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Online Streaming As Profitable As TV, Disc Sales By Charging Just a $15 Flat Fee 160

Lucas123 writes "A new report shows that if movie production houses charged a $15 monthly fee to just 45% of the world's online subscribers, they could rake in just as much cash as they currently do through TV downloads and disc sales. That equates to $29.4 billion. 'Movie producers have little to fear from online distribution in the long term,' the report states. 'It is the distribution part of the movie business that should be worried because online distribution will replace a sizable portion of their current industry.' According to the report's hypothetical model, the $15 fee would offer open access to all movie content — meaning instant online access to all movies that have been ever produced, 'along with new releases as they come out.'"
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Online Streaming As Profitable As TV, Disc Sales By Charging Just a $15 Flat Fee

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  • by thewolfkin ( 2790519 ) on Friday January 24, 2014 @01:43PM (#46058163) Homepage Journal

    Are people in China going to agree to this? 45% of the entire world's internet subscriber base strikes me as absurd.

    Sure if Photoshop sold for $3 to every single person who owns a PC they would make way more money than if they sold their software for several hundred dollars. But it's not going to happen.

    for $3 I'd pay $5 a copy and pass out legal copies to everyone I meet. I would do it so hard. I might spend hundreds of dollars making sure everyone I've ever met has Photoshop. It wouldn't even make sense but I'd do it.

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