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Twitter Adding Music Recommendation 22

An anonymous reader writes "The NY Times reports that Twitter will soon launch a new music recommendation system for users of its service. The company teased the new feature and directed queries to announcement that We Are Hunted, a company focused on music recommendation through social media, would be shutting down and joining the Twitter team. 'Recommendations based on social media interactions have become common throughout digital media for things like restaurants and shopping. Many online music services offer these features as well. Spotify, for example, can broadcast its users' playlists through Facebook. Twitter's advantage, in addition to its size, may lie in the devotion of its customers. "Music is one of the most tweeted topics," said Ted Cohen, a former label executive who is now a consultant to digital music companies. "Discovery is critical to the growth of music, and the new gatekeeper is recommendations from trusted sources."' Oddly, those 'trusted sources' seem to be celebrities with Twitter accounts at the moment, as the system is currently invite-only and restricted to 'influencers.'"
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Twitter Adding Music Recommendation

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  • Audioscrobbler (Score:5, Informative)

    by Black LED ( 1957016 ) on Saturday April 13, 2013 @11:01AM (#43440405)
    I have Audioscrobbler/ for that and it does a pretty good job of recommending new (to me) music that I actually do like.
  • As long as I don't get any more "Sponsored tweets" (or anything else I didn't explicitly ask for), I don't care.
  • I have a problem, I don't hear that much new music. I don't listen to the radio, I don't listen to internet radio stations, and I don't have any friends. So hearing that twitter is going to have new music suggestions from celebrities, I couldn't be happier! If there is anyone who knows what I will like, it's the rich, super popular celebrities.

    I can't wait, Ashely Tisdale recommends her new album. The Black Eyed Peas recommends their new album! Shit, the Rolling Stones recommends their new albu

    • by antdude ( 79039 )

      Same here. I have about 1,832 FAVORITE songs I listen to. I think I have enough. :) However, I am looking for new trance music videos and tunes though (free)! Those are hard to find.

  • Twitter to become even more annoying and spammy.

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