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Mozilla 1.0 RC2 is out 412

ferratus writes "The Mozilla organization just released the second release candidate for the upcoming 1.0 due out in a few weeks. See the updated release note and remember to see the mirror list before hitting the main server."
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Mozilla 1.0 RC2 is out

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  • We're going to get an RC3 [] too.
    • wow.. id =143200

      Sorry, links to Bugzilla from Slashdot are disabled.

      Slashdot is really the bully of the net
      • You want to cut and paste this instead: ?id=143200

        damn HTTP_REFERRER
        • it is actually HTTP_REFERER

          with only one "R".

          The original writers of the HTTP protocol were somewhat careless spellers, but the protocol got adopted "as-is". it's really moot but this may confuse you when configuring your httpd.conf or writing CGI code and looking for a slightly-misspelled http header :)


    • My understanding is the tracking bug says RC3, but if no serious new bugs pop up, the next release will be 1.0.
    • ...and that line is the line between 'betaness' and production quality software.

      [This is not intended to be a karma whore message. These comments are my honest reactions to RC2. I have already hit the karma cap.]

      In my humble opinion, based on the speed of this browser, the overall feel of the menus, the way the messages in the status bar work, the handling of text boxes in forms, the (much improved!) snappiness of the menus, inclusion of CCS2 and overall feel of the way everything fits together, this browser is finally in a position to be called "Ready for Primetime."

      Past builds, even RC1 did not have the menu snappiness. There was a noticeable lag when changing menus and cancelling out of the preferences. The messages in the status bar would stutter. Pull down menus did not pull down as fast. My 0.99 would crash every 5 minutes on linux but not windows.

      To the Mozilla crew: This is fantastic. Finally there is an open source windows browser that is ready to challenge IE. Great work everyone and kudos to everyone who helped the project. If things stay on track, RC3 should be amazing. I now will seriously consider this browser to be a viable recommendation for an alternate to MSIE for non-technical users. After some more testing, I may rank it (in my head) above opera.

  • And what Beta is MS up to with IE? oh you mean to tell me those were Final bad....
  • by Nicopa ( 87617 ) <nico.lichtmaier@g[ ] ['mai' in gap]> on Friday May 10, 2002 @10:50PM (#3500615)

    Mozilla 1.0 RC 2 has just been released and is already available for download []. This is what has changed from the previous RC []. New stuff include support for "HTTP pipelining" [], something which can increase performance by 50%! (disabled by default, check the releases notes).

    This was the story I have submitted, Slashdot staff is weird, really.. =)

  • by sab39 ( 10510 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @10:50PM (#3500617) Homepage
    We hardly knew you. [ 6 - not linkified in hopes of not /.ing bugzilla again]

    Back for 1.1, hopefully...

  • by oGMo ( 379 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @10:58PM (#3500652)

    Mozilla is good, mozilla is great. The only thing keeping me from using it over Konqueror right now is the fact it seems to ignore my proxy setting. I use The Internet Junkbuster [] to remove unwanted (read: all) ads and other things. Mozilla up to RC1 seems to overlook this and I see ads all over the place. It may be due to JavaScript url fetching not going through the proxy, but I'm not sure

    And don't tell me to use moz's built-in ad blocking, because I've already got a huge blockfile, I want to block for all browsers across the network, and it usually screws up rendering to use the builtin stuff anyway.

    This is a great web browser; it's really faster than other GUI browsers I've used, renders nicely, and has all the features. But until it respects proxies (I use Squid [] to cache stuff too, helps a lot when all you've got is a modem), I can't use it. :-(

    • Junkbuster has a bug. You'll need to go to your preferences, in Advanced, Networking and change your HTTP Protocol from 1.1 to 1.0. Junkbuster should work fine after that.
    • I had this problem a long, long time ago. If I recall correctly (which I might not) the problem is with junkbuster and not mozilla. I stoped using junkbuster a while ago, so I wouldn't know if your problem is the same as what was discussed. But read Bug report for bug 38488 [] for more information. As I recall, there was a way around it.

      I think mozilla rules. Go mozilla.
    • by ilyag ( 572316 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @11:07PM (#3500687)
      Try BannerBlind []. Look at many other useful things at, too.
      • One thing I don't like about the stuff I install off of is that I have to reinstall everything whenever I upgrade mozilla. With plugins, I can at least use a symlink to keep the same ones installed throughout, but I don't know the equivalent trick with type stuff.

    • by galaga79 ( 307346 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @11:13PM (#3500707) Homepage
      I am not sure if you have tried this but there is a section in the release notes about using Mozilla with Junkbuster at []

      And here is the text for those too lazy to scroll down....

      Mozilla needs to be configured to work properly with proxies such as Junkbuster that do not support the most recent HTTP specification. By default, Mozilla tries to use HTTP 1.1. To use Mozilla with a proxy that only supports HTTP 1.0, edit the HTTP Version from 1.1 to 1.0 in Edit | Preferences | Debug | Networking. (Bug 38488)
    • by MrEfficient ( 82395 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @11:21PM (#3500729)
      Any while you're at it. Switch to Privoxy []. It's based on Internet Junkbuster but has some advanced features like the ability to replace text within the html code itself. I use this to block flash ads on a per website basis.
      • Yep, Privoxy is great. For most users, the fact that it supports HTTP/1.1 is enough. What's a real killer, is the ability to to modify the block/rewrite rules via the built-in web interface.

        The new configuration file formats are not altogether clear, nor are they concise. For lazy users, getting their blockfiles updated without the need to edit those files by hand is a blessing. Especially getting the blockfile rulesets right takes a good amount of time, because there are so many options to choose from. Not to mention that the default behaviour (so far) has been to accept all cookies by default.

        I have also encountered two websites that show an empty page through Privoxy, although the action log doesn't state that anything was blocked. Once I find a third one, I'm going to report that behaviour to the development team so they have a good set to work with. But other than these few glitches, it works absolutely great.

        Yes, I do miss the simple "prefix address with tilde to let it through" blockfile format. I also understand that the new features allow for much more and hence require a bit more sophisticated configuration format.

    • Mozilla is good, mozilla is great. The only thing keeping me from using it over Konqueror right now is the fact it Konqueror is highly integrated into KDE - everytime I try to remove it, some other app bluescreens and I have to reboot the computer. And this makes Klippy, the helpfull KDE Koffice assistant, very sad.

      Actually, joking aside, Konqueror kicks butt. I'm simply amazed what the KDE folks have done with the very little time and resources they have had to make such fine suff. If the Mozilla team was as procudtive at the KDE team, Mozilla would be sentient right about now.

    • Make sure you properly configure Mozilla to use http 1.0 instead of 1.1. 1.1 is not compatible with Junkbuster. There's a release note about it.
    • Junkbuster is broken, it doesn't implement HTTP/1.1 properly.. Unless you force mozilla to use HTTP/1.0, it will think the proxy server does keep-alive and will continue to request files in the full HTTP:// form, which would really be getting sent to the website, hence the reason you still see the banners, and most pages probably break too.
      I'm actually working on a proxy server myself which resolves this problem, and is much faster than junkbuster (does keepalive and is multithreaded). check it out, the url is in my sig &lt/PLUG&gt
    • If all you have is a modem, then wwwoffle [] is an even better proxy server than Squid, because it knows about 'online' and 'offline'. If you go offline then the proxy server never tries to download anything - it always serves the page in the cache without checking the (unreachable) server for a new version. So you can browse through already-visited sites without any hassle.

      More than that, if you visit while offline a page you haven't seen before, then wwwoffle returns a message saying 'I don't have this page, but I will fetch it'. Next time you go online, you can run 'wwwoffle -fetch' and all the queued pages will be fetched. So in effect you can keep browsing while the phone line is disconnected, and then 'catch up' afterwards.
  • by geoffsmith ( 161376 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @10:59PM (#3500653) Homepage
    I'm dying for this feature. I don't install messenger, and I use sylpheed as my mail client. I'm sure lots of people are using other handlers like mutt, outlook, evolution, etc... In the old and netscape they had this API where you had to write a C program just to use an alternative handler. Seems pretty crazy to me. All I want is a text box like:

    Mail Handler : sylpheed -to %email

    Or something to that effect. Maybe a substitution for ?subject= as well.

    Websurfing done right! StumbleUpon []
    • Check out Protozilla. It is a project over at that lets you use mailto to other mail clients, in my case evolution. It is planned to be included into Mozilla in the future, but probably not till after 1.0 because of the api havoc Mozilla is still going through.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      See this post [] and the Bugzilla bug it references for how to make the prefs changes.
    • by Fnord ( 1756 )
      Galeon supports it. In fact galeon will use your gnome default mail handler (if its set). Which nicely pops up an Evolution send window for me.
  • woohoo (Score:2, Funny)

    by moosesocks ( 264553 )
    I can simultaneously induce releases by downloading them. I just downloaded RC1 yesterday. I installed RH 7.2 HOURS before 7.3 was released.

    Such irony!
  • Mozilla's known defect list [] is way too big for prime time.

    Especially obnoxious are bugs like trashing the preference files [] on upgrades from Netscape. If they can't do that right, they shouldn't try to do it at all.

    • by Jerf ( 17166 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @11:39PM (#3500800) Journal
      Perhaps they should just hide it and hope it goes away.

      I wish I could show you the "known defect list" for the software on your computer. I don't care what it's running. It's long.

      Software sucks. Mozilla less then most. And this is the big run up to 1.0, after all.

      Do you expect perfection? Are you prepared to pay the millions of dollars it costs you? (And still sometimes lose the rocket to a small, small bug...?)
      • I expect all trashes-persistent-state bugs, and all crash-type bugs that show up during testing, to be fixed before release. And that's a minimum.

        If it doesn't work, it should be turned off in the released product. For example, ChatZilla probably shouldn't be in 1.0, because it doesn't work yet. It should only be in some later beta.

    • Do you actually have a known defect list for another large piece of software as a basis for comparison?
  • Get Mozilla Now! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by cymraeg ( 578870 )

    I'm stuck on a Windows machine at work, and I've been using MSIE 6.0 to surf, and once I learned about Mozilla's ability to block pop-ups and the tabbed browsing feature, I switched, and I'm not looking back. It's about time someone added these features. I just wish I had learned about them sooner. I was actually beginning to dread getting online because of pop-ups, but now I can surf with impunity again.

    If you are in the same situation I was, download and install Mozilla now. You'll thank yourself later.

  • Does anyone know if Mozilla plans on using different icons for Mail, Chat, Browser etc.?

    I use Mail all day and open several browser windows and if I'm not careful to open the Mail app first, I can never find it because all the icons are the same!

    Here's another weird thing - When I open my Mail first, it always opens a browser window trying to find: something and forwards to owned by IdeaLabs. Do I have some sort of spyware on my computer or is this normal? I can't find anything in the prefs.js file... I'm using RC2 right now and it seems to do the same thing...


    • Re:Icons? (Score:3, Informative)

      by txsable ( 169665 )
      Here's a starting point for Mozilla icons (these are the ones I use.... []

      This is a link that will auto-install the icons (and some additional ones including for "mail compose" and bookmark windows) into Mozilla for the title bar: [] [] has a few other useful Mozilla tricks, like some alternative Splash box graphics and a couple of search engine additions to the sidebar.

      Google Search [] can get you more references as well.

  • by flacco ( 324089 ) on Friday May 10, 2002 @11:31PM (#3500769)
    If they don't sell some goddamn Mozilla t-shirts when 1.0 hits, heads must roll!
    • by tempest303 ( 259600 ) <jensknutson AT yahoo DOT com> on Saturday May 11, 2002 @01:46AM (#3501122) Homepage
      Agreed! And no restricting it to just namby-pamby cheesy looking cheap white shirts with flimsy looking text and a lame graphic - I want a QUALITY black shirt featuring that big, red "Commie" star on the front, with the lizard's head in the middle, and something simple on the back; maybe just "" in a kickass font or some such.

      The world is riddled stupid looking cheap, white software promo t-shirts. Mozilla folks: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't do this. Charge the whole whopping $2-$3 you'll need to make it a NICE shirt.
      • And no restricting it to just namby-pamby cheesy looking cheap white shirts with flimsy looking text and a lame graphic - I want a QUALITY black shirt featuring that big, red "Commie" star on the front, with the lizard's head in the middle, and something simple on the back; maybe just "" in a kickass font or some such.


      • Umm, that's what the t-shirts look like.

        A red star with a red dino in the middle all on a black t-shirt. And below the star, the word: Hack, subtitled "this technology could fall into the right hands".

        Unfortunately, the only time they're given out is at the developer conferences for $10/a pop (where I got mine).

        What I'd like to see is a commemorative CD with the 1.0 releases and source code on it.
  • If this was supposed to fix a security hole in Mozilla RC1, why isn't everybody jumping down their throats as they certainly would if this were the latest release of IE?

    I hate to sound like a troll, but there's an obvious double standard here.

    • by asa ( 33102 ) <> on Friday May 10, 2002 @11:41PM (#3500804) Homepage
      This doesn't fix a security hole from RC1. RC1 didn't have that security hole (it was obscured by the entire feature not working). Mozilla 0.9.9 did have the hole and it's now fixed in RC2. But this is not a security release. This release didn't happen because of the security fix (you could get that in a nightly builds many many days ago). This was a planned release based on feedback from RC1. We fixed 270 bugs between RC1 and RC2 including the most frequently encountered crash and hang problems.

  • I just came across a cool looking site [] that asks you a lot of questions and supposedly recommends a good place for you to live.

    Mozilla (even RC2, I just tried it) hangs when you're almost done answering the questions on the third page.

    Konqueror 3 seems to have a problem with the Next button -- it just clears the radio buttons and returns the same (first) page.

    Amusingly, i got through the whole thing with Links!!!! But due to the lack of Alt tags, I couldn't figure out where to go once I got through it.

    I'm not sure if I can bring myself to fire up Netscape 4.79. Aaaaugh, the pain of even THINKING of using that peice of junk again!
  • All versions of Mozilla since around 0.9.7 have been incredibly unstable for me. I have "Accept all images" set, but with "Ask me before downloading an image" checked, and I mostly say "No"... but about one time in twenty when I do that, Mozilla crashes. Is anyone else using the same image acceptance settings and seeing anything similar? (I'm running Red Hat Linux 7.2.) I'm using a talkback build which is reporting each time it crashes, so I'm hoping this will be fixed before 1.0.


  • I have zero experience with Mozilla's development, so I thought I'd ask for advice before spamming bugzilla...

    Mozilla incorrectly renders this w3c CSS1 "float" test []. How do I determine if this is known: what kind of bug do I search for? If it is not known, where and how should I file it, or should I report it to a Mozilla insider to file for me?
    • by BZ ( 40346 )
      The page uses no doctype, so is rendered in "quirks" mode by Mozilla instead of "standards" mode. Testing standards support in a mode that purposefully violates some standards to be compatible with existing content is silly...

      That and the failure of any test of standards to validate in an HTML validator kinda casts doubt on the validity of the test...
  • by KidSock ( 150684 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @12:21AM (#3500922)
    If you want nice printouts in UNIX use Xprint.

    Xprint replaces the underlying XFree86 drawing primatives with ones that generate PostScript. Mozilla has the necessary code to support this and it can easily be activated. This results in printouts that look almost exactly like the display. It will even print wacko fonts by downloading them or, as a last resort, embedding them as bitmats. If you have good Type1 font's it looks pretty good. It is very popular with non-U.S./Canadian users for just this reason. There's minor setup but it's all explained in detail here:

    Using Xprint with Mozilla []

    I'd like to see this developed further so the distros catch on and support it. Spread the word.
  • Does Download Manager still come up by default on all downloads? It is VERY annoying and there is no GUI way of removing it. Anyone know how to remove it through prefs.js or some such? Is there a page on that has all the preferences that can be used (for RC2 not some long-forgotten release)?
  • Mozilla 1.0 RC1 provided source RPMs for their RH 7.2 RPMs (see a1.0rc1/Red_Hat_7x_RPMS/ ) .. But RC2 seems to be missing this. There are binary RPMs, but no source. I need the source to build for other RH versions/archs. (see a1.0rc2/Red_Hat_7x_RPMS/ )
  • My user agent has shown Mozilla/5.0 for a long time now. Even Netscape 4.7 is really Mozilla/4.0 :)
  • This source code is subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. law, and may not be exported or re-exported to certain countries (currently Afghanistan (Taliban controlled areas), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) or to persons or entities prohibited from receiving U.S. exports (including Denied Parties, entities on the Bureau of Export Administration Entity List, and Specially Designated Nationals).

    Considering the fact that Mozilla is under the GPL and the mirrors are not in the US I don't see how the US has the right to claim jurisdiction over the code. Also add to this the crucial fact that many of the programmers involved do not live in the US. What happens to contributors who happen to live in one of those countries? I know that it is just blowing smoke, there is no possible way to enforce this blockade on software but where does the US get the legal, or ethical right, to control the distribution of the Mozilla source code which is an INTERNATIONAL effort.
    • where does the US get the legal, or ethical right, to control the distribution of the Mozilla source code which is an INTERNATIONAL effort.

      It makes no claim to control the distribution of anything not originating in the US. If you want to put a server under US jursidiction, then yes, the US will restrict what you can export from that server, and to where.
  • Here are my thoughts: []

    By now I am sure most people have seen that Mozilla RC1 has been released [] .
    The press has picked this up and now there are a number of reviews [] .

    They all fail to compare RC1 to the last release (0.99) which leads to almost
    all positive feedback.

    The truth is that Mozilla really screwed up their release process. This is the
    worst stable Mozilla build I have tested in the last year. They litterally
    broke every rule in the book:

    - They introduced major UI changes which are incompatible with all of the builds
    since 0.80 or so.

    - Saving files locally (at least on my system) is totally broken. Want to save
    a PDF file locally? ... Too bad!

    - They have completely changed around a lot of the preferences. Where did
    these come from?

    There are also numerous other small bugs.

    RC1 should have been 0.99 with *only* patches to fix critical bugs. How many
    release candidates do they expect to have?

    Will there every be a Mozilla 1.0 or is it just going to be asymptotic to 1.0?

  • I installed a skin called LCARTrek from the recommended Mozilla skins site. I restarted Mozilla (RC2, full Win2K install) to see the effect and it cause Mozilla to hang during startup (at the splash window). Killed the task. Re-ran Mozilla. Same hang. Anyways, in case something like this happens to anyone else... what I did to get past this was delete a file called Chrome.rdf somewhere within "Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\". Sorry for the somewhat vague instructions, but I'm sure you'll figure it out if you need to. Naturally, I'm a little reluctant to try and other skins with RC2 now!
  • Instead of going and downloading it from the main site, I decided to be kind and find it on a mirror this time. So I went to their mirrors page.

    I went through EVERY .uk mirror and all of them only had RC1! So I went through the .fr mirrors, ditto. How slow are these people?
  • by rufusdufus ( 450462 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @02:50AM (#3501235)
    I wrote 3000 line javascript program that uses fairly sophisticated logic with dhtml objects, frames and forms. I have battled every browser I've tested it on until now; it worked the first time with no problems at all.

    Of course, this code has already been carefully constructed to be compatible with NS4,NS6 and IE, but still, I'm impressed.
  • by wackybrit ( 321117 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @04:30AM (#3501426) Homepage Journal
    Some tab bugs have entered RC2. If you have several tabs open, and you right click on one in the background and click 'Close Tab'.. it closes the CURRENT tab. In RC1 it closed the correct tab.

    This bug seems to have been reported several times in Bugzilla.. but if you're a tab maniac, you might want to stick with RC1. It's annoying that you focus the tab you want to close every time now..
  • by smagruder ( 207953 ) <> on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:06AM (#3501932) Homepage

    As a web site developer who needs to test his web sites on multiple browsers, it would be nice if Netscape 6.2 and Mozilla 1.0 RC2 could coexist on the same machine. But they don't. Image display and CSS utilization goes awry. CPU utilization is high. Mozilla's quick loader cancels out the one for Netscape.

    However, when I installed Mozilla on a system without Netscape, I could only see one bug: Named anchors without an href got the CSS a:hover setting applied when hovering, even though that shouldn't happen.

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