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Obama Administration Releases Searchable Archive of Social Media Posts ( 110

An anonymous reader writes: President Obama's entire social media presence as POTUS is now available in a single online archive. The administration today launched The Obama White House Social Media Archive, a searchable collection of everything the president and his administration posted on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest during his two terms in office. According to ArchiveSocial, the platform on which the archive is hosted, this includes more than 100 social media profiles associated with the White House and more than 250,000 total posts. As of right now, the archive's search function isn't the smoothest. A general search like "healthcare" will yield nearly 600 tangential results, including tweets from White House staffers. The Advanced Search will allow you to narrow things down a bit, with filters for date range and social media platform.
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Obama Administration Releases Searchable Archive of Social Media Posts

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  • I got an idea (Score:5, Interesting)

    by halivar ( 535827 ) <bfelger AT gmail DOT com> on Thursday January 05, 2017 @07:27PM (#53613857)

    How about a searchable archive of lobbyists who show up at the WH. Heck, let's extend it to Congress, too.

  • by gurps_npc ( 621217 ) on Thursday January 05, 2017 @07:30PM (#53613897) Homepage

    I am sure this was done to intentionally create an expectation for Trump to do the same.

    Smart move.

    • Even if accidental, a precedent on presidents not "deleting tweets" is a good thing.
      • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

        Why, just why? What purpose does serve. An historical record of fabricated for PR=B$ messages (with no hint to who actually wrote them or who came up with them or who decided they were appropriate.

        But I suppose it is the US, so why not keep up with the bullshit. In congress complaining about RT telling the truth about what is going on in the US vs US main stream media blatantly lying to promote corporate profit generating propaganda and no shame in this public display of third world corrupt politics douch

      • Even if accidental, a precedent on presidents not "deleting tweets" is a good thing.

        If the President "tweets", isn't it a public record that has to be maintained?

    • by SeaFox ( 739806 )

      I'm sure Trump will do just that -- an archive of all the tweets he makes after he takes office.
      None of the crazy bigoted stuff he said or campaign promises he made to get elected that he isn't going to follow through on.

    • How does forcing Trump to release his 'social media' posts screw with anyone? Apart from the people who have to read it, of course.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Yeh, like his tax returns he promised to release and never did. Or sell off his foreign businesses and put his US ones in a blind trust... which he never did. Or the election income filing which contained ZERO information on *his* income and 100% FALSE information on his companies income?

      But since these are searchable *social* media posts, someone else can index them. I'm not sure what its worth for someone who contradicts himself all the time. Sanders pulled up this Trump tweet from the campaign:
      "I was the

    • Does it include FB comments? The post does not matter, but what YOU wrote in it... that is the point.
  • Dear "My Government",

    Stop it. Stop posting to trash websites. Just stop.

    Anyone else need help? 5 mins for $5 and I don't make change.
  • See it NOW , in a month the new junta will purge it.

  • Thanks for making all of the already publicly available documents public, but not quite a notch on the ol' transparent belt.
  • Surprisingly, a search on "Assange" yields a single hit!

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