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Mythbuntu Linux Has Been Discontinued ( 49

"Mythbuntu as a separate distribution will cease to exist. We will take the necessary steps to pull Mythbuntu specific packages from the repositories unless someone steps up to take these packages over," read Friday's announcement. prisoninmate writes: Mythbuntu was an operating system based on the widely-used Ubuntu Linux distro and built around the MythTV free and open source digital video recorder (DVR) project... The Mythbuntu team recommends users who want to use Mythbuntu to install the latest release of the Xubuntu Linux operating system and then add the Mythbuntu PPA (Personal Package Archive), which will continue to provide the latest MythTV releases and other related packages...

The first release of the OS was back when Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was announced, and the last one was Mythbuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus). From this point...there will be no new ISO images anymore. Also, the mythbuntu-desktop and Mythbuntu-Control-Centre packages are now discontinued and won't be available from the Ubuntu repositories anymore. However, users will still be able to install the MythTV software and configure it as they see fit.

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Mythbuntu Linux Has Been Discontinued

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  • by Lumpy ( 12016 ) on Sunday November 06, 2016 @10:50AM (#53222945) Homepage

    Honestly, I still dont know why Mythbuntu existed the past few years. MythTV now is brain dead install on a standard Ubuntu install, and the only cards that actually work worth a damn are the HDHomerun network devices that are trivial to set up and require no drivers at all.

    Last MythTV setup I built I used Ubuntu server as a GUI is 100% useless for a backend server,

    • by kalpol ( 714519 )
      Basic Myth installs really easily on most distributions now, not just Ubuntu. I've run it on Opensuse for ages, just installs via Yast and setup is pretty simple. There are other cards for OTA that install without fuss too, the pcHDTV cards still do as far as I know (I have one).
    • by Rich0 ( 548339 )

      How easy is it to get it running well with nothing but a remote control?

      I thought that most of the value-add of something like MythBuntu was making sure all the right drivers are there for hardware acceleration (on a low-power board that can only hardware decode), that lirc and such works completely out of the box, mythtv starts on boot full screen, and so on.

      Sure, you can run mythtv from a X11 session trivially from any linux desktop distro. The challenge is making it work in your living room without a lo

  • I never tried Myth, but I had a friend who used it. I've never been sure how to tell if a TV tuner card would work in my area and didn't want to be bothered with ordering one and having to return it. Kodi seemed to be the thing to use for people without tuner cards so that is what I have stuck with. If it wasn't for the vast uncertainty of media in this day and age I probably would have tried Myth and liked it, but as it turns out TV was just too much of a risk for me.
    • In the old days I used old-fashioned tuner cards, but for years I've been using an external HdHomeRun network tuner. Just put one of these little boxes where convenient, connect antenna cable, and ethernet (WiFi is also an option). This means you can run MythTV on almost any PC, such as an discarded laptop, as long as it has HDMI output and sufficient storage (optionally USB).
      • Again, more questions.. looking at the HDHomeRun box, it looks cool.. but how does this work? Where does the signal come from? I have a choice of exactly one cable TV provider in my area and they insist I use their box.
  • ...Adam Savage said he had no comment.

  • Loved using MythTV over my cable company's box. It worked so well with more features and control. Then the DRM started rolling out and I started losing channels to the point I couldn't use Myth anymore. Plus, Cox cable is rolling out "all digital cable TV which will provide a better ..." blah blah blah let us cram our dick down your throats and rent you this cable box for $5/month while the FCC twiddled their thumbs promising to stop us.

  • I feel like a lot of mindshare moved over to XBMC. Kodi has a better user interface, but I think MythTV had a better backend.

    It was always somewhat challenging to get everything working perfectly, but the ability to set up recordings on one TV (or remotely by web) and watch them on another TV was/is fantastic.

    Playing music was always wierd - you needed to set up nfs mounts from the music server to play the files on your remote screens - it would make a lot of sense for them to be streamed automatically from

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