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Job Postings Offer Clues to Future of Google Fiber 38

New submitter Admiral Jimbob McGif writes Even as a massive firestorm burns uncontrollably threatening to scorch the very foundations of the internet with AT&T indefinitely halting future GigaPower FTTH rollouts due to uncertainty over the future of net neutrality and the Obama administration proposing to regulate the internet under Title 2, highly suggestive jobs were recently added to Google Careers.

These Google Fiber related positions include: "City Manager", "Community Impact Manager" and "Plant Manager" in all potential Google Fiber cities. Perplexing inconsistences abound, such as Portland, Phoenix, San Jose and Atlanta positions being listed as local. Whereas San Antonio, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Nashville are listed as telecommute positions.

One is inclined to speculate as to what these job postings mean despite Google's disclaimer: "Not all cities where we're exploring hiring a team will necessarily become Google Fiber cities." Would Google post jobs as an act of posturing much like AT&T's supposed "Gigabit smoke screen" bluff? Or, should we expect to see these so called Fiber Huts springing up like so many mushrooms after a heavy rain in an additional 9 metro areas?

At the rate Google is going, is it too soon to speculate over Fiber Dojos popping up in Japan?
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Job Postings Offer Clues to Future of Google Fiber

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  • Fiber Dojos in Japan and Fiber Taco Stands in Mexico and Fiber Curling Centers in Canada, oh my!

    • could do with turning down the cutesy hyperbole meanwhile over in the real world its reckoned that the traditional pstn with be dead and gone in ten years replaced by 100% ip
  • by swm ( 171547 ) <> on Sunday December 14, 2014 @02:33PM (#48594823) Homepage

    Long ago, I worked for a little company in one state, that bought a big company in another state (don't ask), and the big company had a union shop. At some point they were trying to negotiate something with the union, and they weren't getting what they wanted, so the next week they advertise 300 job openings in the local city paper, like they were going to move the entire shop in-state and just cut the union loose.

    Nothing ever came of it.

    • The job postings may or may not be fictional, but the Telecoms won't be able to tell the difference.

      As is typical for the monopoly giants, expect to see a large push for their own services in the cities where Google job postings are springing up. While it -might- be a bluff on Googles part, it is definitely a cheap way to get your competition to spend a lot of money to expand their infrastructure which is long overdue. ( Looking at you there 4MB/s is fast enough AT&T )

      Sort of stoking the fire if you
  • good way to get H1B workers in and then after hire you can say move to CA at your own cost in 1 week or your gone. H1B must keep the job or be kicked out of the usa.

  • Even as a massive firestorm burns uncontrollably threatening to scorch the very foundations of the internet....

    Bennett Haselton fans rejoice. We have a new candidate for the most incoherent and mangled prose ever posted to Slashdot.

    • I'd say my submission was a bit flowery and hyperbolic in its opening statement, but not mangled and incoherent. Mostly overly dramatic, as a metaphor like "scorched foundations" perhaps implies a bit more damage than AT&T dropping the ball with their gigabit fiber deployment. It's not like the internet is set to shut down or anything similarly serious. That having been said, for the true internet connoisseur, perhaps this country's gigabit rollout IS important enough to warrant such strong analogies.

  • This job needs to be local because google has a tax law problem in Oregon that it has to overcome.

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