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Boot Camps Introducing More Women To Tech (dice.com) 196

Nerval's Lobster writes: A new study from Course Report suggests that boot camps are introducing more women to the tech-employment pipeline. Data for the study came from 769 graduates from 43 qualifying coding schools (a.k.a. boot camps). Some 66 percent of those graduates reported landing a full-time job that hinged on skills learned at the boot camp. Although the typical "bootcamper" is 31 years old, with 7.6 years of work experience, relatively few had a job as a programmer before participating in a boot camp. Perhaps the most interesting data-point from Course Report, though, is that 36 percent of "bootcampers" are women, compared to 14.1 percent coming into the tech industry via undergraduate programs. Bringing more women and underrepresented groups into the tech industry is a stated goal of many companies. Over the past few years, these companies' diversity reports have bemoaned how engineering and leadership teams skew overwhelmingly white and male. Proposed strategies for the issue include adjusting how companies recruit new workers; boot camps could also quickly deepen the pool of potential employees with the right skills.
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Boot Camps Introducing More Women To Tech

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    It's Friday on the east coast, so I guess we are back to Feminism Fridays.

    • "Attention team. I know all of you have been programmers for years, and hold Bachelors and Masters degrees in CS. But you're also all male, and that's a problem. So to improve diversity on the team, we're bringing in Janice here. Janice is an formerly unemployed housewife who took a 12-week programming bootcamp. She'll be helping us with out new phone firmware update. Say hi to your new team Janice."

      "I can Ruby on Rails!"

      "Great, Janice. She'll be in charge now guys. And remember to treat her with respect an

      • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

        "I'm gonna straw-man 'diversity' to pretend it means hiring people who aren't qualified. Look at how stupid and oversensitive women are.

        Y'all better listen quietly and agree with me, or you're an SJW"


  • by Anonymous Coward

    Know what other fields are overwhelmingly male-dominated? Mining. Law enforcement. Personal security. Emergency services. Construction. Garbage collecting. Won't feminists try to fix the gap there? Nah, of course not... they only want the safe, well-paid, glamorous jobs.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Do not comment on these articles or they will continue forever.
    Pass them by. If you agree, reply with the code word "GIBLETS"

  • Yawn. (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Normally as an employee in the field it would be logical for me to be against these things as they increase the supply of labor which drives down my salary theoretically.

    But being a long time employee in the field, I know it doesn't work the way these people think it works. You can't just pop in to your local coding boot camp after working for 10 years as an apartment manager or secretary and start crapping out code.

    Somebody who grew up spending countless hours nerding out and went from hobby->job will a

    • by Anonymous Coward

      With special Social Justice googles and code of conduct you can pretend that god-awful code churned out by the recent quota-hire and darling of the diversity programme is actually genius. If you disagree, you're a racist/sexist.

  • It's ALWAYS going to be mostly white as long as people keep making other races "white" to prop up the agenda they're pushing.

  • I'd just like to say...fuck dice. And their shitty "stories".

    *drops mike*
  • This whole females-in-tech stuff leaves me with a rather bad taste in my mouth. We're discussing this as if we're discussing an increase in population of an endangered specifes. It's not. I think we'd all be better off if girls in tech would be treated as normal human beings. Celebrating each girl entering the field as if she's something special is really very sexist. In that regard I'm glad this was not the result of some strange get-more-girls-in-tech bootcamp but just a regular normal unisex bootcamp. I

    • by Anonymous Coward

      The ironic thing is that all this focus on "women in tech" seems to be forcing the women who are actually good at tech out of the field.

      It's admittedly a small sample size, but all the women I knew who were great at programming have since left the field because they're increasingly uncomfortable with the whole "diversity" crap and they want to be respected for being good at their jobs and not just for being women.

      So we're forcing out the good women techs and replacing them with women who just want to be faw

    • by gay358 ( 770596 )

      These diversity campaigns that are forced down our throats are very annoying and can make the workplace hostile to me. Why should I feel guilty if members of some minorities tend to be less interested in technology than I am, just because I happen to be a white male? As far as I know, I haven't done anything to keep them out and I have instead helped many women and non-white persons. Should I quit my job or commit harakiri? Or am I redeemed, because I also happen to be a gay (and thus a member of an oppress

  • ... the tech industry is a stated goal of many companies. Because reasons.

    Over the past few years, these companies' diversity reports have bemoaned how engineering and leadership teams skew overwhelmingly white and male. Because reasons.

    • by zm ( 257549 )
      Women are also severely underrepresented in mining, oil drilling, heavy equipment operation, fishing, logging, plumbing, transportation and garbage collection. We should work hard to encourage more women to take these well paid jobs.
  • by sabbede ( 2678435 ) on Friday November 13, 2015 @08:15AM (#50920727)
    Tell women they'll get a cute pair of boots and they'll go anywhere. [/teasingmygirlfriend]
  • 1. This is a Dice.com post.
    2. Boot-Camp? Can you think of anything that is more male centric than the term Boot Camp?

  • It'll take awhile to level that out. So, just rounding to make it easier and assuming 50/50 splits on race we have:

    36% white male
    36% white female
    6.5% black male
    6.5% black female
    4.5% mixed male
    4.5% mixed female
    2.5% asian male
    2.5% asian female

    And then we have a really small amount of Native American/Alaskans/Hawaiins/etc...

    So, when we read these articles on how there is too many white males or whites in general in any job, we have to normalize for the existing populations.
  • ... is perpetuate the idea that women still need to somehow be treated differently than men, which is wholly counter-productive to the genuinely respectable goal of gender equality.

    If we want women to be treated as equals in society then people had bloody well better just start treating them as equals... That means that we need to stop fucking focusing on things like disparity in genders in particular fields where there is no technical reason that such disparity should exist. If it does still exist when society is simply treating men and women the same anyways, then who the fuck cares? Stop worrying about stuff that shouldn't matter in the first place and just treat every human being you encounter with the dignity and respect they deserve. Nobody can ask for more than that.

    • In reality, people don't treat women and men the same. People don't treat boys and girls the same. I don't think they ever have or ever will.

      • Yes and maybe that's the point. Some say that just addressing this issue perpetuates it. But if you want equality, you're never going to have it if you put your fingers in your ears and pretend this doesn't happen.

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