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AMD Radeon R9 Nano: 6 Inches Of High-Priced, High-Performance Graphics 26

Vigile writes: Back when AMD announced it would be producing an even smaller graphics card than the Fury X, but based on the same full-sized Fiji GPU, many people wondered just how they would be able to pull it off. Using 4096 stream processors, a 4096-bit memory bus with 4GB of HBM (high bandwidth memory) and a clock speed rated "up to" 1000 MHz, the new AMD Radeon R9 Nano looked to be an impressive card. Today, PC Perspective has a review of the R9 Nano and though there are some quirks, including pronounced coil whine and a hefty $650 price tag, it offers nearly the same performance as the non-X Radeon R9 Fury card at 100 watts lower TDP! It is able to do that by dynamically adjusting the clock speed from ~830 MHz to 1000 MHz depending on the workload, always maintaining a peak power draw of just 175 watts. All of this is packed into a 6 inch PCB — smaller than any other enthusiast class GPU to date, making it a perfect pairing for SFF cases that demand smaller components. The R9 Nano is expensive though with the same asking price as AMD's own R9 Fury X and the GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Readers have also submitted links to reviews at Hot Hardware and Tom's Hardware.
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AMD Radeon R9 Nano: 6 Inches Of High-Priced, High-Performance Graphics

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  • Real life, still.
  • by jandrese ( 485 )
    Most SFF cases I've seen don't have two slots for the video card. At best you're going to be covering up your only other expansion slot with this card. Most SFF power supplies aren't set up to feed 175W cards either. I can see this being useful in a specialist setting, like a gamer STB, but as a drop in replacement for people with SFF machines it's going to be problematic.
    • by xenotransplant ( 4179011 ) on Thursday September 10, 2015 @10:13AM (#50494263)
      Silverstone, fractal design, coolermaster, corsair, bitfenix, phanteks, lian-li, jonsbo (rosewill/cooltek). These are all manufacturers of SFF chassis with room for a full size high-power GPU. Silverstone makes a 600 watt SFF power supply with enough amps on the 12v rail to push a gtx 980 ti. You might be out of the loop.
    • I don't see much point in cramming things too tight. I like keeping things quiet, and the usual way is via larger coolers. Of course, better power efficiency is also great, but why offset a small TDP with smaller size, when you could get things even quieter?
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