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New Tool Offers Look At Performance of UWP Games On Windows 29

Vigile writes: One of the concerns surrounding the recent debate of the Unified Windows Platform and games being released on it, such as the recent Gears of War Ultimate Edition, was the inability for media and consumers, and even entry level developers, to properly profile the performance of those applications. All of the standard testing applications like Fraps, FCAT and other overlays are locked out of UWP games. A Intel graphics engineer released a tool called PresentMon on GitHub yesterday that accesses event timers in Windows to monitor Present commands in any API, including DX11, DX12, Vulkan as well as games built on the Windows Store platform. Using this data, PC Perspective was able to profile the performance of the new Gears of War on PC, comparing frame time variability between the two flagship parts from NVIDIA and AMD. While it's not a perfect utility yet, there is hope now that this open source code will allow for performance metrics on any and all gaming titles.
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New Tool Offers Look At Performance of UWP Games On Windows

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    I won't touch "UWP" infected games even with a ten foot pole.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    You are our only hope!

  • . All of the standard testing applications like Fraps, FCAT and other overlays are locked out of UWP games.

    If by "locked out" you mean, use different APIs and can't rely on 20 year old hooks but instead need to use the new modern hooks... then yeah you're "locked out". But that's a bit like saying that developers are "locked out" of Nvidia's next generation GPUs because there is no hardware to test on yet.

    Big UWP AAA games have been out for about a month. Everyone is acting like it's a giant conspiracy that SLI and VSync is a little glitch on a platform that has only ever seen a single game released. Jesus,

  • by Sheik Yerbouti ( 96423 ) on Thursday March 10, 2016 @08:12PM (#51675127) Homepage

    If you fall for Windows Store and Microsoft's desire for a total walled garden approach in Windows 10 your a full on chump. Microsoft has taken to renaming and re-enabling there spying telemetry service after users turned it off.

    It's no longer your computer this is a complete outrage where the hell is the DOJ on this? I have been a Linux admin since the 90s and I have used it on the desktop on and off never really being able to stick with it because my games were on Windows. Well, this tears it for me I am out. I will take what I can get on SteamOS there is enough there to keep me entertained.

    • by AHuxley ( 892839 )
      This walled garden will be like a game museum that developers will have to code down to and enjoy having their creativity limited.
      Welcome back to MSDOS games, this generations 320 or 640 resolutions and a sound card...
      Enjoy the bright and colorful world of console safe textures been forced back on a more advanced desktop.
      Every game will run real pretty at a nice smooth 60fps just like it did in 2013. Just dont ask too many questions about resolutions or fun. No counting pixels and asking about the
    • where the hell is the DOJ on this

      None caring over the geek outrage just like most Windows users.

      Actually it is quite funny. When I think back to 2000 era it was the nerds and the geeks which ran beta versions of windows with telemetry baked in while everyone else was running standard older stuff. Now the nerds and the geeks run standard older stuff and everyone else upgraded to the cutting edge with telemetry baked in.

  • by sad_ ( 7868 ) on Friday March 11, 2016 @07:26AM (#51676535) Homepage

    i'm not a windows user, but followed the whole UWP debate here and on some other sites, not once did i read that benchmarking was THE concern eveybody had with UWP.

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