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OPNsense 17.1 Released, Based On FreeBSD 11 ( 39

An anonymous reader quotes Phoronix: OPNsense 17.1 is now available as the newest release of this network-focused FreeBSD-based operating system forked from pfSense. It's now been two years since the first official release of OPNsense and to celebrate they have out a big update. OPNsense 17.1 re-bases to using FreeBSD 11.0, there's now a SSH remote installer, new language support, more hardening features used from HardenedBSD, new plugins, integrated authentication via PAM, and many other improvements. Some of the new plug-ins include FTP Proxy, Tinc VPN, and Let's Encrypt support.
This version has been named "Eclectic Eagle".
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OPNsense 17.1 Released, Based On FreeBSD 11

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  • Really was a fan of pfSense as an easy way to protect a network of many. Good to hear it's still a project.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      OPNsense and pfSense are two different projects, the former seems to be sort of an odd copy/fork of the latter (there's some drama between the two that I don't claim to understand).
      • by Bigbutt ( 65939 )

        I had to go read the About and the Why Fork section in the docs to see what was going on. Apparently some company bought much of pfSense, changed licenses, and branded some of it. The OPNsense folks, who were supporting it up to then, decided to fork the code.

        I have been setting up my own firewall for about 20 years now I guess and recently, at the recommendation of a couple of friends, snagged pfSense for my new home VMWare environment. Worked for replacing the firewall and even better for the other servic

        • If that company makes routers or cable boxes, I would be interested in one that runs pFsense. Particularly the idea that it could be more secure than the Linux based ones, and that it would be somewhat mature in its IPv6 support

          • It is. They sell racks with pfsense loaded on. I was reading maximumpc which is now owned by pcgamer last year from an editor who tried 10 GBS internet for his own. Guess what?

            I saw a screenshot of his rack in his garage and I recognized the pfsense screen :&). Comcast uses the same equipment for load balancing and routing fast Ethernet and bundled it for him. He bought the rack as nothing consumer grade could handle greater than 2 gigs as a router and VPN for his home. Pfsense is actually owned by the

            • pFsense is actually a fork of m0n0wall, itself a fork of FreeBSD. iXsystems owns TrueOS (formerly PC-BSD) and somewhat implicitly, FreeBSD, but not pFsense.
  • Just what the world needs, more different versions of Linux. It is so neat to see that people can avoid working together and instead put their efforts into many many different versions of Linux, each with their own ego and their own ways of doing things. So what if the average user gets more and more confused and can never figure out what is going on. Linux is not intended for the average user, it is intended for the Linux high priests, who can belittle the average user for finding things so confusing.
  • by Wokan ( 14062 ) on Saturday February 04, 2017 @05:06PM (#53803783) Journal

    I had the newest pfSense installed when I found out they hadn't ported the 2.2.x tinc plugin to 2.3. I switched to a Linux based firewall, but ipv6 setup hasn't worked yet after working flawlessly under pfSense. OPNsense sounds like it might just be the answer I've been looking for.

  • Everyone and their brother uses pfsense and is part of the Freebsd project. Is OPNsense just a clone or a fork? What does it do that pfsense can't?

  • I have been using pfsense for a few years now. I have been interested in this because i has an api. Long term i would like to build out something that can block ips based on elasticsearch queries using elastalert. If anyone has good or bad stories feel free to share!
  • What does OPN stands for?

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