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16 Interviews With Linux Kernel Hackers 72

DeviceGuru writes "The Linux Foundation has published a series of video interviews from the annual Linux Kernel Summit held Sept. 15-16 in Portland, Oregon. In the videos, 16 developers — including Linux creator Linus Torvalds — discuss their kernel development activities. Other kernel hackers interviewed include Rafael Wysocki, Chris Mason, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Mathieu Desnoyers, Paul Mackerras, John Linville, Stephen Rothwell, Kristen Accardi, Dirk Hohndel, Dave Jones, David Miller, Len Brown, Jon Corbet, Frank Eigler, and Ted Tso. A detailed report on the Summit can be found at LWN. Lots of interesting insights into the status and future of Linux!"
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16 Interviews With Linux Kernel Hackers

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  • Wake up and smell the coffee!
  • Are there text versions of the interviews available, too?

  • by kwabbles ( 259554 ) on Saturday November 15, 2008 @01:14PM (#25771117)

    Did anyone else here have their eardrums destroyed after turning the volume up to 11 to hear Linus mumble and that music starts blasting at the end? I think I'm bleeding now.

  • "hackers"? (Score:1, Flamebait)

    I know this is a nice and positive use of the word "hacker" but aren't they really "developers"?

    "Linux Hackers", at least of the Black Hat veriety, conjures up images of people who change the Linux Kernel to include features like key-logging and undetectable remote login...

    I guess we could call them Linux Hackers of the White Hat variety, but then the "hacker" part still implies that they are outsideres who are making changes to someone else's code. It sounds like these guys are the original developers
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      It sounds like these guys are the original developers, and not hackers ... or am I being too pedantic?

      Actually, you're not being pedantic enough. See The Meaning of 'Hack' [catb.org] in The Jargon File.

      Real hackers don't wear hats.

      • by Yfrwlf ( 998822 )
        Semantics. How about just call them geeks because they're knowledgeable about computers, and be done with it. ^^
  • by omb ( 759389 ) on Saturday November 15, 2008 @04:20PM (#25772211)
    This is it, I have had enough, I can read about 100 times faster than I can make sense of rambeling audio. Whichever marketing-droid thinks unprepared semi-monologues can substitute for well thought out papers needs to fail his MBA, and be drummed out of the community in ignominy.

    The only place for this is good lectures, think Hawking, Richard_Feynman and short bio bits, eg I am Linus, this is Tove and thats the dog ... 5 seconds

    The recent Obama campaign shows that audio-visual clips can be very good, with expensive speach writers, tele-prompters and good producers, this takes lots of preparaton and money but all pointing a cam at an un-prepared speaker results in is sad junk.

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