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US Navy Limits Use of Whale-Harming Sonar 35

An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Navy has agreed to new limits on its use of sonar and explosives in certain areas of the Pacific. Sonar is known to be capable of disrupting communication between whales and other sea life. There have also been incidents in the past where explosives have killed dolphins that got too close to a training exercise. A Navy spokesperson said, "Recognizing our environmental responsibilities, the Navy has been, and will continue to be, good environmental stewards as we prepare for and conduct missions in support of our national security." The new agreement (PDF) also requires quick reviews of the Navy's activities if there are marine-life deaths in the future.
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US Navy Limits Use of Whale-Harming Sonar

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  • ... the navy probably figured out that several kilowatts of sonar was just a great beacon for enemy anti ship weapons.

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