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Facebook Programming

Facebook Hands Out Secret Chat SDK For Virtual Messenger Bots (thestack.com) 17

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook has started giving third-party developers unannounced access to a new development tools kit which allows them to build their own Messenger bots. The Chat Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to create interactive experiences and virtual chat bots which can automatically respond to users, delivering information, location services, returning images and even managing payments. Facebook has not yet publicised any details of the documentation for the SDK, instead sharing it secretly with select developers via PDF.
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Facebook Hands Out Secret Chat SDK For Virtual Messenger Bots

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  • This looks like a partial back-story for Mark Zuckerberg's AI announcement.

    Chat bots with a high quality Voice Recognition and Text to Speech engine fit into this model very easily. Make the bots backed by an AI engine and you have Mark's solution.

  • Prior Art (Score:5, Funny)

    by nuckfuts ( 690967 ) on Thursday January 07, 2016 @02:22AM (#51253931)
    I believe Ashley Madison has had this capability for some time already.
  • If it can only *respond* to user messages, that's good--if it can generate them, it creates much more risk for abuse. Responding to user messages can be useful to the user. But the risk FB runs if they open it up too much is that in monetizing their very popular chat feature too directly, they're going to risk pushing people toward other platforms.

    Incidentally, I used to have a small perl script run an IM bot when I went on vacation, to see who could tell the difference between me and the bot. It would k

  • Great, so now all of those fake spam profiles can start sending fake chat spam to me too?
  • When Facebook Messenger was announced, it was clear that only mobile devices could use the service. Additionally, the criteria for creating Messenger content was also fairly high. As a result, I wonder what the adoption rate of Messenger has been since its launch.

    By opening up to BOT creation, there is now the potential to create potentially useful services for Facebook mobile users. This could be a good thing. I can think of several services and business models that could benefit from Messenger platf

  • Let us cavort like the Greeks of old. You know the ones I mean

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