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Norway Aims To Allow Testing Of Self-Driving Cars in 2017 ( 16

The Norwegian government aims to pass a law in the spring of next year to allow testing of self-driving vehicles on Norwegian roads, it said on Thursday. From a report: Norway is one of the largest markets for Tesla Motors electric vehicles, thanks to generous government subsidies. Tesla said in October its new models will come with hardware, including cameras and a radar, to enable them to be fully-self driving. The move to permit testing of self-driving vehicles is also aimed at giving a competitive edge to Norwegian technology companies as the country seeks to diversify away from the offshore petroleum sector, hit by a plunge in global oil prices.
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Norway Aims To Allow Testing Of Self-Driving Cars in 2017

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  • no need to waste money on permitting it, Uber can do it without government approval
  • Public roads: Now in Alpha

    Technology preview available now, possibly lethal, and mandatory.

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