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Mozilla 1.0 Release Parties 370

Screaming Lunatic writes "With the release of Mozilla 1.0 almost here, the open source Mozilla community is planning a bunch of parties all over the world. You can choose to attend a party already planned somewhere in the world or start up a party in your own neck of the woods. The main party will be at 8pm Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco." Currently 37 parties listed, but many of them look awfully lonely... none near Ann Arbor yet ;)
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Mozilla 1.0 Release Parties

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  • by Lumpy ( 12016 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:36PM (#3595672) Homepage
    I plan on burning cd's of OO1.0 and Moz1.0 with both Windows and linux versions on them ready to go.. and then I'm gonna sell the Cd's at the hamfest I'm attending for $5.00 each (covers my costs of CD's cases,label printing, etc...)

    I hope to get at least another 100 people using OO and Moz and away from microsoft products...

    I have an excellent banner for my booth too..

    Hey, if you aren't being an advocate... then you're just dead weight.
    • You'll be donating some of the proceeds to the mozilla group, right? I mean, since you'll be making money off of their product and all. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but they did all the work, and you're making close to 4 bucks on each CD you sell. Also, will probably want to do their own CD's too.
      I hate to sound like a troll, but I really think what you're doing is wrong unless you're going to give back to the community.
  • Tokyo party (Score:5, Funny)

    by cxreg ( 44671 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:38PM (#3595704) Homepage Journal
    I see there's one in Tokyo, but I'm disappointed.

    It should be called "MOZILLA DESTROYS TOKYO IN MASSIVE RELEASE" or something!
  • Well, (Score:5, Funny)

    by MonkeyBot ( 545313 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:39PM (#3595718)
    ...any reason to party is a good reason! I can see it now--RMS drunk on vodka dressed up as Godzilla, Linus up on the turntables spinnin' some wicked trance music, AND NO WOMEN TO BE SEEN FOR MILES!
    • What about Mrs. Torvalds?
    • Re:Well, (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Fiver-rah ( 564801 ) <slashdot.qiken@org> on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @01:28PM (#3596094) Homepage Journal
      Let's say, hypothetically, that I were a girl. This is easy for me, since I am. And let's also say that I liked mozilla and linux and was relatively rabid about open source. Which is also easy, because all that's true, too. Now, when the first thing people do when talking about some open source party is grouse about how there's gonna be no gurls there, and if there are, they'll all be UG-LY, it doesn't really make me want to go hang out with them.

      This is probably going to come as a shock to some of you, but there are girls out there who run linux [] and like mozilla.

      Now, it seems to me that if you're going to all spend your time whining and moaning about how there's no gurls to be found except ugly apes (and even if there were, they'd wreck everything, 'cause they have the cooties), you're going to annoy those of us that are smart, geeky, and reasonably pretty. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy: you whine; we avoid you.

      Now I can't speak for all the other myriad geeky girls our there, but I don't want a guy who's going to:

      • Drool over me 'cause I'm pretty, plus I run gentoo
      • Act like I'm a horrible aberration, rather than realize that I'm really a harbinger of Droves of Geek Girls To Come.

      Seriously people, if you want women to go to your parties, don't alienate them. I know there's not many of us right now, but if you play nice, maybe we'll bring friends, and maybe in another twenty years slashdot will be more like 60/40 instead of 95/5.

      Sorry for the rant, but this is only about the billionth time I've seen this particular whine on slashdot. This isn't directed specifically at the original poster, or even anyone who voiced these sentiments on this particular thread. I know it's not everyone, and not even most of everyone, but for those of you who haven't yet figured it out: girls don't like boys who whine about not having girls.

      Oh, and I'll probably be at the SF party. :)

      • Re:Well, (Score:3, Interesting)

        by Pedersen ( 46721 )
        Now I can't speak for all the other myriad geeky girls our there, but I don't want a guy who's going to:
        * Drool over me 'cause I'm pretty, plus I run gentoo

        Now, what about worshipping such a woman? I know of one who is a proto-geek, and I think the absolute world of her. With some patience, and some luck, I'll marry her someday. So, I'm trying to learn everything I can to avoid putting her off, and am worried that, by thinking too highly of her, I might make her desire to leave (this is just one of my worries, and a new one to boot, since I read your post). Care to shed some insight for a hopeful soul?

        • Re:Well, (Score:2, Informative)

          by Fiver-rah ( 564801 )
          Look, there's only one rule: pay attention to your SO. Some girls like being worshipped. Others find it off-putting. I haven't a clue which category your SO falls into. So *talk* to her. Find out what she likes (which is, sadly, not always what she says she likes, sorry). So pay attention to how she accepts compliments, et cetera, and moderate your level of worship to maximize her enjoyment of your company.

          If she's really worth it, she'll figure out what you like, too.

          • Re:Well, arghh.. (Score:2, Interesting)

            by Vspirit ( 200600 )
            no wonder escaping to geekdom com is favoured by so many.

            anyone for a game of russian roulette?

            They either love you or hate you. If you love 'em they will love to hate you, and if you hate 'em they will love to love you. Its all bout love right.

            ohh well to hell with it, if you just pretend to love me I'll fuck you. Just be honest and keep me confused, else I'll get bored and replace you.

            welcome to the game of love. pull, but don't pull too hard at the wrong time unless they need you to which they neglect to say when. push, but don't push too hard.

            One thing is for sure, you'll never for sure know when to do what.

            Fiver-rah, I respect you. Your sex really rules our minds. Fiver-rah, I accept you, but damn I want my beer.
            • Re:Well, arghh.. (Score:3, Interesting)

              by Lemmy Caution ( 8378 )
              You will get a lot closer to figuring out women when you start figuring out yourself, and realize that neither men nor women really want to be figured out. They want to be related to, respected, turned on, loved, left alone, supported, admired, and played with. Not figured out. I'm not attracted to women who make figuring me out a project, I'm hardly surprised to find out that converse is true.
        • Re:Well, (Score:3, Informative)

          by MAXOMENOS ( 9802 )
          Now, what about worshipping such a woman?

          I can't speak for the parent poster, but my experience is that women (both geeky and non) are much easier to get along with when you're talking with them and not worshiping them. Especially if they're co-workers, or potential co-workers.

          If you're attracted to someone, try flirting []. If you're afraid of scaring them off with flirting, well, your hoving from a distance because you don't want to frighten them is actually scarrier than your flirting with them. At least with flirting they know what's up.

          If you get rejected...hey, it happens. And it's not the end of the world.

          Hope this helps.

      • Re:Well, (Score:2, Funny)

        by MicroBerto ( 91055 )

        * Drool over me 'cause I'm pretty...

        Don't worry, I tend to only drool over the girls that AREN'T cocky and self absorbed.
      • Re:Well, (Score:2, Interesting)

        Thank you. Thank you for standing up and declaring, "I am woman, hear me, um... CODE!!" Unfortunately, I think you may be falling for the same trap as the how-can-we-hate-the-MIAA-and-still-go-see-Star-War s? crowd. /. is diverse. There are whiny boys here, there are uber-studs here, and there are guys like me. Cute girls, hot babes, and very plain women.

        Now, about this party--it's 21 and over. A lot of those whiny boys are just that--high school kids and what not. They probably won't be at the party, cause guys that whine about gurls don't tend to go to parties anyway!

        On behalf of all the decent guys on /., if I see you there, though, I'll buy you a drink and ask you to dance. How's that? And if you are as cute as you say, I'll even talk about something besides code, Linux, or computers ;) In the meantime, I'll be learning the Lizard Mambo :)
      • Now, it seems to me that if you're going to all spend your time whining and moaning about how there's no gurls to be found except ugly apes (and even if there were, they'd wreck everything, 'cause they have the cooties), you're going to annoy those of us that are smart, geeky, and reasonably pretty. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy: you whine; we avoid you.

        Hear, hear!

        And I would personally like to offer up my house for a party for all those young ladies you speak of. You're invited too, but you'll have to foot the expense of flying to Orlando.
      • It's true. You're whining about geeks asking for pretty ladies, which then pushes respectable female geeks away. Your point is good, but... most geeks don't want a geeky woman!

        Who wants a woman that can code better than you? Who wants a woman who understands the ins ands outs of Linux? Not me! Sure, I don't want a total airhead, but an artist, a musician, a doctor, those are all very skilled things, but mean that the woman isn't a total geek.

        I couldn't think of anything worse than having a girlfriend/wife who did anything closely related to my line of work. Variety is the spice of life you know.

      • Ahem,

        I know I speak for the vast majority of /. readers when I ask, "Will you marry me?"


        P.S. Crap, I almost forgot... I'm already married. (With a new baby boy to show for it! Pics at the above home page, I'm a proud papa.)

        • Cute Kid!

          I wish you the best of luck, and I pray that you are able to get some sleep!

          Hope that he brings you lots and lots of happiness. =)
      • Two things:
        • I am a boy.
        • What you said needed to be said!
        The geek community at large has a awkward attitude at best towards women. A lot of my geek friends are either raving sexists in denial, view women as some kind of aliens, or ignore them altogether.

        This makes a lot of girls hesitate to get into computers and that is truly a shame.
        Those are 51% of the potential braincells alive we are talking about! There might be dozens of potential female Linuses out there for all we know!

        If nothing else, I bet more geek girls would make my male geek friends a lot less irritating...
        Am I the only male geek out there with 50%+ female friends?
      • I don't see it as a whine -- merely an observation that there aren't many girls at these sorts of things. I generally don't mention it, but if you look around at any sort of "geeky" gathering it's obvious that the ratio is 95/5 if you're lucky (more like 99/1 often). The Linux conventions are actually some of the more balanced ones, comparatively (often even with 90/10 ratios!). Take a look around at a Magic: The Gathering tournament sometime and note the number of girls present.
    • I attended the original mozilla dot party [] in 1998, and there were more women there than I expected (including a fair share the non-geek type).
      • The Bay Area has cooler geeky guys, and a better gender balance, than other geekzones. Most every geek I know here has no problem finding dates - and every 3rd geek I know is a woman.

        The whole "can't find any girl" complaint, amusingly enough, on this thread reminds me of the "booth babes" bullshit about E3 - gee, by advertising products using gimmicks designed to attract sexually-frustrated late-adolescent boys, are you surprised that you aren't attracting women? Would you feel welcome at an expo in which all the products were advertised using buff male Chippendale models? No, you'd get the feeling that you weren't really welcome.

  • Party list (Score:3, Funny)

    by tcd004 ( 134130 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:40PM (#3595731) Homepage
    For some reason explorer won't render that list...

    Find your ol' Prison Buddies Online []

  • Irony... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by LinuxGeek ( 6139 ) <> on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:42PM (#3595752)
    JWZ resigned in a very public manner from the Mozilla project and now the official release party is at the DNALounge, the club that JWZ started? Irony abounds..
    • by SeanAhern ( 25764 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @02:37PM (#3596624) Journal
      Jamie has some comments [] about this at his site at []:

      Hey kids! Today I'm going to take this opportunity to ridicule my former employers, now that they are customers!

      On June 12, we're hosting the release party for Mozilla 1.0. For those of you who haven't been following along at home, my first ever experience in nightclub promotion was throwing the first Mozilla party back in 1998. A year later, when the company proved to me that its head was so far up its collective ass that it wasn't going to be able to ship anything usable before I went insane, I threw a second party and quit in April 1999.

      Well, it's now a bit over three years since I quit, and they're finally about to release 1.0! I'm actually very happy for them, because I think it will end up being a good product. But I'm sure glad I didn't have to help them roll that boulder up the hill for those last three years. In that time, I took about a year off, and then Barry and I created a whole new business from scratch in a completely different industry, and that was far more interesting than continuing to work on the same old thing I'd been doing since 1994. (Or 1985, depending on how you count.)

      So anyway, I'm organizing this party for them.

      It continues. Interesting story - go read it.
  • Here ya go... (Score:3, Informative)

    by Misch ( 158807 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:44PM (#3595779) Homepage
    Here ya go, you're all invited []... now why don't you print out a bunch of these onto glossy postcards and leave them around your local college campus like all the promoters do at mine []?
  • by Seth Finkelstein ( 90154 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:45PM (#3595787) Homepage Journal
    Oh, this is mean, it's ungrateful ... but I can't resist ...

    How many people will show up "fashionably late"? :-)

    Sig: What Happened To The Censorware Project ( []

  • Anyone interested in a Moz party in the St. Louis, MO USA area?
  • With Mozilla's Javascript pop-up blocker and pornzilla [] features, everybody can have their own party in their pants on 'release' day.

  • Spam Bait (Score:3, Funny)

    by Codex The Sloth ( 93427 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @12:46PM (#3595801)
    All those email addresses in spam friendly format! Just think of the fun!

  • With apologies to Willian Shakespeare, or anyone with taste for that matter

    My Mozilla's Icons are nothing like the Explorer;
    China is far more red than her licence red;
    If button mean down, why then she come back up?
    If html be wires, broken wires jut one of her engine;
    I have seen webpages advertising other browsers;
    But no such promotions I see in her windows;
    And in some MS java there is more delight;
    Than in the broken applets that from my browser reeks;
    I love to browse her tabs, yet well I know
    That some Flash hath a far more pleasing look;
    I grant I never saw OS X though;
    My Mozilla, when she browsers, slumps through links;
    And yet, by Linux, I think my browser as rare
    As any I belied with false compare;

  • ...well, Rob, start your own. Break out the old Hope College Bong and invite a few friends.

    I knew geeks were antisocial, but begging for a party to spring up near you is downright pathetic.

    - A.P.
  • I'm throwing a Mozilla Troll party on the beach. All Trolls invited:

    Subject Line Troll
    Klerck (CmdrTaco)


    John Carmack

    We'll be playing pin the tail on CowboyNeal, after that Frost the Pist, and at night we'll be bobbing for Grunion. The person with the least karma in the Troll Games will be given the lowest latency Internet Access in the world for 1 hour and unlimited posting privileges.

    Are there any other people that would like to join the list? Please send submissions to slashdottroll at yahew dot com [mailto]

    • by Anonymous Coward
      After your beach party would you fine fellowes like to please come to my house and see my beowulf clusters and perhaps play some of my favoirte Linus game, DOOM? I promise it is a fun game in which you run throuug h a maze and shoot monsters and evil humans. There will not be girls, as I perspire a lot when I see one.

  • by wowbagger ( 69688 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @01:01PM (#3595914) Homepage Journal
    Oh give me a break, Rob! If YOU want a party near your home, why don't YOU organize one?

    Unlike most people, you have the forum to get the interest in and you can write it off as a business expense!

    Seriously - if you want to see a party nearby, MAKE ONE!

    (of course, one wonders about the sort of people who would go to a Mozilla release party... will there be many "wimmin of the female persuasion" as a certain squint-eyed sailor might ask...)
  • Activities? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by naloxone ( 142847 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @01:08PM (#3595953)
    Hey, I'm hosting the (hopefully large) Houston Release Party [] and am looking for suggestions for activities. So far, I have:
    1. Internet Explorer Pinata
    2. Godzilla Vs. movies projected as background
    3. Lots and lots of beer

    But I'm at a loss to think of other activities. Suggestions?
  • So, will there be any booth babes [] at any of these parties?

    Before you try that link, the site has not yet recovered from this morning. :)

  • ... I'd rather they fix bugs. Like maybe which has been broken since RC2. I can't even send mail.
  • Is this appropriate? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by IGnatius T Foobar ( 4328 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @01:14PM (#3595991) Homepage Journal
    Please read this entire message before giving any consideration to modding it down. It is not intended as a flame.

    Is it really appropriate that Mozilla be celebrated at the DNA Lounge?

    For those of you not aware, the DNA Lounge is owned by Jamie Zawinski (aka JWZ), a former Netscape employee. When things weren't going his way, JWZ made a very high-profile exit [] from Netscape Communications and from the Mozilla project. He was very rude about it; he had very harsh words about Netscape's newer employees, he pushed all of the same FUD arguments that MS mouthpieces such as ZDnet tend to do, and he basically declared the project a failure.

    JWZ's high-profile registration was a big setback for Mozilla, because it lowered morale inside the team and served as a huge negative PR piece.

    Now that Mozilla has successfully reached its 1.0 release, they're going to celebrate by paying JWZ for booze and entertainment? Is this the way to reward the person who did more to hurt the Mozilla project than any other single person in the industry?

    Perhaps I'm just being curmudgeonly about this, but I really don't think it's appropriate. Mozilla succeeded despite JWZ.
    • Yes, Mozilla succeeded despite JWZ.

      And now they are going to his lounge, partying hard, celebrate success right in front of him, and throw the whole project in his face.

      Its very appropriate! ;)
      • by msuzio ( 3104 )
        I doubt JWZ thought his departure would spell the end of the project. He just didn't care anymore, judging from what he said at the time and since. The project was bogged down, going nowhere in his opinion, and he had better things to do with his time.

        Like manage to renovate and open a club and operate it for almost a full year before they ever got the release done. :-). I think he's the one who has been laughing the whole time...

        The only thing they're throwing at him is cash. I'm sure he has no problem with that..., he has posted several notes about *trying* to use Mozilla as the browser on his club kiosks. Submitted bug reports and everything... so he's trying his best to be a good open source dude.
      • You don't understand JWZ's attitude towards Mozilla. He'd still rather it succeed than fail; he wants to run it on the kiosks at the DNA. He was frustrated with the mozilla project and left it, but that's a far cry from hoping it will fail. Of course, anything that has shades of gray more complex than a George Lucas movie is beyond the ken of many.
    • by Caine ( 784 )
      First of all, see the comment [] above.

      Second of all, JWZ may be an arrogant prick at times, but I'm highly doubtful that Mozilla would exist without him. He's a very fine coder, and put a lot of work into it. I can understand if he gets pissed off at Netscape and AOL, when they don't listen to the coders, and hires new people that really aren't that good and just throw them in with the old team.
    • by marick ( 144920 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @02:08PM (#3596407)
      Mozilla succeeded despite JWZ.

      ON THE OTHER HAND, Mozilla succeeded because of JWZ. First, without JWZ pushing hard at the beginning, Mozilla would never have been released in the first place.

      Furthermore, JWZ's high-profile exit had one major effect on Mozilla. It galvanized the community. I'm sure I'm not alone in seeing it as a highly-effective kick-in-the-pants that the community sorely needed.

      Jamie got tired of waiting. I did too, to be honest. But then when he left the project, he had a point. The community hadn't yet formed around the project. Most of the bug-reports, bug-fixes, and code were being written BY NETSCAPE employees. Not members of the community. Months after Jamie's departure, things had changed for the better, but in the year just before, Jamie was right.

  • We'll be combining our regular PHP user group meeting with a Mozilla-release party on June 6 (hopefully that's close enough one way or the other). Food/drinks provided. for contact info.
  • by kenthorvath ( 225950 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @01:24PM (#3596071)
    I've already got my pickup lines ready:

    Hey baby, wanna see my lizard?

    Let interface at port 69...

    Wanna exchange IP's. Better hurry - I'm dynamic!

    On second thought, I'd better resort to large quantities of alcohol...

    • My Mozilla (snapshot from 1.0 branch) doesn't want to "interface at port 69" (i.e. tftp): try tftp://localhost/tftpboot/bzImage

      Perhaps you should visit a party for embedded developers. Real men use real ftp.

  • by cr@ckwhore ( 165454 ) on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @01:30PM (#3596120) Homepage
    Analysts predict that about half of the parties will crash. Those that don't crash should at least expect rendering problems with one or more participants, especially if alcohol is involved. Images may appear blurry in some instances.
  • So anyone can party in cyberspace? ;)

  • It'd be nice to have these open source celebratory events feature the talents of DJ's who have contributed more than just turntable skillz....

    If anyone wants DJ's who also happen to be code hackers I've got more than a few suggestions.

    DJ S&M
  • I'm not trying to troll here, but seriously, why are people throwing parties (and why does that make it to /.)? Its a piece of software that helps people do their jobs in a way that they like more. I mean, its not like mechanics go and throw parites because Craftsman releases a new wrench. And architects don't go crazy when a CAD program goes gold.

    What's the big deal?
    • I'm not trying to troll here, but seriously, why are people throwing parties (and why does that make it to /.)? Its a piece of software that helps people do their jobs in a way that they like more. I mean, its not like mechanics go and throw parites because Craftsman releases a new wrench

      Here is my take on it. Unlike Apache (for the most part), Mozilla was a project that brought the end user into the development cycle - usability, bug hunting, feature enhancement, etc. It was more than just coders working hard to make it viable. Every end user who made the initially painful transition to early builds to where it rocks today has reason to celebrate. Whenever a large software project went gold, my team always partied. This just has a lot more people.

      As for the wrench, I saw the strangest thing today as I paid my Discover bill at Sears today.

      • Craftsman 75th Anniversary Ratchet, Teardrop Quick release 22k Gold plated 3/8 in Drive
        This standard 2/8 in. drive, fully polished 22k gold-plated ratchet is a Craftsman collector's item. Comes with premium wooden storage display to show off your new collector's item.

      Who said machanics don't know how to party... go to, search for "gold plated ratchet"
    • And architects don't go crazy when a CAD program goes gold.

      I see that you've never met my boss. He told one of the CAD guys today to go and download the demo for a product that was only first announced last month.

  • For discussing these things and/or Mozilla problems or suggestions you can go to this Mozilla newsgroup [secnewsnet...sergeneral].
  • i was trying to think of some good nerd/geek/Mozilla themed pickup lines for a Mozilla party...i came up with...

    "Do you wanna see my lizard?"

    "Wanna help me with my buffer overflow problem?"


    "Are you interested in a brute force attack?"

    any other helpful suggestions???
  • I noticed a party for the folks in the Triangle (theoretically) at Tir na Nog (Party 53 []). Why you would pick a place in downtown Raleigh for an RTP party is beyond me, but what the heck...They really should provide a map [] to the place.
  • by r_j_prahad ( 309298 ) <[r_j_prahad] [at] []> on Tuesday May 28, 2002 @02:34PM (#3596601)
    When I first scanned the headlines, I thought it said "Mozilla Release Panties", and I started wondering whether they'd be new or used, and maybe I should go see if Opera's gonna be giving out sequined thongs with their new release.

    IE, of course, would be boxer shorts with an indelible racing stripe.
  • Er, anyone notice that "" is supposed to be attending the Mozilla party in Pakistan ("at Tariq's place")?
  • What, no one wants to host a party in Kansas? Fine! I'll drink for all of you!
  • This alone makes going to one of these parties worthwhile. Now if only we could explain this to the rest of society.

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