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Google Launches Apps Certification Program 32

angry tapir writes "Google has launched a program to certify that staffers at Google Apps resellers have specific expertise, knowledge and experience working with the company's hosted collaboration and communication suite. The Google Apps Certification Program will offer badges for various areas of expertise, including Apps deployment, sales, software development and technical support."
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Google Launches Apps Certification Program

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  • Can they check those wallpaper packs for viruses? I keep hearing about how if I download wallpapers from the android market, my phone will be infected.

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Wrong Google Apps :-)

      • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

        Wrong Google Apps :-)

        Actually, for Android, it's called Google Marketplace for differentiation. And it's not "alternative app stores", it's "alternative marketplaces".

        Geez, you'd think with all the Android users out there, they'd at least try to keep their terminology straight.

        In iOS, it's called "App Store" to refer to the iTunes App Store. In Android, it's called "Market" everywhere - it's the Google Marketplace, not Google App Store. Even the URL is, not appstore.

  • M$ ^H^H Google Certified Profiessional

  • I haven't really used Chrome, much. The only time I reach for it is when I want to watch Netflix or something in another browser window, without possibly risking my primary browser crashing or experiencing any problems. Mostly, I've been waiting to make it a bigger part of my life, until they fix the UI (having another button on the top bar for almost every single extension I install is ugly and annoying) and for them to introduce a better tabs solution. Preferably the Panorama stuff Firefox 4.0 uses, but a

    • the last time I launched Chrome, it had a big advertisement for their App store and some specific Apps splashed right across the top, above my bookmarks and previously viewed/most viewed web pages.

      Ugh, it's even worse than that. When you go to add extensions you find yourself in the app store. They added clicks to the basic extension-gathering process in order to show you their store.

      I gave up on Chrome when you had to do stupid stuff to make Notscripts work, and then it STILL didn't work as well as Noscript.

    • That's pretty easy to fix. Just click the collapse arrow next to the apps row, and the Collapse arrow next to the Frequently Viewed row, and it will look almost identical to the old page. (However, I agree that it is kinda annoying.) This change is stored and maintained for all new tabs opened afterwards.
      • by bberens ( 965711 )
        If you hover over the horizontal bar on the "home" screen you can even click a little X on the far right side to completely remove the whole section from the UI. I think the GP was talking about the icons to the right of the address bar though. Currently mine has: the Chrome wrench, Adblock, Amazon Wish List, Google Voice, Gmail, Chromey Calculator, Flashblock, and an RSS subscriber tool. The only things I actually *like* having there are: Chrome wrench, google voice, gmail. *shrug*
      • I've been using "Incredible StartPage", presumably since before all of that happened. The Chrome homepage was nice, but I wanted it to be more configurable..

    • until they fix the UI (having another button on the top bar for almost every single extension I install is ugly and annoying)

      They fixed this. You can drag a small area to the left of the extension icons to reduce the area where icons are shown, so you can only make, say, 3 icons appear and the rest appears in a collapsed menu next to it.

      and for them to introduce a better tabs solution.

      In about:flags, you can change a setting that makes the tabs appear to the left of your browsing session, much like a side bar.

  • by dave562 ( 969951 ) on Thursday February 24, 2011 @04:47PM (#35304902) Journal

    Check out this thread in their support forum regarding the effectiveness of their support. []

    In short, support for Google Apps is hit and miss with the majority of the cases being a miss. Google seems to have zero interest in supporting their product, so they foist the responsibility off on the resellers. The problem is that the resellers run into the same problems as everyone else, and they have to rely on Google for support. Since Google is not really interested in offering support, it is a viscious cycle.

    • heya,


      I can't speak for their paid support, but yeah, I have to agree, their email and forum support is a bit hit and miss. I just assumed that was because I was on Apps Standards.


  • Hey you, yeah you, the freshman in your 3d year at the local JC. You too can get hired by a company on the edge, all you need is this Google cert. on your resume, a mere 100 a test.

    Channel partners interested in having staffers certified need to buy a special, $US45 webcam from Google and pay $100 per person who takes the test. The tests, which last several hours and consist of multiple-choice questions, are monitored live by a Google representative through the webcam. Results are computed as soon as the test is over. Those who pass, receive via e-mail a diploma and access to an official badge graphic. Those who fail are told which areas they need to improve upon.

    Because you know, those cisco and M$ certs are looking dusty.

    Said part is this usually actually works, because managers that hire know dickins about IT tech and it makes them feel comfortable

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