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Google Teams Up With Cloud Company Box To Sell More Google Apps For Work (recode.net) 9

Two big giants in the cloud storage race are joining hands. Box, which leads enterprise content platform, on Wednesday announced a partnership with Google. The companies say they will collaborate on several initiatives to transform work in the cloud, including integrations between Box, Google Docs and Google Springboard, to deliver a seamless experience for working and collaborating on content in the cloud. Recode reports: Google and Box will also, per a press release, "work together to develop and deliver next-generation intelligence to Box users searching for content on Google Springboard" -- Google's new search-like function for all its enterprise apps. Is this a precursor to a Google acquisition of Box? Maybe. Box has a market cap of around $1.8 billion and Google has some $73 billion laying around.
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Google Teams Up With Cloud Company Box To Sell More Google Apps For Work

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  • Box just announced a new partnership with IBM to use their workflow engine. I think Box is just trying to build as many partnerships as they can to build relevance. They don't really have anything the Google could stand up on their own.

  • It might just the way we're set up at work, but getting Box to sync on a Mac has always been problematic. I almost always wind up going to the web site and manually downloading and uploading the files I want to work on.

    By contrast, Dropbox sync has always worked very well for me. I've used the Dropbox software on an amazing variety of devices, and it works perfectly every time.

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