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gOS Gadget Aims Ubuntu At Cloud Computing 36

DeviceGuru writes "The gOS project has released version 3.1 of its Ubuntu-based Google-centric distribution. The release draws its packages from the Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) repositories, but adds a bright green theme and a few alterations in default applications, but more importantly adorns its desktop with numerous gadgets based on the Mozilla Prism project along with an animated application-launch icon set based on the wbar project."
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gOS Gadget Aims Ubuntu At Cloud Computing

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  • A whole distribution for something that they could probably have done with a couple of deb and a meta package?
    And they even made one with MySpace application instead of Google.

    Do I need a third pc if I want to poke someone on Facebook?
    • by Hatta ( 162192 )

      Yes indeed. See also, UbuntuStudio, Mythbuntu, Crunchbang, gNewSense, etc.

      Of course, you could say the same thing about Ubuntu with respect to Debian.

    • by Yfrwlf ( 998822 )
      It's just software and should be available for anyone to easily install. Having that selection of software come default bundled in an ISO is useful though if that's where you want your "starting point" for the software you want to be.
  • There's a liveCD so I'll download it and try it on my old Dell laptop, which I plan to update to openSuSE 11.1 (from 11.0) anyways.

    Has anyone tried this yet, though? Does it actually work and "in seconds of turning your computer on" can you get online, while it loads another operating system in the background?

    That sounds pretty cool, I have to say. It'd be really cool, too, if I put the liveCD onto a USB drive and boot from there, seems like that'd be even faster and cooler.

    Anyways.. anyone tried the d

    • Has anyone tried this yet, though?

      I tried it in Nov. 2007, and wrote this review []. At that time, gOS was by far the worst part of the WalMart PC that came with gOS preinstalled. I don't know how much that's improved since then. Their site says this is the third revision of the OS. I did notice that in the new screenshots, they've fixed one annoying usability problem I encountered, which was that the three buttons to maximize, kill, and minimize a window all looked the same. One thing to watch out for is tha

      • Mmm, I meant specifically Cloud, not gOS. But thanks, it looks like people are mostly (except you, who actually did try gOS) going by the screenshots...

  • "gOS Gadgets" [] (not "Gadget")... sorry about the typo (duh!)

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