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Idle Technology

Man Drowns After GPS Guides Him Into a Lake 2

The latest example of people blindly following their GPS into danger has ended in tragedy. A 37-year-old Senegalese man drove himself and a companion into a lake, killing the driver. From the article: "Apparently, it was a very dark night in a bad rural road. The man was a foreigner who didn't know the area. When he saw the end of the road, it was too late. He didn't have time to stop the car. Perhaps he was going too fast, perhaps it was a sudden turn into the cliff. Whatever it was, I have traveled through these roads and I know how treacherous and bad they are. I'm not surprised that a foreigner fell into such an apparently obvious — but not really — trap."
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Man Drowns After GPS Guides Him Into a Lake

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  • Alright, I'm confused as to why this article seems to have 0 comments, so I figure I'll try posting and see if that gives me a clue.

    Also cause I felt the need to link to the Doctor Who episode that did this a couple years ago: []
  • My local PD has to pull a few people out of a sand trap that used to be a road about 60 years ago. Do the mapping companies have _any_ liability here?

    In related news, my daughter is having trouble at school with their expectation that she submit to erroneous, absolute authority.

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