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Australian Research Network Plans For 100Gbps 24

angry tapir writes "The Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet) has announced a wide range of initiatives around network upgrades, collaboration, and mobility as part of a new five-year plan. The plan includes delivering a 100Gbps backbone to its education and research customers, to ensure sufficient 'headroom' for major projects such as the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope."
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Australian Research Network Plans For 100Gbps

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  • They are talking about the network that connects all their universities and colleges to the internet as well as to each other. They'll fill that in a year. 10 x 10Gbps links for a backbone? That should be minimum connection for a site.

    100Gb/s isn't far away and DWDM kit will be capable of this in 5 - 7 years, if they are planning it, this is what they should be planning for.

    • by NNKK ( 218503 )

      I wonder if this might not be getting dumbed down for public consumption.

      Fiber is fiber, and once you have a bunch of good-quality fiber laid down, your theoretical bandwidth is beyond anything we're actually going to use, the trick is waiting for the equipment that hooks up to it to advance.

      It's 100gbps today, but as better gear becomes commercially available, gradual upgrades can bring it towards 1tbps, then 10tbps, then...

      • AARNet was originally run by Optus and was a 45Mbps connection, that's now been taken over by Telstra and they offer 100Mb/s or 1Gb/s connections. Telstra will have to plan this 5 years out as they will have to put fibre / wavelegnths aside on their interstate backhauls to accomodate this. So, the fibre is already there, they just haven't allowed for enough bandwidth to serve the requirements. It's stuff like this that is holding back telecommunications in asia.

    • by Lennie ( 16154 )

      You have to remember Australia is by size-comparison one of the worst connected regions in the world. I doubt their national connections are in much better shape.

      There is 'one' 5.12Tbps 'cable' which delivers almost half of their capacity.

      Funny thing is, not many might be lit, but even something as remote as Svalbard has that much capacity.

      • by Lennie ( 16154 )

        Sorry, I was just looking at that 5.12Tbps which handles Australia and turns out it isn't even in service yet.

      • This isn't really accurate. There is plenty of capacity. Domestic and international. We're a large area but we have a tiny population remember. We have approximately 8 Tbps total to the outside world at the moment but some of it's not even lit, and of the portion that's lit, it's nowhere near fully utilised. And that extra 5.12 Tb cable you mention is due to come online in the next 18 months. So there really isn't a capacity issue in Australia, and per capita, we are connected adequately.

        Svalbard is an oddi

  • ... we'll all be able to max out our connections on something local, before we hit the international bottleneck!
    • The 'international bottleneck' is a bit of a myth. The capacity we have now, on SXC, PPC1, AJC and others, isn't fully utilised. In fact, some of those cables aren't even being close to fully ~lit~. Plus, our total international capacity is due to almost double in the near future as the Pacific Fibre cable project is completed (estimated to be in 2013). ~The particular ISP you are using~ may be too stingy to spend the money on buying enough international capacity (and hence you may experience slower connect

    • To sorta go along with the previous poster, the ISPs don't need to throttle you internationally, latency does that for you. Look up TCP window sizes and have a play with it on your computer and watch your speed go up.

    • by dregs ( 24578 )

      I get 70meg a second at my desk
      (And the Microsoft guys we had in last month, couldn't believe you can download the Windows 7 iso, in under 5 minutes until they all did it themselves)
      I guess it makes up for the crappy pay......

  • but...but...with their porn filter what's the point? j/k

  • ...trying hard to avoid a pirate joke.

  • Hopefully the SKA's IP doesn't land on their national blacklist...

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