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KDE 3.3 Officially Released 492

scorp1us was one of several to note that KDE 3.3 has been released. You can also read the infopage and the requirements. Commence downloading. Features a new spell checking library, a new theme manager, and much more.
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KDE 3.3 Officially Released

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  • Kool (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:20PM (#10015872)
    Kan't wait to get my Komputer running KDE 3.3
  • Yaay KDE! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by kmmatthews ( 779425 ) * <> on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:21PM (#10015879) Homepage Journal
    From the accountment page [], KWin got a button for always on top, Juk can now burn audio CDs, and Kopete can transfer files. e.g. features that I've really been wishing for (amongst many more)...

    Guess I've got some downloading to do, eh? Which comes to a gripe - it's a real pain in the arse to download all the seperate files and install them. Sure would be nice if the KDE team wrote an "update" script that would check for updates and optionally download/install them. PS. Anyone want a gmail invite? mail me [mailto].. [only one left!]

    • Re:Yaay KDE! (Score:5, Informative)

      by 10Ghz ( 453478 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:23PM (#10015906)
      Guess I've got some downloading to do, eh? Which comes to a gripe - it's a real pain in the arse to download all the seperate files and install them. Sure would be nice if the KDE team wrote an "update" script that would check for updates and optionally download/install them.

      *cough* []
      • by pjkundert ( 597719 ) * on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:31PM (#10016000) Homepage
        apt-get update apt-get -t unstable install kdebase
      • Re:Yaay KDE! (Score:5, Informative)

        by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:36PM (#10016064)
        there is Konstruct you know which builds KDE for you. I am building 3.3 with it right now
        • Does Konstruct work with FreeBSD, or is it just a linux thing..

          And if it does, will it hose up my package manager or is it pretty clean?

          ( id didnt see 3.3 having been committed to ports yet.. but i may just wait to be safe )
      • by Sturm ( 914 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:36PM (#10016065) Journal
        Dude, the KDE police are going to get you. It should be:

    • Re:Yaay KDE! (Score:3, Informative)

      by kundor ( 757951 )
      Kwin's always had the option to make a window always on top....

      And there is a script to download and build all of kde for you, from cvs daily if you like. I'm too lazy to find it but it's on

    • Re:Yaay KDE! (Score:3, Informative)

      by antiMStroll ( 664213 )
      emerge kde, swaret kde, yum kde, apt-get kde....zzzzzzzz
    • Re:Yaay KDE! (Score:2, Insightful)

      by vlm ( 69642 ) *
      The debian guys already wrote one called apt-get.

      As in "apt-get update" "apt-get upgrade".

      It works fine for me.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:21PM (#10015880)
    It told has no C!
  • Requirements (Score:5, Interesting)

    by kmmatthews ( 779425 ) * <> on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:23PM (#10015905) Homepage Journal
    Wow, that's a really nice requirements chart. I wish more projects
    would use that. (Of course, with apt-get and dpkg, it's not such a
    concern, but.)

    Maybe even nicer if they would produce an .xml of it, and we could
    write a tool to test the system against it - e.g. "you meet the
    requirements," or "YOU FAIL IT, you need $PKG $VER."

    • Isn't that what a configure script does? To check to see if your system as is supports the building of the associated package?

      I could be wrong, but this was my impression as I've fought with configure many times to install A and finding I need B version 3.2.1. Although the real fun begins when B version 3.2.1 tells me I need C 2.9! Who knows how far back it may go?
      • But there are two things:
        1) Required dependencies are discovered later and are a pain in the ass when you waste time to discover you need to backtrack
        2) Optional dependencies you forget and want to make use of later.

        I like gentoo, that's all I have to say about all that.
  • it happend (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    congradulations on slashdotting kde. hope your proud!
    • Re:it happend (Score:3, Interesting)

      Indeed... I was browsing some eyecandy at and suddently things started going slow as molasses. Eventually I gave up and went over to Slashdot instead, and I found the reason straight away. :-)

      People are doing some fantastic things with KDE themes and especially Superkaramba. There are Os X themes, Lain themes and more. Superkaramba is a nice way of learning Python too. I'm looking forward to seeing what is new once the Slashdotting is over...
    • by discogravy ( 455376 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:49PM (#10016213) Homepage
      hope your proud!

      my proud what?

    • Re:it happend (Score:3, Insightful)

      by pb9494 ( 550141 )
      How do you do that ? How do you spell congratulations with a 'd' ? The 'd' is like an inch away from the 't' on my keyboard, man.
  • Screenshots (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:25PM (#10015933)
    KDE 3.3 Screenshots [] at the bottom of that page.
  • Of course gentoo (Score:3, Informative)

    by iplayfast ( 166447 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:25PM (#10015934)
    Of course gentoo has had it in beta for the last month.

    My own personal experience with it is that it's even faster then before (Not quite blackbox speed but it is approching...). kmail has spam filtering built in. All of the multimedia mime things work in Konqueror (that I could see). Still can't get konqueror to run those java games at so I have to use firefox for that.

    Kdevelop is fantastic, along with plugins for valgrind, doxygen and debuggers it is a great development environment.

    All in all an incremental change, nothing blindingly new, but a solid base to work from.

    • Re: Of course gentoo (Score:2, Interesting)

      by er_col ( 664618 )

      All of the multimedia mime things work in Konqueror (that I could see).

      Yep, this is my favorite one! With KPlayer [] installed, you can play nearly any online content, be it Windows Media, RealMedia, QuickTime or anything else, whether embedded in the page or given as link, even those stupid JavaScripts can't mess it up.

      KPlayer right now I think is the only player that detects playlist files as opposed to direct links, so it starts MPlayer with the correct options, and it all just works!

  • slashdot (Score:5, Funny)

    by sewagemaster ( 466124 ) <`moc.liamg' `ta' `retsamegawes'> on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:26PM (#10015940) Homepage
    Features a new spell checking library, a new theme manager, and much more.

    hey, everything slashdot's webpage needs ;)
    ironically, this is posted by the "founder"!
  • by Eberlin ( 570874 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:26PM (#10015943) Homepage
    For the gentoo folks who emerge from source and all that fun stuff. How 'bout the not-so-cool people who use the other distros like RH or MDK? I figure they'll show up in contrib in a few days but I've been bitten before when I upgraded a RH9 to KDE 3.2 using repositories...locked up my machine badly and used that as an excuse to transition to mandrake 10CE (which had 3.2 by default). Haven't even gone to the 10 Official because I've adopted the "hey, if I don't NEED to upgrade, I won't" more religiously.

    For the more cautious/paranoid folks out there, when can we expect the distros to package 3.3 officially?

    As always, thanks to the KDE folks for continually updating and improving the software.
  • by Toby_Tyke ( 797359 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:26PM (#10015944) Journal
    a cute animated paperKlip?
  • by BubbaThePirate ( 805480 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:27PM (#10015963)
    mirror here [].
  • I can't help but think that I'm feeling the same thing the mice felt when they told Deep Thought to find the answer to Life the Universe, and Everything, and it told them it would take 10 million years.

    I will no doubt be equally impressed with the results as they were.

    KDE's UI has some really nice looking elements, but altogether it's just cluttered and ugly. I'm talking about them jamming too much stuff in the menus, redundant menus, etc. Gnome's so much lighter and cleaner looking. Though, I like the
    • by aussersterne ( 212916 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @04:21PM (#10016583) Homepage
      It's all about personal preferences. I find KDE's interface (once I've added a slave panel for a taskbar and made the main panel vertical, plus adding about ten additional menus to it) to be nice and usable, with everything in easy reach.

      I find GNOME, on the other hand, to be uncomfortably light and clean, with nothing in easy reach, kind of like a one-button mouse or a one-button walkman... so simple that it's hard to get anything you want done, because the functionality's either missing, or requires extra steps to access.

      I'd be interested in seeing research that compares peoples' living spaces to peoples' PC desktops. I wonder if you have a very empty, Zen-like living space. I myself have an incredibly cluttered (but orderly) living space; books, equipment, tools, etc. all tend to be within view on umpteen shelves, hooks, stacks, etc... bus and train schedules are posted on the wall... everything is easy to access, and easy to put away, requiring only one step ("reach").
      • Couldn't agree more.

        The problem is that MacOSX and Gnome is optimized for "usability studies", i.e. they put a beginner in front of the computer and test it for half an hour.

        That way you get a desktop that's great for the first half-hour of use but sucks in day-to-day operation for the rest of your computer-using life.

        KDE on the other hand offers defaults targetted at the beginner (which is good) but still allows the advanced user to configure (which is great).

        Yes I've tried MacOSX, too. And yes, th

  • by KangXii ( 785324 )
    Linux users shouldn't have to spell check.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      from the get-yout-gui-on dept

      Of course, only CmdrTaco is that lazy/stupid. It would take, oh I don't know, seconds to proofread a 3 sentence article like that one.

    • Re:Spell Check? (Score:2, Insightful)

      English users should not have to spell check. English must get rid of this crappy writing system, and start writing English phonetically using the true sound of the latin alphabet.
      • Re:Spell Check? (Score:3, Informative)

        by CJ Hooknose ( 51258 )
        Space Soldier wrote: English users should not have to spell check. English must get rid of this crappy writing system, and start writing English phonetically using the true sound of the latin alphabet.

        Ha ha! Good one. English is spoken over a huge area and regional pronunciation differences would make phonetic script written by someone from Aberdeen totally incomprehensible to someone who lives in Texas. (This topic is covered in every Linguistics 101 course. Linguistics is fascinating, so pick up a

    • All *NIX users need a spell checker after having to use commands like "awk", "grep", "sed", "ls", and "chgrp" all day. Heck, the *NIX type environment is based on miss-spelled words.
  • YES! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:30PM (#10015988)
    Two weeks without the Gentoo users! Life is great!
  • languages (Score:5, Funny)

    by I_am_Rambi ( 536614 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:32PM (#10016012) Homepage
    Qt gained increased support for Indic languages, and languages as diverse as Farsi and Frisian were added

    Will Kilngon be on their next release?
  • Longest Journey (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Etriaph ( 16235 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:34PM (#10016039) Homepage
    Aside from patches to 3.3, I don't think we'll see another major KDE release until Qt4 is finalized and we see KDE 4 creep up beside it. So for all of us who are reveling in a new release of our favourite desktop environment, just remember to hold onto that feeling, it could be another year before it happens again. :)
  • Debian (Score:5, Interesting)

    by debian4life ( 701155 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:37PM (#10016071)
    In yet another sign that the apocolypse is upon us, Debian unstable actually had KDE 3.3 last week. I am glad they are finally pushing the edge with that repository rather than having unstable mean "not as stable as stable" and of couse stable meaning "running packages from 3 years ago". Those of us who choose to run unstable know what the word means and we are willing to chance it.

    And yes, I am a Debian user.
    • Re:Debian (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      And yes, I am a Debian user.

      by debian4life


    • Re:Debian (Score:4, Informative)

      by KjetilK ( 186133 ) <kjetil@kjernsm[ ]et ['o.n' in gap]> on Thursday August 19, 2004 @04:24PM (#10016620) Homepage Journal
      I tend to agree, but you bet calc got flamed for it. He hadn't told anybody else about the upload, which is probably a bad idea, but when Sarge releases, it would be really nice if it wasn't outdated the first few months.... :-) So I hope it will release with 3.3.
  • by ( 782137 ) < minus poet> on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:39PM (#10016099) Homepage Journal
    I just installed Gentoo, and only finished compiling KDE 3.2.3 a few days ago! GOD FECKING DAMMIT!

    (note: this is not a troll, this really is happening, and I love Gentoo. I also hate my life.)
    • Re:Son of a bitch! (Score:4, Informative)

      by MarcQuadra ( 129430 ) * on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:47PM (#10016191)
      So what?

      Set PORTAGE_NICENESS="15" in /etc/make.conf
      # ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge kde

      go about your normal business, it takes about ten hours to compile on my 1.4GHz Athlon. You can stiill use your system while it compiles, you know.

      You'll still have KDE-3.3 months before most people can get it in thoer shrinkwrapped distros.
      • You don't understand. I CAN'T use any form of GUI while it compiles, because the hard drive spins out of control and the machine locks up. Aint that simple :\
      • Re:Son of a bitch! (Score:3, Informative)

        by Zarhan ( 415465 )
        # ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge kde

        Do NOT use this. Instead, use

        echo kde-base/kde >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

        This topic has come up on Gentoo forums so many times that I'm not going to repeat it here, but using ACCEPT_KEYWORDS or emerging an ebuild directly is BAD. Read man portage and see what the files in /etc/portage are for.
        • Re:Son of a bitch! (Score:4, Informative)

          by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @04:19PM (#10016563)
          echo kde-base/kde >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

          Crap, should have used preview. Of course, I mean

          echo kde-base/kde ~arch >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

          Posting as anon so not to karma whore.
  • great... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by ryanw ( 131814 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:43PM (#10016141)
    How about features like, "Increased performance by 60%, less memory leaks/bloat, and increased stability."
  • by InodoroPereyra ( 514794 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:43PM (#10016143)
    To me, one of the most exciting developments in KDE 3.3 is the addition of both PyKDE and PyQt to CVS. Hopefully, this will boster the use of these bindings. If you haven't, give them a try.

    I humbly think that KDE + KDevelop (or Qt + Designer) give a beautifull Rapid Development tool. Python fits very well with the Object Oriented KDE API. And most of the heavy work is done by Qt anyways, so I would expect that many. many usefull aplications could be written with PyKDE and PyQT, now that they are officially part of the family ;-)

    Kudos and Thank You to everyone involved.

    -- Don Inodoro

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:48PM (#10016202)
    windows xp sp2?
  • Comment removed (Score:3, Insightful)

    by account_deleted ( 4530225 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @03:59PM (#10016325)
    Comment removed based on user account deletion
    • by Brandybuck ( 704397 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @05:52PM (#10017407) Homepage Journal
      At least this way I have strictly what I need.

      If all you need is a barebones window manager, then by all means stick with FluxBox. But some of us want applications to go with it...

      Seriously, FluxBox is just a window manager. A window manager (KWin) is only one small part of KDE. You also have a panel which can hold a task manager, applets, systray, subpanels, etc. And a desktop (e.g., smart root window). And a file manager / webbrowser integrated into everything. Easy to edit menus with icons. Drag and drop from anywhere to anywhere. Complete network transparency and flexible IO protocols. Complete development toolkit for the hacker in you. Loads of eye candy. Etc, etc, etc.

      That's without getting into the bundled applications. It may be more than you need, but you cannot claim that FluxBox fills the same ecological niche. That's like claiming Honda automobiles are too expensive and heavy so you're going to ride a Scwinn bycicle instead. There's nothing wrong with bicycles but don't pretend they serve the same purpose as cars.

      BTW, you don't have to install all of KDE in order to use KDE. Just install kdelibs and kdebase and you'll still have the full desktop.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @04:05PM (#10016403)
    As culled from the Announcment page:

    Highlights At A Glance

    Some of the highlights in KDE 3.3 are listed below.

    • New applications
      • Kolourpaint, an easy-to-use replacement for KPaint
      • KWordQuiz, KLatin and KTurtle expand the list of education packages for schools and families
      • Kimagemapeditor and klinkstatus make life easier for web designers
      • KSpell2, a new spellchecking library that fixes all of KSpell's shortcomings
      • KThemeManager, a new control center module to globally handle KDE visual themes
      • The Python bindings PyQT and PyKDE are now maintained with KDE in our CVS
    • Integration of desktop components
      • Kontact is now integrated with Kolab [], KDE's groupware solution, and Kpilot
      • Konqueror features better support for Instant Messenging contacts, with the capability to send files to IM contacts, and support for IM protocols (e.g. irc://)
      • KMail can display the online presence of IM contacts
      • Kopete can display a "now listening to" message from amaroK
      • Juk has support for burning audio CDs with K3B
    • Many small desktop enhancements
      • Tab improvements in Konqueror, including scrollwheel switching
      • An RSS feed viewer sidebar in Konqueror
      • A searchbar for Konqueror, compatible with all keyword: searches
      • HTML composing, anti-spam/anti-virus wizards, automatic handling of mailing lists, improved support for cryptography and a handy quick search bar all make their way into KMail
      • Kopete gains support for file transfers with Jabber
      • Quanta Plus has a VPL (Visual Page Layout) mode to make editing even easier
      • aRts gains jack support, and aKode, a new multithreaded audio decoding/encoding library to replace mpeglib
      • KWin has new buttons to support its full features, including "always on top"
      • Over 7,000 bugs have been closed, and over 2,000 wishes have been fulfilled
      • Over 60,000 lines of code, documentation and other contributions have been committed to CVS

    For a more detailed list of improvements since the KDE 3.2 release, please refer to the KDE 3.3 Feature Plan [].

  • mirrors (Score:4, Informative)

    by sometwo ( 53041 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @04:05PM (#10016404)
    * []
    Location: Hartford, Conneticut
    Provided by P & M Services, LLC

    * []
    Location: Corvallis, Oregon
    Provided by Oregon State University

    * []
    Location: New York
    Provided by BITS inc

    * []
    Location: Boston
    Provided by Feratech, Inc

  • by Hank Reardon ( 534417 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @04:32PM (#10016694) Homepage Journal

    I recently moved to Gentoo and did the full recompile of KDE 3.2 when I did it. I had moved from Fedora.

    Imagine my surprise when the TwinView stuff suddenly quit working and all of my windows suddenly wanted to maximize across all of the monitors.

    Has anybody had any luck with 3.3 and the TwinView extensions? It looks from the nVidia docs like TwinView responds to the Xinerama queries, but KDE didn't seem to respond to them correctly. It did work under Fedora, and Gnome has no problems with Xinerama at all.

  • by sewagemaster ( 466124 ) <`moc.liamg' `ta' `retsamegawes'> on Thursday August 19, 2004 @05:40PM (#10017322) Homepage
    it'll be interesting to see whether Komposé [], aka éxpose [] clone will make it into the next version of KDE...
  • Is it just me (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Julian Morrison ( 5575 ) on Thursday August 19, 2004 @05:55PM (#10017475)
    ...or does this seem a rather small list of changes for a point release? Not that I'm complaining, improvements are always nice.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 19, 2004 @05:56PM (#10017493)
    Try staying logged in for awhile without eventually seeing all the memory eaten up. True, one can just log out, then log back in to reclaim the memory, but this is a kludge. If one has several windows open with specific tasks (that won't come up automatically on log in) it's a pain to get resituated.

    It's an annoying problem that I've seen with different hardware and different kernel versions, so I know it's KDE. Mark this as troll or flamebait, but that won't make this any less true.
    • I have 192 megs of RAM and leave my old AMD K6 on for weeks and sometimes months at a time (reboot when there's a new kernel out, actually) and performance and memory usage barely deteriorates after all that time, so I guess that the memory leaks that you are experiencing are not coming from KDE but from other apps.
  • by chegosaurus ( 98703 ) on Friday August 20, 2004 @06:20AM (#10020925) Homepage
    There are other OSes you know. Please don't disregard them, or the work of the people who make KDE a cross-platform desktop.

    For all the complaining linux users do about Microsoft's monopoly and open standards, a lot of them are all too quick to disregard or put down the other Unix style OSes, and to write code that won't compile without sys/linux.h.

    Fortunately the KDE people don't think that way.

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