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World Solar Challenge To Start In Less Than Two Weeks 26

SustainableJeroen writes "On October 6th, the 2013 World Solar Challenge will start. This year, 43 teams (more than ever before) from 24 countries around the world will compete in this biannual 3000 km road event, which runs from Darwin to Adelaide. In both 2009 and 2011, Tokai University (Japan), Nuon Solar Team (the Netherlands) and University of Michigan Solar Car Team (USA) finished in first, second and third position, respectively. Who will win this year? We'll know for sure on October 13th, the end of the event. Team details (photos, car specifications, links to websites) can be found here."
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World Solar Challenge To Start In Less Than Two Weeks

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  • I haven't followed this race in a very long time though, I do remember GM's Sunraycer back in 1987. My question is: what has changed in the past twenty-six years? From a quick look on Wikipedia I see that the average speeds are higher but nothing like double what they were back when I was a kid. Is it safe to assume that the improvements made have been largely incremental? Are we talking about an ever so slightly more refined design every two years, better solar tech, better drag calculations? Please don't
    • I see that the average speeds are higher but nothing like double what they were back when I was a kid

      It's a public road with other traffic so the cars have to stick to a speed limit. It's also no Autobahn or US highway but instead a fairly cheap per km ordinary paved road.
      I don't know what speed the cars could do circling a racetrack but they are not on a racetrack so they have to stay under the speed limit.

      • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

        Rather than forcing them to stick to the speed limit they should start introducing other factors that will slow the vehicles down. Things like introducing the additional mass of a passenger/navigator (ensuring driver/passenger mass is uniform across all vehicles by introducing weights to balance them out to a set minimum mass). Perhaps look at including some off bitumen back roads to test suspension (including energy recovery) and vehicle durability.

        To keep things focused around design, any technology us

        • by catprog ( 849688 )

          They used to be able to lie down. Now they have to be sitting.

          • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

            Checked on the web site after making the comment and the cruiser class (two person) seems very interesting and the way to go, the vehicles must achieve road registrable classification in the country of origin. So overnight recharge allowed to allow for lights, indicators. Definitely the class the incorporates greater overall design elements.

    • by tocsy ( 2489832 )


      There have been quite a few rules changes since then, and a lot of them have been to make the race more difficult. A couple of the big rules are 1) drivers must be sitting up now instead of lying down, and 2) the area of solar cells on a car is limited to, I think, 3 square meters this year. I think the 3 square meter rule is new this past year or two, so even the two cars that I drove (I raced in the North American races back in 2009 and 2010) would not be legal since we had around 5-6 square meters

  • " will compete in this biannual 3000 km road event"

    I think you mean BIENNIAL!

    Biannual means every six months.
  • A new solar car is ready to be put to the test. A team of mechanical engineers from MIT is preparing their creation for Australia's World Solar Challenge. Eleanor was born in a dull basement underneath some labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT. But Eleanor is ready for a bright challenge as she's to compete in the 'World Solar Challenge' next September. The solar challenge is a grueling 7-day, 3,000-kilometer car race across the Australian Outback. The race is a testing gr
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