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Rail Gun Controller Lets You Pack the Heat of Your Air Soft Gun In Any FPS Game ( 44

MojoKid writes: The cool thing about playing Duck Hunt on the NES back in the day, was that you got to point a plastic gun at the television and shoot directly at fowl or clay discs. It offered a deeper level of immersion than what would have been possible with a standard controller. Such is the pitch for a new Kickstarter project called Rail Gun. Rail Gun is a series of attachments designed to work with your existing Air Soft gun. The pieces attach to any standard Air Soft gun to give you a "truly realistic and immersive experience for FPS games." There are five units that comprise the Rail Gun. The Main Unit houses the power and sensitivity buttons; the Jog Unit has an analog stick, special action button, and a few other components; the Weapon Unit lets you cycle through weapons, walk, drop items, and so forth; the Trigger Unit features the trigger and buttons for jumping, zooming, reloading, and crouching; and the USB Unit is what plugs into your PC or console. The Rail Gun uses fast rotation technology to track your vision based on where you're pointing your Air Soft gun. It also uses an algorithm to enhance aiming by detecting minor hand trembles, and you can adjust the sensitivity of this to your liking.
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Rail Gun Controller Lets You Pack the Heat of Your Air Soft Gun In Any FPS Game

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  • by danomatika ( 1977210 ) on Tuesday December 29, 2015 @03:59PM (#51204231)

    Until we've all got 2D VR treadmills or holodecks, this won't be good enough. I'm sure it *feels* more immersive but you'll still be at the mercy of people with razor sharp mouse/keyboard skills.

    Reminds me of playing Half-Life 2 with a P5 Dataglove [] It was cool and I was aiming the gun and "pulling the trigger" but, like touchpad laptops, your arms get tired pretty quickly ...

    (Relatedly, reminds me of the last time I shot skeet with a 12 gauge. My aim improved remarkably when a friend told me to "click" the skeet like a mouse pointer.)

    • Actually, we've seen something vaguely similar before on the PS3, via its short-lived PS Move accessory. Remember that? The Wii-mote knock-off that nobody bought because it shipped with an unutterably shit Wii Sports knock-off as its launch-title, which required the controller to be recalibrated roughly every 3 picoseconds.

      Thing is, there were (at least) two FPSes which had an option to use the PS Move: Killzone 3 and Resistance 3. The latter, despite being a great game, suffered from a poor implementation

    • Unless the game is designed to move my character's aim independently of where I'm looking, this is a non-starter for me but not because of people who are pro at mouse/keyboard. I mean, if I aim at something that at the top of my field of vision, does that just move my character's head? It sounds too much like the weirdness that is mouse/keyboard with Star Citizen and Freelancer wrt gimbaled weapons.

      Speaking of which, that leads to more problems. Ok, so let's say the game supports this device. So then do

      • "Speaking of which, that leads to more problems. "

        Like little Fatso having to hold up and point a gun for a couple of hours?

  • I want to snap that onto my S&W 357 Magnum. Just to keep the skills in shape while watching the political debates.

  • I didn't know it was loaded!

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