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Tostitos' Breathalyzer Bags Can Detect If You're Drunk -- Then Call Uber 75

Slashdot reader schwit1 writes that Tostito's corn chips "has developed a special bag, available for a limited time, that can detect if you've had too much to drink." Its all-black packaging measures your breath for traces of alcohol, and if the test reveals you're sober, a green circle appears on the bag. But, Mashable reports... If it decides you've been drinking -- regardless of how much -- an image of a red steering wheel appears on the otherwise stark black bag along with a reminder not to drive and a code for a $10 Uber discount (valid only on Super Bowl Sunday). And if you've had so much to drink that the mere act of hailing an Uber becomes a difficult chore, the bag will even do that for you. The package is equipped with near-field communication technology that will automatically order a ride when tapped with a smartphone.
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Tostitos' Breathalyzer Bags Can Detect If You're Drunk -- Then Call Uber

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  • Correct link (Score:4, Informative)

    by stevel ( 64802 ) * on Sunday January 29, 2017 @03:46PM (#53761047) Homepage
    • Fuck you,.. you little..fucking... snack bag thing.

      You think you're so hot? I don't need you. I don't need you at all.

      Hmmm...just a little bit of your savory contents...ummmm.

        Who are you to judge me? Why don't you contemplate your own short, judgemental existence. At least I'm not going to wind up in a garbage bin...

      Not if I can just navigate my legs around that one there....

      (...crash, bang...)

      fuck. don't look at me like that,

    • And 16 hours later the editors still haven't bothered to fix the link.

      In any other line of work resubmitting old articles as new, submitting error-filled work that you obviously never proofread, not fixing mistakes and committing all the other errors that /. editors make would get you fired within the first few days. Fortunately for the editors here, the standards for online publishing are so low that they would literally have to be illiterate toddlers to not be qualified for their positions.

  • craving Tostitos is by itself an indicator that you've been smoking enough weed and should stay away from 7-11.

  • by WarJolt ( 990309 ) on Sunday January 29, 2017 @03:50PM (#53761069)

    You are drunk

  • by Rick Schumann ( 4662797 ) on Sunday January 29, 2017 @03:51PM (#53761075) Journal
    This story was also posted on The Consumerist: Tostitos ‘Party Safe’ Bags Will Detect If You’ve Been Drinking; Help You Call Uber [consumerist.com]

    It doesn't 'tell you you are drunk', it merely detects the presence of alcohol on your breath. You'd need an actual breathalyzer to determine if you're above the legal limit or not.
    • Actually, it's pretty brilliant marketing by Tostitos. They've decided to NOT advertise during the Super Bowl (TM), but instead came up with this gimmick. Hell, by the time the Big Game is actually on-the-air, you've already bought the Tottitos (or whatever). So they've come up with this drinking game/Uber tie-in instead.
    • >"It doesn't 'tell you you are drunk', it merely detects the presence of alcohol on your breath. You'd need an actual breathalyzer to determine if you're above the legal limit or not."

      Yep. And the "legal limit" really isn't a good marker of how much someone is impaired either, because it can vary greatly from person to person. If one tested reaction time and/or other RESULTS/OUTCOMES oriented factors, it would be far better (and it would account for all chemical and fatigue impairments, not just alcoho

    • Why would I need a test to tell me I was drinking. Wouldn't I already know that?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I for one welcome our new Tostitos-eating cannibal hamster overlords.

    • I for one welcome our new Tostitos-eating cannibal hamster overlords.

      Welcome them with Bud on ice, FTW.

  • I'm not really getting the motivation for Doritos to keep this honest. What will keep it from going to the truth, to 'have half a drink and we make money on an uber for you'.
  • Basically Tostitos has an interesting viral marketing campaign happening during the superbowl. since Tostitos purchases are likely to peak at televised events like superbowl, a novelty, subvertizeing has been inserted into people's snacks. they're betting people will pick a bag up for snacks and not immediately throw it into the trash, but keep it around the house until at least a few beers are consumed. I think that's a deviously clever way of keeping even the bag branding intact in someone's house durin
  • If you're going to drive don't drink at all, it's really that simple. Don't give people an excuse to try and drink as much as they can get away with.

    Like the good man said, if you have to worry about drinking too much it's a sure sign you're not to be trusted when you do.

    • by hey! ( 33014 )

      Yeah, I'd like to have been a fly on the wall when they ran this past their lawyers. If they did run it past them, because I can't imagine a lawyer who would turn apoplectic at a client doing something with so much risk.

      All it'd take is one false negative -- or even a credible-ish sounding report of a false negative -- and they could be on the hook for a lifetime of nursing home bills.

      As the Lawrence KS police department tweeted [twitter.com]: If you have to blow into a Tostitos bag to know if you're intoxicated, for the

  • and how much of puke fee does the driver get?

  • When you're drunk, you're too drunk to judge a random driver. So better call a taxi.

  • - don't know how much you drunk
    - need a nanny
    you have a bigger problem than another gadget can fix

  • Just how damn expensive is this bag of Tostito's? IF they didnt raise the price they've got to be taking a loss. Note to self, buy a couple to ebay later.

    • Oh, they're definitely taking a loss on this--the $10 Uber credit alone should indicate that. But I expect it's still a lot cheaper and more memorable than an ad that airs during the Super Bowl.
  • I swear officer!

  • Now Tostitos will get boycotted by the organized anti-Trump protest groups because they hate Uber for supplying rides to travelers at JFK when taxi unions called for a boycott at JFK over the two Iraqis detained because of Trumps EO regarding people coming into the US from certain majority-Muslim nations & regions.

    That's going to leave a lot of pasty nerd/geek basement-dwellers heavily conflicted!


  • The link in the slashdot story leads to...https://tech.slashdot.org/story/17/01/29/1942208/mashable.com/2017/01/25/tostitos-breathalyzer-bag-super-bowl/...the slashdot story itself.

    Brilliant recursive clickthrough ad-revenue perpetual motion?
    Or, perhaps the poster was drunk?

  • I hope they didn't sell any of these in most on NY state. They might have a lawsuit on their hands.
  • The easier way to tell if I'm drunk: I'm eating Tostitos at all.

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