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Some Hope During Registerfly's Meltdown 123

hookmeister writes "If you registered your domain at, then you should know it may be locked, and you are at the moment unable to access it through Registerfly's website (video). You may even be unable to renew your domain because it has expired into a status known as 'redemption' through no fault of your own. By all accounts there are just under 2 million domains at risk here. Enom dumped them as a reseller; their SSL cert has expired; it's a mess. Fortunately the principals in this are trying to restore order. The external website, originally crafted as a gripe-zone and forum for Registerfly users, has gotten inside the ranks of the post-shakup Registerfly management, made some friends and connections, and is creating a back-door problem-reporting form that goes directly to those who can correct a domain problem. The official Registerfly support ticketing system remains clogged with thousands of unanswered complaints."
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Some Hope During Registerfly's Meltdown

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  • Registerfly? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by zaydana ( 729943 ) on Monday February 19, 2007 @10:53PM (#18076698)
    Excuse my ignorance, but what actually happened in the first place? I'm kinda confused as to what has happened to registerfly? I'm presuming its a registrar, but that doesn't actually tell me all that much...
    • by EvanED ( 569694 ) <[evaned] [at] []> on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:01PM (#18076764)
      Well, judging by the headline, its coolant failed and it went all Chernobyl.
    • Re:Registerfly? (Score:5, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:06PM (#18076824)
      Registerfly used to be an eNom reseller, but recently became an independent registrar. In the process they left a large number of accounts as orphans with eNom. Those account holders, who I happen to be one of, received notices from both eNom and Registerfly several days after the accounts had been orphaned. Both companies were kind enough to offer to transfer the domain for a fee. Seems like it should be free since they decided to split their business not me. I may have to split after this treatment.
      • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

        by Talez ( 468021 )
        To do a transfer between registrars you need to add a year to the registration term and charge another year of rego:

        From the Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars []:

        8. Effect on Term of Registration

        The completion by Registry Operator of a holder-authorized transfer under this Part A shall result in a one-year extension of the existing registration, provided that in no event shall the total unexpired term of a registration exceed ten (10) years.

        eNorm shouldn't be charging for transfers though
      • So they're flying low?
        Their hanger door is open?
        They've got Windows in their laptop
        We can see their Gun of Navarone?

        I have more...
      • Re:Registerfly? (Score:5, Informative)

        by AlHunt ( 982887 ) on Tuesday February 20, 2007 @12:10AM (#18077416) Homepage Journal

        Both companies were kind enough to offer to transfer the domain for a fee.

        Actually, at some point enom was offering to allow registerfly customers to become customers at no cost:
        scroll down [] about 2/3 of the way and see the section "OPTION 1".
      • Actually enom has taken over most of the domains for free.

        Registerfly was trying to get everyone to transfer back at a discounted price.

        I didnt have to pay a cent and the enom staff have been rather helpful.
    • Re:Registerfly? (Score:5, Informative)

      by hookmeister ( 585456 ) on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:11PM (#18076878) Homepage
      Yes Registerfly is Domain name regisration company. like Network Solutions, and ... when the post was written, registerfly's site was still up , so i assumed it would be self eveident to anyone not already aware but curious about it. -- Now is down because the 2 guys from inside the company that can fix it, are fixing it, right at the datacenter. ( they had to lock out one of the partners first, that guy was the one causing all the trouble) its a long story.

      best read for the moment can be found here y-gripe-site-6.html []

      A lot of people have been burned by the circumstances leading up to this.
      • Re:Registerfly? (Score:5, Interesting)

        by cmacb ( 547347 ) on Tuesday February 20, 2007 @02:33AM (#18078466) Homepage Journal
        I remember getting burned a few years ago by a hosting company. I had every reason to believe from their website that they were a good sized outfit that was a subsidiary to one of the local phone companies in Florida. All the photos of their "datacenter" were so convincing, and in fact for a couple of years the services was quite OK. But then screwy things started happening that should have shouted out to me: "This company is operating on a shoestring budget in some kids parent's basement!".

        Actually it turned out to be a small warehouse office space with a few servers and high school drop-outs for staff. The tie-in with the phone company was total BS and some sleuthing revealed that the other family business was closer to being a fertilizer business (no really!) than anything else. I got off that system just in time. I lost some things, but not much, people who waited a bit longer lost everything including access to their domains etc.

        When I looked for a replacement I was much more careful to look for telltale signs that it was the same kind of, for lack of a better term "soft-fraud" operation. I think I got pretty good at it, but what scared me was the percentage of fairly well known companies that were using the same boilerplate text and generic graphics of their facilities. One thing I especially looked for was if no actual peoples names appeared on the web site. Big companies have "Chairmen" and "CEOs" who love to get their pictures on the corporate web site. These fly-by-night outfits on the other hand just have support contact numbers that go to an answering machine and not indication that anyone associated with the company wants their actual name to show up anywhere. You have to wonder why. Or maybe you don't.

        I'm almost positive that Registerfly (and I think they had a hosting come-on too) was one of these fairly obvious scam operations. I'm SOOOO glad I stayed away.

        My hope is that in the not too distant future Google and some other big names will get into the free-to-low-cost hosting and registration business and put these low-life vermin out of our misery.
        • See [] It's got some restrictions just essentially it's free web hosting.
          • See [] It's got some restrictions just essentially it's free web hosting.
            No. It's beta, and they DON'T have free hosting. You do get to use Google Pages with your domain though (which is simply UNACCEPTABLE).
        • by FLEB ( 312391 )
          Been there, done that. The host I was on started getting more and more downtimes, dropping features ("We got hacked, so your SSH is turned off. I know you paid for it, but it's not coming back. Thanks for using!") and the one man in the one-man show started getting surlier and less responsive as time went on. It turns out, this guy's widely known to bad-mouth former customers who give him bad reviews on other sites, as well. Luckily, with the help of the registrar ( - reco
    • Registerfly management, made some friends and connections, and is creating a back-door problem-reporting form

              this is what happens when you make too many "friends and connections" -- you end up with a back-door problem. happens all the time.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 19, 2007 @10:59PM (#18076746)
    Enom sent out a rather vague email that sounded a bit like spam when I first read it. They told me how I needed to transfer my domain... blah blah blah. Then a day or so later, I received a notice from registerfly that this previous email spoke truth. Registerfly also wants me to spend money on domains that I have already "paid up" on so to speak. I'm not making a move on this until I see what is coming of it. I may go to someone else entirely. I just keep wondering - why did they make a change effective Feb. 1, 2007, yet take until Feb. 6, 2007 to notify me of something they had been planning for a year or longer?
    • by Rakishi ( 759894 ) on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:22PM (#18076958)
      To prevent you from having as many options and thus being as likely to switch to another registrar as soon as you heard what was coming?
      • Yes We have come to realize that Kevin Medina apparently re-locked domains that had been unlocked by the user. It has been said that his intent was to prevent any further loss of domains. Then he cut the connection in the control panel backend that allows DNS changes. As of today that is still the situation. Hopefully this will resolve soon.
    • How many other domain name registrars are equally incompetent?

      What other registrar would you recommend?
    • Can enom [], and therefore enom resellers, be trusted? Did enom do anything incompetent or abusive? You seem to imply they did.

      See this recent Slashdot story with recommended domain name registrars [].
    • Just so you know, Currently Enom has your domains. You dont need to pay them a thing by doing what their email says.

      You *have* to do what the email says to transfer elsewhere I think anyway.
      Until you do so the domains arent associated with any account.
    • At least you received the emails. Registerfly had my email wrong in my WHOIS information (even though it was correct on my account) so I never got the email. My hosting was through RegisterFly too and it went down for a few days. It was when I was looking into that issue that I found out about the Enom stuff. After calling both companies and finding I could push my domain to eNom for free. I called eNom and they did the whole processes while I was on the phone. RegisterFly tried to charge me transfer m
    • by epic59 ( 891641 )
      back in october of 2004 i attempted to transfer FROM registerfly to another registrar. Which required my whois information to be correct. I had moved since then, and also had a new email address... So i change my whois info. waited the 72 hours like they said to. nothing. called them. spent a hour on the phone with a rep, who ALSO changed my whois information. He said wait 72 hours and it should be up to date. Long story short, after better than 2 years, 3 complaints to icann and 6 more tries to ch
  • big domains hosted there that this will cause to expire? I could use a couple hundred-thou extra spending money.
  • Registerfly has horible service I dont know how they are even in business.
    Their software does not work at all.

    I had 2 big issues:
    1. One of the domains I owned just disappeared from my account. After man minutes on the phone it was restored.
    2. When I tried to pay to renew did not seem to work. The credit card submit page just died on you. I tried again. Later got a failure notice in the email and my credit card was charged twice.

    Thankfully switched in time
  • Simply awesome (Score:5, Informative)

    by jyoull ( 512280 ) <<jim> <at> <>> on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:11PM (#18076874)
    They ripped me off for the price of two transfers-in that never happened ($15) then when I disputed the charges on the credit card (the money was charged but never refunded), RegisterFly "seized" a dozen totally diffent paid-up domains of mine and marked them "fraudulent," taking them offline with no notice.

    These domains were completely unrelated to the two that were never transferred in but for which I was billed. RegisterFly staff called me names on the phone, and finally handed them back in exchange for my payment of a $75 ransom over their threats that if I didn't pay up, they'd sell them, as was their "right" under their unconscionable contract terms.

    I hope everyone affiliated with running the scam known as Registerfly burns in hell.. and my friends who didn't listen to my advice to get out of their while they still could: sorry suckers, but i tried to warn you.
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by mike2R ( 721965 )
      Just curious, but there seem to be a number of posts about these guys playing fast and loose with peoples credit cards; has anyone tried to complain to whoever provides their card services (or Visa/MasterCard directly)? What parent describes is a blatant violation of the contract they will have signed to allow them to accept card payments, and the card companies and merchant services providers have very little patience for small businesses doing this sort of thing.
      • by jyoull ( 512280 )
        I have been a credit card merchant from time to time (direct contracts, not through some middleman like Paypal) and I know the rules fairly well.

        The card company didn't even question my dispute of the charges. In fact, the service agent went out of her way to mention that with "this vendor" they don't even give them a change before processing the dispute to let them "prove" the billings were legit.. because there were so many chargebacks against their account.

        Here I should point out that chargebacks could b
        • by mike2R ( 721965 )

          I think the greater crime here was the taking of the domains, even though they were paid up and entirely uninvolved in the disputed transactions. I would have liked to have pursued this in the New Jersey courts, but really didn't have time to take it up at the time. I was just thinking about this the other day. Maybe I should re-visit the issue.

          I believe that "taking" of this nature is illegal and would have liked to have had a day in court to find out for sure.

          I completely agree. This is what I meant b

  • by Anonymous Coward
    After the GoDaddy debacle, I tried to transfer my domains to but they appear to be drunk at the moment (they cancelled my transfers and then sent me a notice that my refund failed - I've been calling and emailing for weeks now with no response).

    What is a reasonable registrar, these days?
    • by Rakishi ( 759894 )
      What GoDaddy debacle? I'm curious as I have domains registered with them.
      • by daeg ( 828071 ) on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:49PM (#18077232)
        Read: []

        In short: Some guy was hosting automated archives of mailing lists. Someone sent a list of MySpace usernames and passwords through the list, which were automatically archived. MySpace threw a hissy fit. Instead of filing any legal paperwork, or even bothering to contact the owner, they went straight to GoDaddy and said "This site is hosting illegal content. Pull it down." GoDaddy complied, no questions asked. GoDaddy didn't contact the owner, either.

        Note: the site wasn't even hosted with GoDaddy. GoDaddy was merely the registrar.
    • I'm moving all my domains to my DirectI reseller account.
      Seems to be reliable and dirt cheap. $6.99. :D
      • I have had serious problems with DirectI in the past. About 60 of my domains were lost in the crapfest that happened between them and Dodora Domains. Their "support" informed me that it was probably something I did wrong and that meant it was my problem, not theirs.
    • > What is a reasonable registrar, these days?

      I use DynDNS []. I haven't had any problems with their domain registration (or hosting) services. Their refund policy is pretty good; pro-rated, no questions asked.
    • by aymanh ( 892834 )

      Any recommended registrars out there?

      We had an AskSlashdot about this [] recently. Personally, I use and recommend NameCheap [] which is another eNom reseller. This is mainly because of their clean control panel and low prices.
    • Try

      Excellent support, even through all the various hardware related issues they had 6 months or so. They definitely have a small company feel (meaning things do go wrong at times), but they fix issues _very_ quickly, they will refund your money if you are unhappy, and their support is just excellent cross the board.

      Give them a try. I know lots of people have been upset with them because of their hosting issues, but as far as I'm concerned, although they are not perfect, they put a lot of effor
    • by dknj ( 441802 )
      Joker []
    • If you're just going to redirect the nameservers to your webhost, I'd highly recommend Yahoo Small Business []. Seriously, $10 a year, and the service has been pretty top notch compared to the other registrars I've dealt with.

      If you do any web design/development, I'd also recommend Dreamhost []. They're a reluctant registrar, as they mostly provide it as a service to bolster their website hosting business, but their support is very good.

      • by jyoull ( 512280 )
        Good luck if you ever want to move a domain OUT Of yahoo.

        Also, they require you to put a credit card on file, and there is no way to remove the card from your account unless you "cancel all services" beforehand... including domain hosting.

        so, that's nuts.

        There also (as of the time I finally got some domains out of there) was no way to NOT automatically renew a domain registration... and this happens somewhere around 30+ days before expiration, no way to turn it off unless you've managed to transfer it out b
    • I'd give EasyDNS a high personal ranking. They're not cheap, but they do seem to know their stuff.
    • What is a reasonable registrar, these days?
      I use DirectNIC out of New Orleans. Prices aren't the cheapest in the world ($15), but more and more people these days are learning -- you get what you pay for.
    • I use my local ISP as my registrar.

      They are more expensive than GoDaddy (by a significant amount), but my domains are valuable to me. And if they ever mess up my domains, there is a real brick-and-mortar building I can go to, with a real flesh-and-blood geek I can beat up.
    • by kindbud ( 90044 )
      I've had zero trouble with for my personal domains since 1996. Their spin-off CSC Corporate Domains is entrusted with my employer's domains, and in my role as Hostmaster I couldn't be happier with them. At CSC we have an assigned customer service rep who always handles our issues, but frankly, I hardly ever have to call them because Nameconsole2, their web-based control panel, does everything: registrant name changes, transfers in/out, ccTLDs, IDN, you name it (however, it is awkward to use an
    • by Ecuador ( 740021 )
      For many years I have used and for several domains (the ones on 1and1 are also hosted by them). Never a problem so far, and I haven't heard about them doing anything immoral or "shady" like godaddy, network solutions etc.
  • Well (Score:3, Informative)

    by sulli ( 195030 ) * on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:20PM (#18076942) Journal
    Should have stuck with Network Solutions [], then! I always say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • What Happened? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Mysteerie ( 972719 )
    From what I heard Kevin Medina was fired (one of the partners) of Register Fly. Obviously, disgruntled about bieng forced out, decided to mess with the backend systems of registerfly. Thus thier own support department wasn't able to access thier systems to correct any issues, etc...
  • They'll apparently take anyone as a reseller. I had this same exact problem with another reseller of there's, only they also changed the legal registrant without notifying (though they claimed they did), and the domain was lost.
  • An now, after being announced on Slashdot, the backdoor support form will be clogged too.
    (I prefer Bluehost, which manages it's own hosting servers and nameservers on-site.)
  • Explanation:- (Score:5, Informative)

    by gigne ( 990887 ) on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:43PM (#18077162) Homepage Journal
    In case anyone has no idea what this is all about, I summarised the points:

    * Joint Director Kevin Medina was removed from the company for embezzlement of funds due to Registerfly's inability to pay it's upsream registrars.

    source []

    complaints Filed in new Jersey:- Claims
    1) Wiring 3x $9000 to personal accounts
    2) $10000 to pay rent on apartment on a monthly basis
    3) Paying large personal credit card bills
    4) $6000 for liposuction
    5) tens of thousands on "personal spending"

    * they terminated Kevin Medina l []

    * Kevin Medina caused other untold system problems *not verified from any source, just speculation on registerflies

    * Registerfly seem to be concentrating on fixing this.

    Pretty confusing though.
    • When I see the comment about liposuction, I start to wonder...It just feels like a smear campaign. That said, if all or some of that stuff is true, it's still no excuse for the crap they've pulled. I don't care what backend damage he did, I waited for 2 hours to talk to a tech support person. When I did, the connection was so awful, static was fading in and out and oh by the way, I could hear parts of other people's conversations! And after all of this, of course anyone who's called them will know the a
  • Long Time Coming (Score:3, Interesting)

    by NilObject ( 522433 ) on Monday February 19, 2007 @11:56PM (#18077296)
    I've seen this coming for a long time. I chronicled my trials and tribulations of trying to get my domain names back on my blog, which some people may find interesting: rfly-scam/ []

    Thankfully, I managed to get all my domains back.
  • by Animats ( 122034 ) on Tuesday February 20, 2007 @12:27AM (#18077566) Homepage

    It's time for ICANN to invoke paragraph 3.2.3 of the Registrar Agreement []. The Registrar then has ten days to provide a data dump of all their registrations, allowing bulk transfer of a failing registrar's data to another registrar.

    • Update of sorts...I have it on good authority that John and Glen are meeting with ICANN today to resolve the issues caused by Kevin Medina. It should be no surprise to those that work in datacenters, that one person with all the passwords can bring down almost everything, and apparently that is what Kevin did. Violating trust in such a way as we have seen here is the worst kind of nightmare. [] - sign-up as a member and click the "Support Form" link to the upper top right of the homepag
  • by Anonymous Coward
    There are a lot of phishy goings on in the registrar business. I'm not a squatter myself so I don't transfer domains in and out of registrars on a daily basis. I just have one domain. ItsYourDomain is where I'm at now. Haven't been screwed yet. Slightly more expensive than GoDaddy, but it seems to be run by real people. I'm sure there are some other good, maybe even better ones. Sort of like I'm not convinced bash is the best shell, but its good enough that Its not worth my time to research anything else. U
    • Yeah, but so what? I've got like 8 domains w/ RegisterFly, and honestly i hadn't had a single problem with them ever (well there was a payment oddity, but that's cause the "country" drop down on their payment page wants the country you are submitting the form from, not the country the credit card you're using is from). I was extremely surprised to get the eNom letter notifying me that i had to transfer to them or my domains would be orphaned. I thought it was a phishing attempt at first.

      Now that it see
    • by mrmeval ( 662166 )
      I've had dyndns for a long time now and used it for free for a while. I've registered one domain now and have had no issues.
  • Should have been obvious really - give a dog a bad name.
  • I registered a .CA domain with them and they were abolutely clueless about it. I didn't receive my inital CIRA e-mail necessary to activate the domain until I filed a support ticket for it. When I tried to renew it a year later, the renewal failed repeatedly. And instead of the support people trying to fix it, they would refund my money and tell me to try again. In several cases they charged me twice. I gave up and transfered away a couple months ago. I still had some money left in their broken 'quick check
  • I have also been burned by RegisterFly. After months of trying to negotiate with their support department over one specific domain, I had my lawyer send a demand letter... the letter was marked return to sender, the "RegisterFly Legal Department" address didn't exist or didn't accept the letter. To this day, I still have yet to regain control of this domain. I was however able to move the remainder of my domains over to eNom after this mess started happening, and they have provided me with excellent servic
  • While RegisterFly was still part of eNom, everything was fine and dandy. During that time they had a 800 customer support line, and were very responsive. I never had any problems with them that weren't solved in a 5-10 minute phone call.
    Later, after they became a "Certified" registrar, problems started occurring. Items I purchased in my cart charged my PayPal account, but were never actually recorded as purchases. This happened 3 times before I got ticked off and tried calling, note that they no longer had
    • iirc on a transfer you have to buy an extra year but that gets added to your domains existing expiry date not to the date you made the transfer so you don't really lose anything other than a negligable ammount of interest on the money by transfering sooner rather than later.

      i've learnt the hard way that with troublesome registrars a transfer just before expiry is a bad idea for both your sanity and your chances of keeping the domain, make the transfers while you still have plenty of time left to deal with s
  • Registerfly is one the few registrars that has earned a
    blacklist-on-sight policy for any domain registered with
    it. Their complete failure to take any action against any
    domain -- for spamming, spyware, phishing, and worse --
    indicates to me that the registrar is run by incompetent amateurs.

    I won't recommend another registrar because I don't want
    it to seem like I'm shillling for them; but I'll recommend also
    avoiding GoDaddy, Bulkregister, GKG, Nameking and Domains at Cost
    simply to avoid sending someone from f
    • by nuzak ( 959558 )
      enom in general (of which RF was til recently a reseller) has been a haven for spammers -- their reputation is horrendous. There's worse though: if you really want to register and host blatant phishing domains, Yahoo seems to be the place to go.

      I used to applaud GoDaddy for how they would bring the mallet down on bulk spammer registrations, but after seeing how they behave in general now, I wouldn't trust them to tell me the time. enom's lack of action suddenly seems benign in comparison (though I still t
    • by bjb ( 3050 )
      I had a problem with RegisterFly a few years ago. Through some unknown problem on their end, the hosting of my domain was off-line for WEEKS with no real response from support staff. They repeatedly told me that they were upgrading my service (and why does a server upgrade take more than 1 day?). Later the excuse was that RegisterFly was purchased by another company and they were in transition.

      Luckily, I had the domain registration with another company, so I was able after nearly a month of no service to

  • I've worked with Network Solutions, 1&1, GoDaddy,, and others... honestly I have been dissatisfied with all of them. Back in the day, Netsol was the only game in town, but that's not true anymore. But in the full range, either the service or system sucks (e.g. 1&1), it's too expensive (e.g. Netsol, Enom), or I really detest their advertising (e.g. GoDaddy).

    So now I use [] for a few reasons: the prices are decent, the DNS controls are actually intelligent and usable (unli

    • It looks as if they are reselling for GoDaddy? I only have about 30 domains at Registerfly but I'm intending on moving them over to Dotster. (after some more searching on user experiences there)
      • Hmm... I'll have to ask. I remember them mentioning a couple reseller names and they definitely didn't include GoDaddy.
        • Yes they are reselling GoDaddy. If you look at the whois entry for you see the following clues:

          Sponsoring Registrar: WILD WEST DOMAINS, INC.
          Name Server: NS3.SECURESERVER.NET
          Name Server: NS4.SECURESERVER.NET

          Wild West Domains and are both names used by GoDaddy for their reseller programs.
  • you can't trust anyone with "fly" in their name.

    ...oh, wait.
  • They were a complete scam. I lost two business domains because of them, and got charged for the renewal at the same time. It was such a surprise to find out how easy it is these days to commit a fraud... Good lesson though.
  • Glad I've been using GKG.NET [] for years.

    Their prices compare to other registrars (including GoDaddy) as far as domain names are concerned. I've never had a problem with them. They've been in business over 14 years, so if you are looking for a new registrar, give GKG.NET [] a try.

  • Suddenly and are unresolved - or is it just me? Anyone have their IP address?
    • I'm the webmaster at Registerflies. We are not down. Just propagation of new nameservers is the issue. Please follow these instructions to view the site: Please follow these directions. The site had to be moved and you may be on the old server as the propagated nameserves haven't reached the world yet. Please follow these instructions to see the new site on the new server: You will need the domain name (eg:, and the IP address of the target server. Make sure you close a
  • Our site is not down. Been some propagation of new nameserver issues that have not fully made it to the world. We had 6 hours notice of this and registered new nameservers and moved site to dedicated server to handle the increased traffic. Below are some useful instructions.

    Please follow these directions. The site had to be moved and you may be on the old server as the propagated nameserves haven't reached the world yet.

    Please follow these instructions to see the new site on the new server:

    You will need
    • by wboelen ( 916816 )
      Step-by-step instructions... you must be new here :) More seriously: you could just post the ip address, most people here don't flip out like crazed ninjas when they aren't confronted with a couple of nice English words plus .com :) Also, I'm not going to add some random site to my hosts file for one single visit. PS: I get "Apache Is Working" on
  • This is nuts...why can't you just post the ip address of the new site? It's not That's just a placeholder page on the server. Have you put up the content yet?
    • by sunset ( 182117 )
      You can't just browse to [] because it's a name-based virtual host. The server will not take you to the right site without the correct name in the URL. That's why the webmaster is telling you to add the entry to your hosts file.
    • that's the ip address. The content is up and the site is active. Again, these nameservers were new as of 4:00pm est. yesterday.

      If you don't find my post to assist you in this useful enough, please wait 24 to 48 hours for everything to propagate through it's natural course on the net. Thank you!
  • I fell for these guys because of the cheap price and over 3 years of doing business they have been the absolute worst registrar I have ever used. Switched to godaddy right after this fiasco (lost about 5 domains... dont care that much they were useless anyways). I know godaddy gets a lot of shit too, but compared to registerfly, they are like registrar angels.

    Registerfly's main problem (besides this fiasco) is their horrendously bad website. For years it took 15 seconds per page request to edit changes on a
  • I had three domains at registerfly and clicked the links provided in eNoms e-mails to registerfly accounts. They read like this: ".... registerfly is going down in flames ... click this link to move your domain to eNom .... have a nice day ... " Note that I got the e-mail only once, and the links in the e-mails contained some authorisation code that was bound to the domain names. I don't know if it is now better at eNom or if I can push the domains from eNom to somewhere else, but at least it seems I am o
    • Update:

      eNom also allows you to get the Auth code, and I started to move my domains. All looks fine by using eNom, but I am still curious if something goes wrong.
  • I hope it was only due to heavy load and someone will help the admin who has put together and maintained the site out of his own pocket.

Due to lack of disk space, this fortune database has been discontinued.