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Rediff Joins The 1GB Webmail Club 292

BGT writes "Gmail has for sure caused a furor by offering announcing 1 GB of space for free. But they are still in the beta stage and you cannot sign up for an account yet. Now India-based Rediff claims to be the first to actually start offering 1GB of space for free, with their Rediffmail service." (Spymac mail users might disagree with the "first free gig" claim.) Signing up for a rediffmail account was straightforward; the site has an intelligent add-a-contact interface when you send email to a new address, but lacks the searchability and multiple-label capability of gmail.
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Rediff Joins The 1GB Webmail Club

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  • asdf (Score:5, Funny)

    by professorhojo ( 686761 ) * on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:23PM (#9473629)
    the 90's called. they want webmail back.
    • Re:asdf (Score:5, Informative)

      by Coneasfast ( 690509 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:29PM (#9473675)
      there is yahoopops [sourceforge.net] for yahoo

      and pop goes the gmail [jaybe.org] for gmail (which seems to have dead links on the site)
      • Doesn't yahoo still permit pop access if you allow "directed marketing" emails?

        Choose mail options, then POP access and forwarding.

        I don't mind having an occasional targeted email for a free 100 meg pop account.
        Now if only my ISP would let me have more then a 10 meg mailbox.
      • That's awesome, but do you know if there's something like a YahooSMTP?
        • Oh wait, I should have looked around more before asking.

          From the YahooPOPS FAQ, How do I send emails? [sourceforge.net]

          How do I send emails?

          Ensure that you have YahooPOPs!/Windows running. Check the IP address and POP3 port that has been configured in YahooPOPs!

          Enter the same details as the outgoing/POP3 mail server in your email client. If your mail client does not give you the option of specifying the POP3 port, make sure you use the default POP3 port in YahooPOPs!, i.e., 110.

          If your PC is not on a network or you

    • Re:asdf (Score:3, Funny)

      by headisdead ( 789492 )
      As long as we can send Outlook Express back to that accursed decade as part of the package. I mean, it only seems fair.. ;)
    • Re:asdf (Score:3, Interesting)

      agreed. Webmail, will never be as good as a pop account for me (which comes from my isp). I leave it open, know instantly when a new email comes. I do not know what the stink about a 1gig spam mail account is.
      • Re:asdf (Score:3, Interesting)

        by headisdead ( 789492 )
        Well, for people like me, who work between different locations (home, student house, university), that kind of access if pretty important. I mean sure, there's IMAP, but it's not exactly perfect. And of course we can't all have remote logins...
        • What I do, so I get my mail at work and home, is have my client at home leave a copy on the server for 5 days. All of the other clients I use (work, laptop, etc) will just download the mail and not delete.

          This works out well because all of my mail clients will download alll of the messages, and I can use the webmail interface to see messages from the past 5 days in case I'm not at one of my computers.
        • Most hosting companies offer POP, IMAP AND webmail on the same account. So you can use IMAP/POP (don't let it delete from the server!) when you have access to a REAL mail program and use webmail when you're on the go. I host a number of $5/month email-only domain accounts just because people wanted this flexibility without the financial uncertainty of a free service or the vendor lock-in of an ISP.
      • Re:asdf (Score:3, Informative)

        GMail refreshes every 2 minutes or so, so unless you absolutely must have instant notification, I think it will serve well.

        Customizable filters and (as far as I know) decent spam-blocking as well. Time will tell, I suppose.
    • webmail (Score:2, Interesting)

      by NineNine ( 235196 )
      I'm not sure how you work, but webmail, at least for me, is infinately more useful than a regular POP client in some cases. With webmail, I can check my mail anywhere, and I don't have to worry about storage. It's that simple.
      • Re:webmail (Score:5, Interesting)

        by 0racle ( 667029 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:42PM (#9473767)
        I prefer that my ISP has a webmail front to my POP accounts. I can it anywhere, anytime, and still download it and keep it locally when I get home. I don't really worry about storage, but I don't trust webmail providers to backup the important messages I need to keep.
  • 15M x 1GB (Score:2, Insightful)

    by rd4tech ( 711615 ) *
    Rediff.com will also start freeing up over 15 million email addresses that have not been in use over the years, giving new users a better chance of finding an email id of their choice

    So.. 15,000,000 X 1 GB = ...
    What will happen after two years when those inboxes start filling up to the top?
    • Re:15M x 1GB (Score:2, Insightful)

      by msh104 ( 620136 )
      well, in two years, harddisks will contain much more space, so this problem might just solve itself. and also note that way not every user is going to fill up there entire mailbox. think about granny!
    • Re:15M x 1GB (Score:3, Interesting)

      by arivanov ( 12034 )
      There will be still 15000000 free inboxes.

      Rediff is one the biggest annoyances in terms of keeping spammer accounts active. A year ago it reached the point where I have put SPAM filters that flag as SPAM anything with even a single occurrance of rediff anywhere in the message on all of my accounts (and there have been no false positives so far).

      So all it will have to do will be to act on the 15000000 recent SPAM complaints after the "yahoo mailing list" and "bulletproof hosting" peddlers have collected al
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:25PM (#9473640)
    And it is being blocked on several black lists.
    • not anymore :) (Score:3, Insightful)

      by tanveer1979 ( 530624 )
      Well it sure does. I had an account on rediff and due to their atrocious spam policy my email address is unusable. But soon it is about to change. Rediff has employed the services of one of the best anti spam guys in the business :). Cant name who but i am sure its just a couple of months when rediff becomes the best anti spam email. Infact i expect it to rival outblaze!
  • by LostCluster ( 625375 ) * on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:26PM (#9473648)
    It's interesting to see all of these companies upping their e-mail storage space, however, the 1 GB aspect is just the headliner of Google's product.

    Google has quite the list of other new features in development including their own take on spam filter technology, and their intelligent sorting among topics. They also their text-based ad model that nobody else has been able to knock off yet. Yahoo has the chance to do so with Overture, but they've yet to connect Overture to Yahoo Mail.

    So, even if everybody else in the free e-mail space can pull 1 GB out of their hats to, they still have a lot of work to do to catch up to what Google's working on.
  • Crappy (Score:5, Interesting)

    by pcmanjon ( 735165 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:26PM (#9473655)
    I use to use this server a while back like a couple of years because a friend reccemended it.

    It sucks, and is down a lot for "maintainence" (yeah fat guy tripped over the cat5 and pulled it out again I know!) etc...

    My advice: wait until gmail's public, but don't register all the good names before I do!

    Email me at jonkelley@gmail.com
    • Re:Crappy (Score:5, Informative)

      by pathloss ( 624359 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @05:05PM (#9474216)
      i disagree having used rediffmail for over 2 years now i can vouch for its stability. and man ... just look at whats on offer here. its actually 1GB for free accounts. i was a premium member (just 600 rupees that is $10 a year ) and earlier it was for 10MB+POP access, now these guys upgraded all premium members to 2GB.. nothing extra . so for us its now 2GB+POP+fntastic spam protection. compared to others for those in india rediffmail just wins hands dowm, no not because of the 2GB (which is great !) but also for 2 other reasons : 1. its the fastest compared... to yahoo, even gmail (from india ) 2. CASH collected from doorstep. here in india ecommerce , well its not really safe as there are no real enforcement if somone uses your card number.. a DONT BE A BLIND GMAIL fanboy... for indian users its CHEAPEST POP access and certinly the FASTEST
  • by brainkiller ( 41196 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:27PM (#9473658) Homepage
    But how you use it :)

    Seriously... I would still use Gmail even if it had 10Megs of space... it is too cool not to use it... now who wants Gmail invitations? :)
  • by Timesprout ( 579035 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:30PM (#9473683)
    So what if email accounts are getting bigger, jeez, like giving users more space was something that could never possibly be envisaged before google came up with GMail. Its a natural progression folks and absolutely nothing to get excited about.
    • But look at the hoopla for gmail?

      Originally it was expected that only a ten thousand or so mail accounts would form.

      But now its growing at an unprecidented rate! I use Livejournal and everyone and their brother is asking for invite codes or already has a gmail account.

      This scares the hell out of their competitors. Its to prevent competition.

      I am glad I am not the CEO of Yahoo right now as I would be incredibly nervous.

      The archiving feature of gmail is really cool and nice. Watch for clones of that feat
      • I am glad I am not the CEO of Yahoo right now as I would be incredibly nervous.

        Why? Yahoo! is still the world's number one web portal. Google's not going to start offering Fantasy Hockey as well are they?

      • The archiving feature of gmail is really cool and nice. Watch for clones of that feature in the comming months.

        More like, "It's been done before." I have a webmail app I've been working on for about 8 months, and I had the archive feature, as well as the labeling feature, programmed months before the GMail announcement. They're not doing anything revolutionary; they're just taking a bunch of nice features that already exist and consolidating them into the same application.

        On a separate note, if you want

    • ofcourse it was natural... but google went from the standard 2-10 megs(of hotmail and others), past the 100 mark (payed-for yahoo email) and went to 1000 megs... unheard of size increase, THAT is what makes it interesting.
  • use of JavaScript (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Cybersonic ( 7113 ) <ralph@ralph.cx> on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:30PM (#9473685) Homepage
    I can say one thing cool about google mail, the heavy, working use of JavaScript is pretty cool. It works in Safari, Mozilla, and IE the same. Must have been hell to code :)

    -Ralph Bonnell ralph@ralph.cx ralphbonnell@gmail.com
    • Have you found main.js anywhere in the code? I wanna check the beast out but it's so heavily hidden behind fog and mirrors only my browser can :)
      • Re:use of JavaScript (Score:2, Informative)

        by Anonymous Coward
        check the source of the main page, scroll to the end until you see something like src=/gmail?view=page&name=js&ver=adsgdfbnhdfbf bfd

        Enter this URL into your browser, http://gmail.google.com/gmail?view=page&name=js&ve r=adsgdfbnhdfbfbfd and then view the source of this page.

    • I can say one thing cool about google mail, the heavy, working use of JavaScript is pretty cool.

      It's also pretty crippling. Google has gone the way of Hotmail (via their recent site redesign) and killed the ability to open any of the navigational links in a new window or tab. In Mozilla, I can normally middle-click to get the link in a new tab. However, in GMail, if I want to open up my "Sent Mail" separate from my main GMail window, I'm out of luck. (The only links in GMail that are actual links are th

    • I generaly like google, but I think that their (over)use of JS is more of a bug than a feature: It breaks stuff like the forward button, and 'middle click to open in a new tab' and they also don't support opera.

      I know it's in beta, but you'd think they'd start by getting the basics down before going on to all the blinkenlights. I admit their JS blinkenlights are very nice, bordering on uber (autocomplete and of course the keyboard shortcuts), but having a simple lite (no JS, or any fancy tricks) cross-brow
    • It actually doesn't support all versions of Safari. Anyone with Mac OS below 10.3 can only get up to Safari 1.0.2, which is not supported.
  • by 222 ( 551054 ) <stormseeker@NOspaM.gmail.com> on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:30PM (#9473686) Homepage
    That any of these new 1gb webmail companies will be around in 3 years? Google has proven staying power, and thats where my moneys at. (quite literally, heh. I actually shelled out 25 bucks for 2 gmail accounts.)
    • by ashayh ( 636057 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @04:04PM (#9473874)
      Rediffmail isnt all that great. But Rediff is a verypopular site among Indians (= potential 1 billion viewers). Being based in India, Rediffmail servers are faster than Hotmail in India so people like it.

      I first heard of Rediff along the same time I got an Inernet connection (96-97). They've done pretty good, considering so many other Indian sites folded up since then. I doubt they wil go bust so soon.

      But yea... Gmail is cool. I have a few invites...If anyone still hasnt seen Gmail, mail me.

    • Actually, Rediff was founded in 1996 (I think the same year as Google ?). It has been quite popular since then in India. In fact I think it is the biggest Indian portal. I dont think Rediff will go down in 3 years.
    • Rediff is a spinoff (or subsidiary?) of Rediffusion, one of the premier Ad agencies in India. I doubt that they'll disappear anytime soon.
    • quite literally, heh. I actually shelled out 25 bucks for 2 gmail accounts
      he he. All I had to do was just loginto my blogger account to get my gmail account. I had used blogger about a year ago by changed to b2 after a while. So when I heard google was giving accounts to "active" blogger accounts, I just signed in did a first post and sure enough the next day I had a gmail account.
  • by Wtcher ( 312395 ) <wtcher@gmail.com> on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:30PM (#9473687) Homepage
    I think I'll stick with gmail. For one thing, they don't want to know where you live and what you named your pet!
  • Much as I like the interesting conversations about gmail, isn't there any other news out there?
  • amazing (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Coneasfast ( 690509 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:33PM (#9473702)
    what amazes me is why the VAST MAJORITY of people continue to use hotmail, the crappiest email service ever. with its whopping 2 mb of space, irritating user interface, MS adverts, and many many other annoying features.

    most people use it because 'it's good enough' and 'it's what everyone else uses' . well, they would know what a bad service it is if they use something else and have a comparison.
    • Re:amazing (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Synkronos ( 789022 )
      I dropped my hotmail account the instant it was bought out by MSN. Sad day, that was *sniff*
      • Re:amazing (Score:2, Interesting)

        by brainkiller ( 41196 )
        ah.. good ol' original hotmail... i still miss it

        then one day microsoft buys it and decides to rape it.

        does anyone know where I can find screenshots of the first version of hotmail? I've been looking everywhere for them...
        • Re:amazing (Score:3, Interesting)

          by Juanvaldes ( 544895 )
          probably not what your looking for but it almost feels like google's homepage in the clean department compared to sites today.

          http://web.archive.org/web/19971212072422/http:/ /www.hotmail.com/

    • what amazes me is why the VAST MAJORITY of people continue to use hotmail ...

      The vast majority of people use the "free as in included in the package" email provided by their ISP.

      If you eliminate those, then the next largest block is people who have a vanity domain, and use the "free as in included in the package" email that comes from their hosting provider.

      It's not until you are talking about "free as in paid for with advertising" that hotmail becomes a contender, and even then I'd bet that enoug

  • by LightwaveNet ( 229843 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:33PM (#9473710)
    I would estimate at this point Google's given out about half a million invites.

    Somehow I don't think smaller free mom and pop sites are going to beable to compete.

    Overall, I fail to see how GMail will ever be a profitable enterprise for Google.

    I just don't see how the ad revenue would ever surpass the bandwidth costs they incur.
    • Uh, remember that Google already hosts the world's most popular search engine?

      I think they can afford bandwidth.
    • by KalvinB ( 205500 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @04:16PM (#9473929) Homepage
      I run a mail server. It doesn't take much bandwidth at all. Sure there's 1GB of storage but a very small percentage of the users are going to go anywhere near the limit. E-mail is a very inefficient way to send large files. There's about 20% overhead.

      Smaller "mom & pop" shops can compete by offering a unique/catchy domain name.

      I offer POP3 and IMAP as well as secured web-access. Google doesn't support those other two without a third party hack.

      Google offers a lot but they don't offer anything that nobody else can offer except the domain name. And they don't offer all the possible features people want for an e-mail account.

      • E-mail is a very inefficient way to send large files. There's about 20% overhead.

        To be more precise, base64-encoded attachments (i.e. everything except text-based formats like HTML) occupy 33% more bytes, by encoding groups of 3 bytes into groups of 4 ASCII characters.

        Attachments are an ugly hack to transfer non-ASCII over SMTP, which is a non-binary-safe ASCII system designed for short text messages (in fact, most of MIME consists of fairly ugly hacks, really).

        More recent protocols like HTTP build on M
    • Overall, I fail to see how GMail will ever be a profitable enterprise for Google.

      What Google loses is bandwidth it gains in mindshare. Like radio station contests, or summer soft drink contests, or NASCAR advertising. None of these things make money in and of themselves. But they are part of a company's larger advertising, promotions, and marketing campaigns. Anything your company does to increase mindshare (within reason) is a good investment.

      If, three years from now, people start saying, "I'm go
  • What are Nigerian 419 scam artists going to do with that much storage?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:37PM (#9473738)
    i will be willing to laugh maniacally at a box of kittens for a gmail invite.


  • by InternationalCow ( 681980 ) <mauricevansteenselNO@SPAMmac.com> on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:39PM (#9473752) Journal
    But search capability is. I find it amazing that everybody and his grandmother keeps trippin' about the 1G of storage. Who cares. If I want to keep old emails around I archive them in a tarball that I keep handy somewhere. I receive large amounts of non-spam email and what I really, really need is a decent search capability (not only on literals but also on categories and so on). Mailsmith (MacOSX app) does a decent job. It uses grep and indexing iirc. In my tarballs, I just grep for what I want. But it feels clunky in a way, so if Google can offer ueber search capability and allows for intelligent filtering of incoming mails, I'll sign up the moment it reaches 1.0
  • aventuremail.com ? (Score:2, Informative)

    by YellowOz ( 778515 )
    anyone signup for this free 2gig account? i did about a week ago and starting yesterday they seemed to have disabled alot of accounts for no reason. anyone here anything?
  • by lortho ( 700090 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:47PM (#9473797)
    Some folks have already tried to outdo gmail/spymac et.al. on the 'bigger is better' kick. Aventuremail [aventuremail.com] recently offered 2GB accounts for free (and still appear to if you go to their site), but they apparently bit off more than they could chew and are no longer accepting new registrations (though they will certainly let you try, for marketing purposes - if you try to sign up for one now, they'll take you through the whole process, then tell you you're more than welcome to a 3GB account for $22USD/year).
  • by toupsie ( 88295 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:49PM (#9473815) Homepage
    I would switch to Rediff in an instant if they can turn my spam into a music and dance number with a large ensemble cast.
  • Top posting, grrr (Score:4, Interesting)

    by chrysalis ( 50680 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @03:53PM (#9473828) Homepage
    Just like Gmail, Rediff forces people to copy everything and do top-posting when replying to mails.

    This is really anoying.

    • Re:Top posting, grrr (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Shaklee39 ( 694496 )
      Why? That is the standard way of doing it through email. No one wants to scroll down hundreds of lines to see your message. The only place idiots think that bottom posting is acceptable is usenet and it shouldn't be used there either.
      • Re:Top posting, grrr (Score:3, Informative)

        by chrysalis ( 50680 )
        No, that's the Microsoft way. Nobody did this and people were civilized enough until Outlook came out.

        Sorry, but Microsoft is not a synonym for "standard". RFC1855 looks more like a standard to me, moreover people respected this years before Microsoft released any TCP/IP software.


        If you like to quote 1 Mb of previous replies just to add your own 2 words, that's your choice.

        But at least, a webmail software should give the choice to the sender.

  • Better Yet (Score:2, Informative)

    by andrewlong ( 617908 )
    Setup your own mail server and have unlimited storage and no attachment or message size limitations.

    Use qmail with vpopmail, spamassassin, clam antivirus and rbl checking with spamhaus. Then setup some webmail client like IlohaMail or oMail.

    Now thats geek points.

    And of course you'd run this all on your slackware server.
  • Indie-Mail (Score:5, Informative)

    by KalvinB ( 205500 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @04:03PM (#9473870) Homepage
    has been free from the beginning (April) and has never had a limit on the storage. Claiming 1GB is just an oversell. It also features the ability to search e-mails.

    It also sports IMAP, POP3, SMTP (with alternate port for those with port 25 blocked), and web-access with SSL. And no ads. It's supported by Icarus Independent which uses AdSense.

    Anybody with a weekend to spare, Mercury Mail and some talent can put together a free e-mail service. The web-mail front end uses Apache 1.3.x, PHP, MySQL and OpenSSL. It just parses the files Mercury uses. Simple and secure. Mercury has built in web-mail support but I've never used it. I prefer having the flexibility of writting my own front end.

  • Run a mail server at your own home, add imap4 support and some sort of web interface like squirrel-mail.

    Then you can have as much space as you want, no ads, no garbage. And its accessible from anywhere..

  • Stability (Score:5, Insightful)

    by mrpuffypants ( 444598 ) * <mrpuffypants&gmail,com> on Saturday June 19, 2004 @04:17PM (#9473936)
    One of the biggest reasons that Google's GMail is still more attractive is simply stability.

    If you sign up for Spymac mail or Rediffmail you don't have the backing of a major corporation that has an infrastructure in place to support future growth, investors looking for the company to *not* fold, and a dedicated staff just for your data.

    Any fly-by-night place can buy a massive hard drive and start offering 1 free GB of mail, but if they run out of cash and fold then what happens to all of your mail in their old system? At least with google there is a pattern of longeviety that seems to ensure your data will be protected for a long while.
    • Re:Stability (Score:2, Interesting)

      by mabu ( 178417 )
      If you sign up for Spymac mail or Rediffmail you don't have the backing of a major corporation that has an infrastructure in place to support future growth, investors looking for the company to *not* fold, and a dedicated staff just for your data. Any fly-by-night place can buy a massive hard drive and start offering 1 free GB of mail, but if they run out of cash and fold then what happens to all of your mail in their old system?

      Someone mod this guy funny.
  • if you want an account, I have 5 to give out...

  • by Trillan ( 597339 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @04:27PM (#9473979) Homepage Journal

    If they're fully based in India, I doubt any US laws would apply to them. What can they get away with that a service based in the first world couldn't?

  • by Jugalator ( 259273 ) on Saturday June 19, 2004 @04:42PM (#9474076) Journal
    This just goes to show that Google is once again leading when it comes to innovation, by offering a free mail service where you don't have to delete mail. Then other services follow... Say, why didn't they do this before Google?

    But I guess it's good with competition. I don't know how this compares with Gmail though, since there's of course much more to a mail service than how much mail you can store. Uptime and speed for example, and this is another area I believe Google can be trusted in, since I rarely see their services getting overloaded or being down temporarily.

    I also noticed Gmail has a "report as spam" feature so the users will build a massive spam database. Many mail services simply provide some unknown filters that catches maybe 60% of all spam. It's good to know that Gmail does this, since I don't doubt they'll have a problem building their spam database with all their potential users.
    • By the way, they of course also have a "this isn't spam" thing, so false positives shouldn't really be a problem. Cloudmark SpamNet provided a similar feature before they went commercial (not even their volunteer beta testers building the bulk of their database got a free registration -- greed at its best!), and it worked fine regarding the accuracy as far as I could see.
  • 10 MB, 100 MB, 1GB, 3GB -- I really could care less about the storage space. What I want is reliable webmail.

    Yahoo Mail has been out since this morning -- by my account it's been down for at least 8 hours now. This is not the only outage in the past few weeks either.

    Maybe I should head over to ebay and bid on a gmail invitation.
  • I already got an account! send me all the freakin spam and meaningless chain letters you can muster up! [mailto] I've got a whole gig to waste on the stuff now.
  • What gmail needs (Score:2, Informative)

    by sjbe ( 173966 )
    Others have mentioned some of this but there are a few things gmail needs (IMO) before it is something I'll use full time. Your needs may be different from mine. In my case I'm looking for a good web interface to consolidate emails from several addresses. I also want access via a client (mozilla or thunderbird in my case) as well, for offline access and backup.

    In no particular order I'd like to see:
    1) POP/IMAP access to account
    2) Easy address book importing (and for more than just Outlook & Lotus No
    • 1) POP/IMAP access to account

      Google's revenue model for Gmail is such that they need to pipe you adwords based advertising to stop this being a total loss leader.

      You could, however, write a screen-scraper to pop3 proxy, which would be fairly trivial (just make sure it's rule based so that when they change their layout/markup it is easy to update).

      (proud owner of a gmail account since the day before yesterday :o)
  • I made a mistake and posted my offer in the wrong google-related article, so Im going to ignore my other post and do it here. I have two gmail invites if anyone is interested - first two to respond with an email address.

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