller competion. Maybe also about how in the hell the Netscape team ever tought they would win a war writing software that competes with the company who makes the platform they are writing the software on.
  • This show was aired in the SF Bay area last month,and I have to say that it was interesting (it was broadcast during one a pledge drives, and the producers were on the air afterward stating they wanted to hear viewer's reactions from the Valley first). The show basically cronicals the netscape development team fighting the announced deadline for the posting of the Netscape 5 source, and the early beginning of the mozilla project. Towards the end, they had a final section where they go back to netscape and see who is still there, as well as interview those who left.

    I must say that it was a great show. I really got a grasp of the total amount of bugs that existed in the early mozilla (netscape 5) code release when one of the programmers scrools down a huge table, with various blocks representing different code segments of the browser. A green box represents good code, and red represents bugs that exist in that section. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of these blocks and the sea of red blocks was amazing.

    It was a great chronicle of Netscape's drive to fend off microsoft's recent onslaught. I would have to say this is one of the best show's I have seen on television chronicling the high tech industry.
  • Is there a good site for local/regional television listings?

    I use I love ti!

  • The new browser is the best on the market.

    Well... I might say the Gecko looks like a very good piece of software, and since after reading the MPL it looks a lot like the LGPL you can use it for other stuff. The Mozilla browser is still too slow and prone to crashes. As much as I have great disdain for MS, IE on Windows is the best browser right now.

    Mozilla is a world famous open source success.

    Yes Mozilla is world famous, but is it a success? The first real version hasn't been released yet. I have downloaded the nightly builds this week and while it is looking good, it is still slow and has crashed on me (I have filed bug reports, yes). This can not be considered a success as it currently stands. Apache is a success. It makes up more than half of all web servers. Sendmail is a success. It can be argued that the Linux kernel is a success from the adoption it is seeing from base users to corporate not to mention its use as a server. Mozilla is practically still in its infancy.

    So Linus, what are we doing tonight?

  • Actually, if you go to the TV listing for your local station, you should be able to search it from there.

    Unfortunately, it's not on my local station until April 9. I was looking forward to watching that tonight, oh well..
  • will show this on Apr 22.

  • Yes I just cut and pasted it, I gave my zip code (15017) and it is in the enter of "Code Rush"
  • Hay based on your post I decied to call WQED, because the listing was for East Coast PBS (i.e. general.) when I called the women at the other end of the line did in affect that you were right the are not airing it "tonight" but I could call back tomorrow and get infomation on when they will air it. oh well I was wrong, but I going to try to tune in out of state PBS, I know I can get WV PBS on the tuner. Also if you want to call WQED, I was told I could call back tomorrow and get when they are airing it, their Phone number is (412)622-1300 and their fax number is (412)622-1488, why the hell can they not air the same stuff rest of the east coast PBS is listed for. It would make it easy when people look at the tv listings and get just general list for larger areas.
  • OK, I e-mailed them and got this responce back " Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I was out sick, and just got your message this morning. We are airing "Code Rush" on Sunday, April 9 at 5pm. Thank you for your interest in WQED. "
  • Yep, same crop of Mystery reruns here in the "Silicon Desert". I'd guess this was a little bit of a false alarm. Does PBS really do nation-wide premiring of programming anyway? How do they handle Frontline and other such 'stuff that I should be watching except I've been dumbed down by Fox'?

    "This is the nineties. You don't just go around punching people. You have to say something cool first."

  • Here in Japan, everybody is obligated to pay for NHK Public Broadcast Television. That is, if they find you. Seems that there's no real penalty for not paying, so long as you can avoid running into the collectors when they come to the door (or feign such poor knowledge of Japanese that they can't communicate with you and they give up...although lately they come armed with English brochures, so it's just best to not answer the door if you see them) Unfortunately, the charge is now rolled into the cable bill, so I can't even do that anymore. :-(

    But at least sometimes they show some cool stuff, like the full unedited letterbox version of The Shawshank Redemption with no commercial interuptions. Hope we get The Matrix soon!

  • My local PBS station isn't showing it either. Instead, we'll be treated to Adventure Divas - Cuba: Paradox Found . Must see TV! Not.

    PBS blows.

  • by joey ( 315 )
    Well I just saw it. Living here in the valley, less than 5 miles from Netscape, and having been around their campus at SVLUG meetings (not to mention commutting past it daily), it really hit home.

    The pace of the documentary is very odd. It starts out at a very important time in Netscape's lifecycle, but even at the beginning you get the sense Netscape is past its peak here, though it still feels like a startup. The focus is very much on something that is (oh, thank god!) becoming foreign to me, and is generally not such a big deal in the free software world: the rush to release on time. Lots of detail on all nighters, the rush to fix bugs and rewrite code, the usual things you'd expect near a release.

    Although I always had the impression they just grep -v'd for profanity, excised third party code, and made a tarball, there was actually a lot of work there, including pulling in third party linux people to try to build it before release and bugfixing.

    After the release is chronicled, it's all downhill, and the story skips forward faster. Before you know it, it's discussing people leaving the company, the buyout by AOL, etc.

    Throughout, I was very pleased with JWZ's pointed comments on life in the valley. I also enjoyed the segment on Pavlov, since I know him vaguely from IRC and was suprised to realize this was the same person.

    Oddly, there is no single establishing shot of a full netscape screen. Either they assume you know what it is, or it's meant to be a mysterious, incomplete entity. A great deal of screen time is given to extreme closups of scrolling code on linux boxes, and people typing (what are supposed to be) crypic commands into shells. Loads of fun, although it can be annoying to try to keep up with what the programmers are doing and try to listen to the narrator at the same time. Video of a shell prompt being typed at is hypnotic to me..

    There's a tiny glint of hope at the end -- will Mozilla be released successfully at long last? Of course, this we don't know. Here's hoping.
  • It was cool seeing places I know. I drive by the Netscape buildings nearly every day on my way to work.

    Yeah, same here, I ride light rail by there. Seeing your effective home town on TV is an interesting experience. Also recognized shots of 4th and Market in SF.

  • This aired, I think, earlier this month on my local PBS station (channel 54, in the silicon valley...PBS on channel 9 anime on sunday nights like 54 ;) )

    KTEH (channel 54) probably should be declared The Official TV Station Of Slashdot Anonymous Cowards -- it's quite an achievement being the first to show in US Ayanami Rei Naked and Petrified (not an official translation of the episode title but quite adequate description) ;-)

    No, I have nothing against them, UY or Doctor Who -- the most annoying part is that their transmitter sucks, and in San Mateo it's barely visible with my antenna.

  • I mean really, there are at last count, what, 6.02 X 10^23 TV channels out there.

    ...mostly owned by AOL, Microsoft and other people with wild fantasy yet poor taste...

  • As usual, those of us who live in New Mexico will have to be behind everybody else on this. According to my Ventana (member's TVGuide for KNME, our PBS affiliate) we won't be seeing this show until April 24th. grrrr.

    I wonder if this is because KNME is a poor station and can't afford to buy the first-run shows? I know that's how some movie houses have to do things, does anybody know if buying PBS shows works like this also?
  • I get GPTV out of Atlanta - no Code Rush tonight at ten. But, what's this instead? Elvis, the Beginning. Great. Fuck Elvis. The show must have aired earlier 'cause I didn't see any listing for it through April 6. Too bad.
  • Try Yahoo TV []. As long as you know the zip code where you're gonna be it should hook you up. I use it all the time.
  • anyone make a mpeg video capture of this one -- since many pbs stations did not/will not air this?
  • Detroit area viewers can't see it on WTVS, either.

    But, it will air 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Friday morning and will also air Saturday at (I think 4 a.m.) on WFUM (UofM-Flint's PBS TV station). Most cable systems have this (its channel 22 on Time-Warner).
  • Actually, it's already BEEN aired...

    It basically explains how at the time Netscape was in big big trouble and covers the open-sourcing of Mozilla... It culminates with the AOL-Time Warner deal...

    It has interviews with numerous Netscape employees -- including then-employee Jamie Zawinsky (blue hair/nails and all...) -- and tells which ones quit and roughly why...

    I enjoyed it quite a bit... Made my parents sit through it -- especially the interview with Pavlov's parents... :)

  • It's early 2000 now... does it really take that long to make a documentry?
  • PBS generally does a good job

    If you can get past the liberal propaganda and PC nature of their programs, yes they are generally well done.

    Still PBS's time has come and gone... what a waste of my tax money, a big freakin' ad for a failed company.
  • Good, if taxpayer funding is such a small portion of their budget they shouldn't miss it then.

    I mean really, there are at last count, what, 6.02 X 10^23 TV channels out there. Does the government need to subsudize TV?
  • Saddly neither of Chicago's PBS stations WTTW [] nor WYCC is going to show it tonight, nor next month.

    Ironically the PBS station I grew with back in "the sticks" of Southern Illinois WSIU [] (and the station I support) is running it tonight (mar 30)/tomorrow (mar 31) at 4:00 am CST.

    Have to get my mom to tape it.
  • I just checked my local listing and I'm not going to be able to see it. It appears that there are others who will not be able to see it either. I just hope /. will do a follow up so people like me can at least a taste for it.

  • Since I live in the valley, I guess I caught a sneak preview of this late one Sunday on the local PBS station (KTEH, who also co-produced the documentary). Normally we get re-runs of documentaries (usually Nova) at that time, so I didn't think it was a special preview.

    Reading through the description of the show on the PBS site gave me more information about the people in the documentary than I remember getting from the show (e.g. I don't remember seeing that Michael Toy home schools his children. Maybe I just forgot...). It seems like we saw the start of many stories, but not the end. Somehow it felt incomplete. But then, maybe that was the point. Some of the internal views on the AOL merger were interesting, though. And there was a funny/sad part, when they were trying to drum up publicity for the Mozilla announcement and it seemed like they were getting a lot of ``Netscape who?'' responses.

    It was cool seeing places I know. I drive by the Netscape buildings nearly every day on my way to work. They also showed University Avenue and I think it was Fiesta Del Mar where they had a going away party.

    I think it was interesting but not compelling television. Because the whole story of Mozilla is not yet done, it just felt incomplete. Maybe it's a little early for this story.

  • Hey, I live in Ithaca, NY, 14850, and /neither/ of the PBS stations' schedules mention Code Rush. Anybody my way that knows when it's on?
  • First, I'd like to point out that [] had this story days ago :)

    People: you need to remember that your local PBS station may be broadcasting it later. Just because your schedule doesn't show it for tonight doesn't mean it won't be shown. Personally I was discouraged after finding that KTCA [] wouldn't be playing it this week, but after doing a search on "code rush", I found two dates in April when it will be broadcast:

    Sunday, April 2 2000 at 6:00 p.m.:
    (KTCA ) CODE RUSH--.... (Rebroadcast-KTCI-17, Thur., April 6, 10 p.m.) (CC)

    Thursday, April 6 2000 at 10:00 p.m.:
    (KTCI ) CODE RUSH--.... (CC)

  • I checked listings for all PBS stations in Los Angeles (28, 50, and 58), and New York City (13, 21, 25).

    It's not listed.

    The only showing I can find is the national PBS feed available to sat owners like DirecTV and DishNetwork. The national feed is delayed one day (to encourage you to support local PBS?), so the show is on Friday at 10pm Eastern (7pm Pacific).

    Of course the PBS.ORG listings can't be searched....

  • Actually I thought that too but then I looked at the link in the article which says in parenthesis (check local listings). That takes you to a page where you input your zip code. Then they give you a list of stations that are in your area. Then below one of them is a link that shows the evening's programming. To the left of this is a little input box that says search listings of something like that.

    I found that the show was going to be shown on 2 dates that are rediculously late but I guess if your not busy coding or sleeping you can watch the show (it's about an hour).

    Hope this helps :)
  • I will find myself in the MST timezone when might I watch this? Is there a good site for local/regional television listings?
  • If you can get past the liberal propaganda

    Oh please. They're funded mostly by large worst they make democrats look like radicals.
  • Channel 44 tonight at 10PM []. The link also lists repeat times, in case your VCR/TiVO/Replay are acting up...
  • Not on in my area (WI) tonight or this weekend. This is exactly the sort of show that would do well on iCrave if only they were still in existance and assuming it would be broadcast in Toronto (is it on in TO?). Perhaps if iCrave handled broadcasting of select shows from many different markets where it paid the people with the rights to the programming for a liscence to re-broadcast they might have a business model that works (as in legal in the states). They could start by collecting old technology centric shows and make them available in streaming format on demand (I would pay to see Triumph of the Nerds again). Many of these would be from PBS and I assume they would be resonable in their rates as it would only add to current revenues for shows that have already aired.

    Anyway, I'm bummed not to be able to even findout for myself if it was a good show or not.

  • I've always used ClickTV [] and the great thing is that it supports Canada too!!!

    (Of course, I probably wouldn't use ClickTV if it didn't have Canadian listings to begin with...)

    "I trust in my abilities,
    but I want more then they offer"
  • I will be on at 10:00 PM Here is the entre from Silicon Valley code writers struggle to meet a deadline to debug Netscape's ?source code? for browsing the Internet in this documentary, taped in 1998 and '99 (around the time of the company's acquisition by AOL) at Netscape's offices in Mountain View, Cal. The task, says narrator Jim Pappademas, is ?a precarious balance of science and art.? And energy helps. As one staffer puts it, he and his colleagues ?don't need food and don't need sleep.? But, he adds wryly, ?they'll take pay.? Rating: TV-G Category: Other, documentary Release Year: 2000 Date Time Channel Thu 30 10:00 PM PBS PBS Good it will not interfere with my star trek (11)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 30, 2000 @09:49AM (#1160464)
    Oh puhleeze. PBS wants to lay some sob story on us about Netscape's failures and then trump out some Silicon Valley Heros valiantly trying to save their company. What a farce. The fact of the matter is that Netscape drowned in it's own spoils, tripped over it's own fat, and foolishly underestimated their competition. Then two years later they go crying to the Justice Department and sell out to AOL so that they can support their rich techno-geek tribe. Seriously, who really cares? I hope Netscape 6/Mozilla is a decent product but Netscape is a pillaged, empty shell of it's former self and the only people to blame for that are those who actually created it.
  • by Windigo The Feral (N ( 6107 ) on Thursday March 30, 2000 @11:26AM (#1160465)

    Well, there's bad news and good news for us folks who get public TV through KET (the Kentucky Network, the statewide PBS system here in Kentucky). I'll give the bad news first as it makes the good news sound better:

    The Bad News:

    1) Apparently KET does its own scheduling, so you can't find its schedule through PBS's pages; rather, try [].

    2) On the main KET network, apparently they aren't showing "Code Rush" at all. :( Damn those grandmas paying for "Mystery" (though I can't say much--a big part of it too, at least in Kentucky, is also people paying for KET to show Britcoms and the Red Green Show, so I guess all of us who like Red Dwarf and Keeping Up Appearances are just as much at fault...).

    The Good News:

    In those areas that get KET2 feeds (yes, Kentucky actually has two separate networks run by KET--the second one consisting of the non-KET PBS affiliates that got bought up en masse by KET a few years back), they're showing "Code Rush" on April 11. Check yer local listings and times, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah TV Scene blah blah Courier-Journal blah blah. :)

    More Bad News (ok, I lied):

    As far as I know, KET2 extends to Louisville and that's it (did I mention, offhand, that there was all of ONE non-KET-affiliate PBS station in Kentucky before KET bought them out?). If one hasn't got cable, Louisville is about the only place that one can see it (at least if you don't live in Covington--no idea what Ohio's public TV network has planned).

    More Good News (at least according to KET's website):

    If one does have cable, it looks as if darn near the entire Insight network in the Louisville-surrounding-area up to around Frankfort and Elizabethtown carries KET2. (No, I do not know what to tell you if you live in Lexington, except maybe you ought to move to Louisville seeing as Lexington seems to be populated mostly by snobs related to the horse-racing industry and nearly everyone I know who lives there loathes it. :) Those of you in the rest of the state might be able to get someone in a KET2-enabled area to videotape it for you, or you could probably buy it on cassette off KET's website come June or so.

  • by Zoltar ( 24850 ) on Thursday March 30, 2000 @10:05AM (#1160466)
    yeah yeah yeah... we're not exactly a hotbed for technology, but I can't imagine that:

    10:00pm Mystery!, Hetty Wainthropp Investigates 3--All Stitched Up, ()

    is going to have the masses rushing to their tv's.

  • . . . here []. They must have a lot of faith in it, huh?


    Cthulhu for President! []
  • by taniwha ( 70410 ) on Thursday March 30, 2000 @10:15AM (#1160468) Homepage Journal
    It was on the local (San Jose) PBS station - channel 54 who produced it a few weeks back.

    It did a great job of showing the crazyness around the whole process along with the Netscape/AOL stuff going on in the background (some of the engineer's comments about AOL just as it was announced are interesting :-).

    It also follows what happend to various people as they burn out and leave

  • by 348 ( 124012 ) on Thursday March 30, 2000 @09:37AM (#1160469) Homepage
    I like these shows, PBS generally does a good job, unlike the rest of hollywood with crap like the pirates of silicon valley. I had the opportunity to work on a project like this with the Discovery channel and a telecom doing a 1/2 hour peice on cracking and phreaking. All in all they did a good job for not being involved with the technology on a daily basis. I'll watch tonight when it shows in my area. I like the fact that in the primer on their web site, they speak to the open source model. Every little bit helps.
  • by infodragon ( 38608 ) on Thursday March 30, 2000 @09:58AM (#1160470)
    Please post a follow up on this discussion about the documentary on PBS some time after the show has aired. That way we can discuss what the show was about without this discussion getting in the way.

  • by MaxGrant ( 159031 ) on Thursday March 30, 2000 @10:15AM (#1160471) Homepage Journal
    They had the first version of the documentary finished by early '99, but some idiot deleted all the source footage and they had to recreate it from scratch . . .
  • by Cuthalion ( 65550 ) on Thursday March 30, 2000 @10:30AM (#1160472) Homepage
    Anyone know of a really good source of stimulants?

    I can talk a bit about non-coffee caffeine sources... There are three I feel are worth considering..

    • Jolt Cola
      The cannonical caffeine drink, made by Wet Planet Beverages, based in Rochester, NY. It's not sold everywhere but every major population center should have one or two grocery stores that stock it. It's a cola, more bitter than Coke. Caffeine content: 75 mg / 355 ml (1 12 oz. can)
    • Afri Cola
      This is imported from Germany, and it's elegant bottles sport the warning "Keine vergnügen ohne gefahr" - No pleasure without danger. It's a cola as well, but has a tangier (spicier?) flavour than other colas, and is less strongly carbonated. It's a bit more expensive (Local retailers pay about $.90 / bottle). I've had good luck finding this at coffeeshoppes. Caffeine content: 100 mg / 330 ml (1 11.15 oz bottle).
    • Bawls
      Bawls is not a cola at all, but a fruity soft drink. Flavoured with the juice of the small red (naturally caffeinated) Guarana fruit of Brazil, it tastes like a cross between ginger ale and an Orange Julius. It's bottle is a deep blue with bumps on it. Right after the ingredient list, it says "Warning: This product contains high levels of caffeine". I believe this to contain 100 mg / 296 ml (1 10 oz bottle), though I am not sure on this. I bought mine from a coffeeshop, though I believe Copyleft also sells this product (as well as other caffeine bearing products, like Penguin mints)

    For reference, Coke contains about 35 mg of caffeine per 355 ml (12 oz can), and a cup of coffee has around 75 (though this can vary by as much as 400% depending on an arbitrillion factors, like the kind of beans, how you brew it, et cetera). The free sample Vivarin sent me came in 100 mg pills.

    Conclusion: I haven't slept since 1982.

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