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Windows XBox (Games)

Windows 10 Getting a Game Mode That Would Improve Game Performance - Report ( 164

Microsoft may have plans to improve gaming experience on Windows 10. The speculation comes after long time watcher @h0x0d found a new "gamemode.dll" in the latest Windows 10 developer build, reports GameSpot. The feature appears to allow Windows 10 to adjust CPU and GPU resources when running a game to allocate more power for the game that's running instead of toward any background apps. From the article: The feature will reportedly launch as part of the Creators update and will be enabled for Windows Insider users soon. What's unclear is exactly which games this is compatible with. It's possible it could be limited to only to those downloaded from the Windows Store, or it might be much more far-reaching. We should know more once Windows Insiders testers get their hands on the feature.
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Windows 10 Getting a Game Mode That Would Improve Game Performance - Report

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  • This is needed (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Becaus Windows wants all the resources for itself.

    • by NotInHere ( 3654617 ) on Wednesday December 28, 2016 @04:45PM (#53567247)

      And the remainder is the battleground between the antivirus and the bloatware.

      • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

        by bondsbw ( 888959 )

        If you're running bloatware, or need on-access antivirus that would inhibit gaming performance... you're doing it wrong.

        Run a nightly scan and don't open crap you shouldn't.

  • by archer, the ( 887288 ) on Wednesday December 28, 2016 @04:47PM (#53567265)
    Will it also delay Windows Update so that it doesn't download and install packages while I'm multiplayer-gaming?
    • by organgtool ( 966989 ) on Wednesday December 28, 2016 @04:49PM (#53567271)
      I came here to make that same comment. I've seen a number of streams that abruptly ended because Windows 10 thought it would be a great time to update. At first people laughed it off but it's quickly losing its charm.
      • by sinij ( 911942 )
        If BSM losing its charm, then you need to escalate. Take denial and withholding to the next level - refuse to allow any games unless you show deference to the patching mistress.

        On other hand, many people might not be into that at all.
      • by JazzXP ( 770338 )
        It wouldn't be so bad if we got incremental updates rather than the massive download every time. Absolutely kills my net connection for a good hour (Aussie internet, yay :/) every time.
      • I don't understand how this happens to people. I frequently have to force Windows 10 to install updates because it's gone in the opposite direction and steadfastly refuses to do a damn thing while I'm using the computer.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Set your wifi/ethernet connection to metered, and you'll only be broken out of your full screen games for it to whine at you that it couldn't download updates.

    • by Solandri ( 704621 ) on Wednesday December 28, 2016 @05:18PM (#53567455)
      Just disable the Windows Update service. That's how we deal with the problem on security camera computers which need to be running 24/7 with no reboots. For bonus points, you can disable BITS too to prevent it from exchanging downloaded data with other Windows computers on your network.

      What's more annoying to me is how Microsoft blithely ignores your customized configuration and resets stuff after certain updates. Like re-enabling Cortana, and pinning Edge and the Windows Store back to your taskbar. It's a PITA to have to disable and unpin those all over again on dozens of computers after an update.
    • by Osgeld ( 1900440 )

      just shut off updates, cause we all know there's not a time you wont be playing multiplayer games :p

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Yeff ( 1108747 )
      A recent leak of the Windows 10 Creators Update build 14997 suggest an option to "pause" updates for up to 35 days is coming. It's not yet clear, though, whether this will be an Enterprise only update or if it'll also be coming to the consumer versions.
    • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

      No but it will spy on your gaming. You know username name, friends, playstyle, what games you play and how long you play them, how much you are spending on gaming what social media ties to your gaming. Not to forget tracking all that online chatting, every comment, every purchase, every marketing manipulation that works. It is you that is being gamed.

    • You'd think people on Slashdot would know the Windows Update and BITS GPOs...

  • Microsoft article? Micro$oft Bad! +5 Insightful
  • Oh you can turn it off after you log into the XBox app, don't have an XBox account? Well then I guess you are creating one or hacking the registry to break it so it stops running.

  • Fuck Win 10 (Score:2, Insightful)

    Fuck Windows 10 and everything to do with it. Forever....
  • GNU/Linux (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Linux doesn't need this because Linux has no games.
  • by sims 2 ( 994794 ) on Wednesday December 28, 2016 @05:02PM (#53567367)

    Next up someone will write a program to keep whatever the current active window is in game mode.

    Because whatever the user is interacting with should pretty much always take precedence over what isn't even visible on screen.

    • by SeaFox ( 739806 ) on Wednesday December 28, 2016 @05:34PM (#53567555)

      Next up someone will write a program to keep whatever the current active window is in game mode.

      Because whatever the user is interacting with should pretty much always take precedence over what isn't even visible on screen.

      Except when you're doing a processing-heavy task that does not require your interaction and you're just playing around on something else on the computer to waste time while that job is completing.

      • by brxndxn ( 461473 )
        Well.. let's just make sure the user has control over the priorities.. unless we want the equivalent of Bing to decide where the computer devotes its resources.
  • by r2rknot ( 1102517 ) on Wednesday December 28, 2016 @05:03PM (#53567371) found a .dll. And you HOPE this is what its for? Ok, cool story bro. ALIENS!!!!

    • by sims 2 ( 994794 )

      Hahaha what's next are they going to claim the windows NT _NSAKEY is for use by the nsa?

  • Can we get an option where Game Mode is always on? The user experience should be greatly improved without even running any games.

    • NO the user experience would be greatly diminished, but it can be valuable for some and is already available. If you want an always on game mode just disable all the services in the OS you think you don't need like search etc.
  • ...or that it will be possible to disable it.

    Right now, I can play my games, while recording the whole audio/video output, AND record a secondary audio through a third program. All of this without performance issue. I'm fairly certain if MS implement any sort of "better" scheduling for gaming this will not work as well anymore.
    Call me a pessimist if you want, but at this point it's more akin to experience.
  • This is a good step in the right direction. If it is a clean install it may reduce the need for imaging, just join the domain and let the servers push the rest.
  • Normally Windows runs in an inefficient mode where it prioritizes background tasks, the OS, and other things that are not in the immediate interest of the user, but if a game is running it can now optionally decide to play nice and prioritize the user's chosen activity?

    Gee, that's nice. Maybe a little late - I mean, I sort of expected my personal computer to prioritize the f'ing work I'm actually trying to do _at all times_, and I've pretty much done that since I first encountered multitasking back in 1985,

    • Disk io has had priority, such that in NT 4 and above, you can watch controls get painted line by line, if io is happening. Even if no swapping is taking place.

      This was discounted in NT 4 as underpowered servers, in W2K as cheap memory or HDD, and in Vista as shitty coding. But the problem remains in 7 at least.

      Heavy io with minimal CPU means nearly zero CPU to spend at all. Even if io is only intermittently heavy.

      • by NotAPK ( 4529127 )

        It's also almost impossible to monitor IO on Windows with the standard tools.

      • I've complained for 15 years that Microsoft doesn't understand these two concepts:
        1. Locking out the TERMINAL (i.e., network address) instead of the USER ACCOUNT in an attempted breach so people can't DOS all your users or continue an attack by simply trying different usernames.
        2. Prioritizing I/O

  • Does it provide a "pure" environment for just the game? That would be something.

  • This takes me back to the days of having a special DR DOS boot disk for each game. Each one was set up to tweak high memory, video parameters, etc. optimally for each game while not loading anything not needed for the game. Part of the fun really.
  • Microsoft is preparing it's release of Windows 10 Game Mode which has been in testing since 2009 under the code name "Windows 7". Testers have reported that this revolutionary new version of Windows will allow you to control the Windows Update experience, it won't download apps or transmit telemetry in the background, and it will have a menu that's easier to manage.
  • What background apps? do they mean keylogging spyware^^^Customer Experience Improvement Program? ETL tracing running 24/7 and writing ~1GB to disk per day? Cortana calling home once per hour no matter what? Metro garbage?

    all uninstalled/blocked/deleted []
    http://win10epicfail.proboards... [] []

  • nice []: Runs a command with a modified scheduling priority.
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