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Google Cloud

Google Launches Cloud Dataproc, a Managed Spark and Hadoop Big Data Service 18

An anonymous reader writes: Google has a new cloud service for running Hadoop and Spark called Cloud Dataproc, which is being launched in beta today. The platform supports real-time streaming, batch processing, querying, and machine learning. Techcrunch reports: "Greg DeMichillie, director of product management for Google Cloud Platform, told me Dataproc users will be able to spin up a Hadoop cluster in under 90 seconds — significantly faster than other services — and Google will only charge 1 cent per virtual CPU/hour in the cluster. That's on top of the usual cost of running virtual machines and data storage, but as DeMichillie noted, you can add Google's cheaper preemptible instances to your cluster to save a bit on compute costs. Billing is per-minute, with a 10-minute minimum."
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Google Launches Cloud Dataproc, a Managed Spark and Hadoop Big Data Service

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  • So in order to max out someone's billing, just run a query that will take half a second or few once every ten minutes to make sure that "ten minute minimum" is applied throughout every hour of the day. :(

    • Nowadays Billing is tough and old way to pay on hand. You should have to pay online via card or something else. Pay for securing the data in the drive.
  • How is it pronounced?

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