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Google To Reopen Maps To User Edits, With an Anti-Abuse Plan 28

jfruh writes: When Google opened up its Maps to user edits, a lot of useful information got added — along with plenty of spam and outright abuse, some of it obscene, which led to the program being shut down. Now the company is planning to reopen things to user input, recruiting local mappers that they're calling "regional leads" to filter out problematic content.
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Google To Reopen Maps To User Edits, With an Anti-Abuse Plan

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 14, 2015 @09:43AM (#50107335)

    Don't care about user edits.

    Bring back the old interface.

    The new interface gets in the way of so much. The "Classic Google Maps" was a well designed interface that worked really really well. Except for one thing: when you clicked to search on something it didn't automatically give you a search result for a place on the map that you could see. I'm sure that didn't help Google make money as much as the new one does.

    The "New Google Maps feedback" has obviously been ignored because Google have not responded to any of the issues that they listed but users continue to ask for it. I wonder why?

    A tip for how to go to your mapping website of choice:
    1) Start with
    2) Enter into the search bar "bing maps" or "mapquest"
    3) Click on the link to go to Bing Maps or Mapquest

    • by Anonymous Coward

      The new Google Maps is the worst. It is so incredibly irritating to use, mostly because of that fucking box that is constantly re-sizing itself.

      Google will NOT listen to your feedback. You're not the customer.

      Try this (make a bookmark with the JavaScript):

      • by houghi ( 78078 )

        As with so many classic layouts, I am sure this will be disabled as well.

        Not only do they not want you to use the old layout, they are activaly going out of their way of blocking it one by one.
        So not even everything together, they just notice one thing is used and then it is blocked so everybody goes on to the next one.

        But what did we expect from google when you saw how they raped dejanews.

    • by wbr1 ( 2538558 )
      More annoying is the auto crap textured fake 3d in satellite view. Please let me turn that off and not have 4 polygon tree tops blocking my view.
  • There are some new footpaths in my area that I haven't been able to add, and it's been driving me nuts!

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Add them to openstreetmap instead. That way we can all benefit from it, notnjust Google.

      • OSM has similar issues. People who add to OSM are often morons about what they add. Creating new types like "yes" instead of using actual types. Translators from OSM to something more useful like a file geodatabase or shapefiles often get the geometry wrong, too. For example, creating a linear lake (the perimeter) rather than a more appropriate polygon. So, OSM has significant issues when trying to use it for non-casual purposes. On the other hand, it is generally the most complete set and that can he
  • []

    Personally I have been lobbying my city council to put in a park/greenspace shaped like this.

  • by martiniturbide ( 1203660 ) on Tuesday July 14, 2015 @10:02AM (#50107495) Homepage Journal
    Compared to the Google Maps GUI to include elements and areas was falling behind. Did anybody knows if the GUi was improved on the last months?
    • by MrL0G1C ( 867445 )

      I won't be making any amendments, the last times I amended incorrect info, Google switched straight back to the wrong info.

      Why bother?

  • ...just hire people in each region to enter map data? This is a company that makes 50 billion in revenue. I just don't get how they can be so stingy with collecting data for their mapping service so they can spy on me. It's the same with Apple. How can they release a mapping platform and not even bother to hire someone in London to check that all the stations on the Northern line were there.

  • 'Nuff said...

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