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Microsoft To Shut Down Wunderlist, an App It Acquired Two Years Ago, In Favor Of Homegrown App To-Do ( 58

From a report on TechCrunch: Microsoft acquired the popular mobile to do list application Wunderlist back in 2015, and now it's preparing users for its eventual demise with the release of its new application "To-Do," it announced this week. The new app was built by the team behind Wunderlist, and will bring in the favorite elements of that app in the months ahead, Microsoft insists. The company also added that it won't shut down Wunderlist until it's confident that it has "incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do." In case you're hoping Wunderlist will get some sort of reprieve, Microsoft makes its forthcoming demise pretty clear. Stating its plans in black-and-white: "we will retire Wunderlist," it says in a blog post. In the meantime, Microsoft is encouraging Wunderlist users to make the switch by offering an importer that will bring in your lists and to-dos from Wunderlist into To-Do, where those items will now be available in other Microsoft products, like Exchange and Outlook.
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Microsoft To Shut Down Wunderlist, an App It Acquired Two Years Ago, In Favor Of Homegrown App To-Do

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    An "app" for a to-do list? Can't you use a simple text file for that? LUDITES!

    [x] Insult the users of to-do-list app users

    • Try inserting a picture in a text file.
      • by Desler ( 1608317 )

        1987 called and says to use RTF.

    • Does anyone here use Wunderlist? It's time to stop now, try to delete your data on the app, and replace it with pornographic and nonsensical to-dos.

      If the Microsoft acquisition of SwiftKey was any indication, Microsoft will randomly pop items onto your to-do list from other users to-do lists. And it will take some of your to-dos and randomly insert them into other people's lists. That's the beauty of Microsoft cloud technology. It's like a giant salad bowl up there where all your confidential data goes to g

    • by dnaumov ( 453672 )

      You're stupid, "tap to remove item from list" is an invaluable feature when grocery shopping.

  • by Big Hairy Ian ( 1155547 ) on Thursday April 20, 2017 @10:57AM (#54269765)

    1. Write pointless App

    2. Get bought out by M$

    3. Get paid to rewrite pointless App for M$

    4. Profit

    • by c ( 8461 )

      Could be worse. Step 3 could be "get paid to write some pointless crap for Office 365 while a completely different team writes a shittier version of pointless App that doesn't do half the stuff that pointless App did in the first place."

      Microsoft has shown an amazing ability lately to take the Golden Goose, kill it, throw it in the oven and then render it into a greasy pile of charcoal. Granted, they're no Yahoo! or Oracle, but they've got the touch.

    • by nasch ( 598556 )

      What makes you think the app is pointless? Because you personally haven't installed it?

  • I had used Wunderlist on and off for a bit to be able to get a visual of what needed done and help prioritize things I needed to accomplish. Once Wunderlist was bought I just uninstalled and said good bye as I knew it wouldn't last or would end up needing dependencies that I didn't want to install (i.e: become part of office).

    Now I just vi a text file on a server that I can access via the internet.

    • by WallyL ( 4154209 )

      I just use a named page. Who cares who can crack into a simple password-protected note pad on the Internet?

  • If the app and its data are on your device, how can it be shut down?

    If the data is not on your device, why would you want to use an app designed to be able to be shut down?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      The app is on your device. A copy of the data is on your device.

      The server where the app synchronizes the data is a major value proposition (for most users). The server means that if your device is lost, stolen, broken, or simply replaced because you want (and bought) a new one you can retrieve your data on your new device. If you have more than one device (phone+tablet+computer) you can access your data from any of them and it synchronizes with the others.

      Of course, the drawback to this arrangement is t

  • by the_skywise ( 189793 ) on Thursday April 20, 2017 @11:30AM (#54270067)

    Microsoft... bought a company... to program a ToDo list...

    Microsoft spent upwards of 100 million dollars... to get a ToDo list app... []

    Microsoft has this product called Outlook that, at one time, had a ToDo list built in...
    Microsoft built Outlook to compete with Lotus Notes which had... a ToDo list built in...
    Microsoft already HAS ToDo list functionality in their OneNote product - designed for the Windows 10 ecosystem and is already cloud based.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is why MBAs SUCK! "I need a ToDo list app to fulfill market segment XJ27- go buy this popular one and integrate it with Windows 10", "But sir we have a ToDo list app built into our OneNote product"
    "Don't be a fool - that's for taking notes, not a ToDo list app. Apps are appy apps."
    "But you told us to get rid of the ToDo list in Outlook to cut costs on developers?!"
    "Don't bother me with trivialities."

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Wunderlist is popular having a large number of users. They bought it for the users not the app. If Microsoft can convert many of them to Office they win.

      • by Anonymous Coward

        Wunderlist is popular having a large number of users. They bought it for the users not the app. If Microsoft can convert many of them to Office they win.

        Microsoft can kiss my big hairy ass too. I love Wunderlist, but I'll be looking for alternatives. I have seen the shit they pass off as software these days and I want no part of their ideas. The last thing I want is to spend time migrating to some Microsoft abortion only to have them "Windows 10 it" after I start depending on it. Fuck that shit and fuck you Microsoft.

        • by caseih ( 160668 )

          I use Wunderlist all the time as well. It's an invaluable tool for sharing lists between people. I have no interest in buying into Outlook or any of MS's other products. So I will be looking for a new shared to-do list solution. Any suggestions that can replace everything Wunderlist currently is, which isn't really that complicated?

          - shared lists
          - sub tasks
          - progress indication
          - notes
          - attachments (photos mainly)
          - ability to review and re-enable previously marked off items (some lists I use again each yea

  • I wonder what their "new and improved replacement" for LinkedIn will look like.

    • by chrish ( 4714 )

      Based on the current set of changes to LinkedIn, the "new and improved replacement" will be a half-assed version of Twitter, for business.

  • And that is all I have to say.

    This sucks, but I'll have to search a decent open-source app for to do lists.

    In the meantime, I'll probably use Keep, by the other Great Satan.

    Oh, and F* you Microsoft.

  • This is why I won't use any app where I don't own the data. It doesn't matter where the software lives or runs, as soon as it phones home with my data then I don't control anything.

    I can't say it strongly enough, or often enough... say no to anyone else controlling your data. It is not a matter of if, but when that party decided to do something with it that impacts you negatively. Whether that's something to do with the data itself, or simply leveraging the fact that their servers are required to compel

  • ToDoist [] may be a good replacement for some people. I moved from Wunderlist to Todoist about 6 months ago.

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