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Saudi Arabia Almost Bought Hacking Team 26

itwbennett writes: If hacked emails posted by WikiLeaks are to be believed, the Saudi Arabian government came close to buying control of Italian surveillance software company Hacking Team, Philip Wilan reports. 'The negotiations were handled by Wafic Said, a Syrian-born businessman based in the U.K. who is a close friend of the Saudi royal family, and also involved Ronald Spogli, a former U.S. ambassador to Italy, who had an indirect investment in Hacking Team,' writes Wilan. The deal collapsed in early 2014.
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Saudi Arabia Almost Bought Hacking Team

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    • So ambiguous... did he buy it from another store instead? Did he buy another vacuum from Walmart instead? Did he buy another vacuum from another store? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!
  • Just in case you're not familiar with the name: [] [] []

    If you have access to 80s & 90s UK newspaper archives, there are many more contemporary reports which are interesting reading.

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