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Unemployment Claims Crash State Web Sites 233

1sockchuck writes "A sign of the times: a surge in filings for unemployment benefits has crashed online application systems in four states this week. Web sites in Ohio, New York, Kentucky and North Carolina have been knocked offline by unusually high volumes of jobless claims. Phone applications systems appearing to be faring even worse in many states. The thin silver lining: states are hiring workers for phone banks and buying new servers to prop up their web sites."
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Unemployment Claims Crash State Web Sites

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  • and yet I'm able to get first post? This can't be right.

    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      FAIL. And that's the problem. Too many dickheads try to file the frist unemployment claim at once and jam up the system. See what it did to your "first"?
      • When did the word "fail" acquire its new usages as a noun and an adjective? I'm going to use the word "failure" and sound like an old person because you damn kids keep saying "fail".

        • While we're at it, why not abolish every other tired meme and murder of the English language and be reduced to drab, sterile Ben Stein-speak?
  • by SoundGuyNoise ( 864550 ) on Wednesday January 07, 2009 @11:42PM (#26367855) Homepage
    Unemployment Clerk (Bea Arthur): "Did you bullshit this week?"
    Comicus (Mel Brooks): "No."
    Clerk: "Did you try to bullshit this week?"
    Comicus: "Yes!"
  • Slashdotted (Score:5, Funny)

    by dmomo ( 256005 ) on Wednesday January 07, 2009 @11:54PM (#26367961)

    Well, when it's back up, someone make sure it gets on the front page of Slashdot.

  • Don't you think it would be easier if the IRS/State data plus a new required e-form from the employer were in place so that the state unemployment people could start the claim immediately if the company does not contest, and send the claimant their paperwork if there's going to be a showdown.
    • "if the company does not contest"

      That always bugged me. I pay into the pool, If I leave a company, for ANY reason, I should be able to use those benefits.

      Luckily, when I was fired from my last job, they did not contest (they couldn't show any wrongdoing on my part, just that my manager after a reorg didn't like me too much). But I still had to tell the interviewers that I was fired. Stupid company ego.

  • Sure, unemployment is meant to be confusing and hard to get to. They set time limits on when you can log on not because their servers can't take it, but because they want you awake for a few minutes during those hours and proving you're in the state you belong in. Anything to get you disqualified...

    But, the average human can beat that system and cash with about half the pay they had before, all for the only work being looking for a job like the one you left... not something you weren't going to do. And you'

    • by Qzukk ( 229616 )

      all for the only work being looking for a job like the one you left

      Most states unemployment rules make you take the first job that comes along, whether it was like the one you left or not.

      • True, but they don't insist a computer programmer look at Burger King and they don't really expect Burger King to take them either. You have to accept the first offer you get, but there's nobody blindly throwing offers around to get people off of unemployment.

        So, the moral is not to apply to anything you wouldn't want to end up getting and ending your time on unemployment... but there's plenty of "well, that'll never get looked at" bins on monster.com to satisfy most states.

  • 1. Economy Tanks
    2. Banks Fail
    3. People lose jobs
    4. People get unemployment checks
    5. People take checks to banks.
    7. Economy Tanks
    8. Banks Fail...

  • Wasn't the whole point of outsourcing data-ops to "the cloud" was so that the same hardware and network could be serving football video streams one day, and taking in business (or going-out-of-business) paperwork the next?

    Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

    • Wasn't the whole point of outsourcing data-ops to "the cloud" was so that the same hardware and network could be serving football video streams one day, and taking in business (or going-out-of-business) paperwork the next?

      No, the whole point of "the cloud" was to get a new buzzword for salesmen and consultants.

      Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

      Because then you'd need to invent a new buzzword. "The cloud" is short and nice-sounding, so better milk it for all it's worth, especially in this economy.

  • Bean counters (Score:3, Insightful)

    by zogger ( 617870 ) on Thursday January 08, 2009 @02:47AM (#26368923) Homepage Journal

    The upcoming administration is making noises they will be giving employers some sort of tax break or stimulus to "create jobs" and hire more people (up to 3 thousand bucks a job!). So..maybe it isn't far fetched to think a lot of the folks being laid off now will be rehired once this new tax break dodge starts back up again. Just a thought..

  • I don't have to wait for a site to become too busy to have connection frustrations. I've got Comcast. Every morning when I try to hook up to the net with my cable modem I have time to boil water and make coffee before I can hook into Comcast. It seems that with HD TV and phone service over cable they simply have everyone in my area waiting, waiting, waiting for their machines to hook up upon request. Class Action Law SUITs are beginning to appeal to me.

  • for the last 2 weeks the unemployment website in Connecticut was totally unusable on sundays.
  • Just keep retrying. It's not like you've got anything better to do today.

In the future, you're going to get computers as prizes in breakfast cereals. You'll throw them out because your house will be littered with them.